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Tagsale Avg.Msg/Month: 679    Members: 93   
This list is for items in good condition that you would like to buy or sell, such as books, clothes, toys, household things ect.

Michalak Avg.Msg/Month: 261    Members: 688  
Discussing the small-boat designs of Jim Michalak and similar craft by other designers, as well as builder-designed boats

merrimack-valley-paddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 246    Members: 552  
Merrimack Valley Paddlers MessageBoard list

foothillspaddlingclub Avg.Msg/Month: 182    Members: 172  
Welcome! Though we have members from many areas, FPC is based in Greenville, SC. We're a paddling club dedicated to promoting safe enjoyment of both whitewater and flatwater in canoes, ...

tarheelpaddlersassociation Avg.Msg/Month: 138    Members: 248  
This is the message board for Tarheel Paddlers Association. Please check out our official website tarheelpaddlers.org for the latest information on what we're doing and to join our ...

austincanoepolo Avg.Msg/Month: 122    Members: 54   
We are a canoe polo club based in Austin, Texas. Come and play with us.

map_authors Avg.Msg/Month: 116    Members: 2611 
GPS MAP AUTHORS is a consortium for those who use GPS ( Global Positioning System ) hardware and software to create and publish maps, charts, trail and tour guides. Members of this group are encouraged to contribute its resources, specifically: links to Waypoints, Tracks, and Map Image files from public and private databanks; links to GPS software Affiliate Programs for generating income; links to Newsgroups and other Forums where you can let others know about your works. Special Resource ...

Paddleducks Avg.Msg/Month: 83     Members: 346  
For all those who love PADDLE WHEEL DRIVEN SHIPS and the challenge of BUILDING MODELS of them. Join more than 250 paddler enthusiasts, researchers, historians, authors, preservationists, operators, and model builders for a lively and friendly exchange of ideas and information from all over the world. We welcome all new members and ask that you post a brief profile of your interest in paddlewheel ships. Members with commercial interest in any aspect of paddlewheel ships or models, webmasters, ...

LUCanoeClub Avg.Msg/Month: 72     Members: 112  
LUCanoeClub is The Unversity of Liverpool's Canoe Club

mokondo Avg.Msg/Month: 64     Members: 1850 
member milis ini terdiri dari berbagai kalangan.... dari ibu ibu ampe ABG.. dari dosen ampe pelajar.... dari executive ampe pengangguran.. dari ustadz ampe berandalan.. topic ? acak adul deh tuh jadinya... kartun dan jokes..? adarenungan hidup ?.. adadiskusi ampe angot ?.. silahkan..gambar dewasa ?..kadang ada.. :) kok bisa akur ? Kuncinya ada pada KESADARAN bahwa PERBEDAAN bukan suatu halangan untuk berada dalam lingkungan yang sama.coba INDONESIA kayak gini...ah.. indah banget..alam ...

bdcc Avg.Msg/Month: 61     Members: 64   
To share news between the many members of the Baldock and District Canoe Club.

IEwhitewater Avg.Msg/Month: 51     Members: 64   
To promote, enhance, share whitewater activities in and around the Inland Northwest. An open dialogue discussing all aspects of whitewater: Safety, playboating, river-running, creeking ...

DelmarvaPaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 48     Members: 212  
Time to paddle? If your rack looks like this, you ain't been on the water enough. See you at the Broadkill Race. DelmarvaPaddlers is a discussion group for folks interested in canoes, ...

neoceankayakracing Avg.Msg/Month: 40     Members: 61   
This club, based in southern New England will promote ocean kayak racing, attract sea kayakers to try racing, and post races and practices. Especially important is the Paddle the Bay ...

bruincanoepolo Avg.Msg/Month: 39     Members: 70   
Our club practices on the UCLA campus. We have Competitive Games every Monday from 8 to 10pm. Beginners' Sessions on Mondays from 6-7:30pm and Skills Sessions run Thursdays from ...

NNEsurfsession Avg.Msg/Month: 39     Members: 36   
The Northern NE Surf Kayakers' board promotes the building of a surf kayaking community in the northern New England region, MA/NH/ME. "No rules and no dues" apply. Surf kayaking is ...

canoepolo Avg.Msg/Month: 39     Members: 5    
Grupo para todos los aficionados o simplemente interesados en el kayak-polo. / Group for all people interested in canoe polo.

bruinwhitewater Avg.Msg/Month: 38     Members: 114  
Bruin Whitewater is a group of whitewater paddling enthusiasts in the L.A. area. If you might be interested in playing kayak polo check out our other Yahoo group at ...

cedarstripcanoes Avg.Msg/Month: 37     Members: 331  
Welcome to the Cedar Strip Canoe and Kayak group, where novice and expert builders alike can discuss the construction techniques of building a light but tough hull, using wood strips ...

VKFA Avg.Msg/Month: 37     Members: 112  
Welcome to the VKFA! Who Can Join: All kayak fishermen interested in sharing this sport in Virginia region. Our Mission: To encourage and support recreational kayak fishing opportunities and network members, trips, launch sites, techniques, and safety.

AtkinBoats Avg.Msg/Month: 34     Members: 164  
From the time William Atkin left a budding career in civil engineering to take up boatbuilding and designing in 1906, until his son John's death in 1999, the Atkin drawing boards ...

paddlinginrussia Avg.Msg/Month: 34     Members: 26   
I created this club primarily for being able to discuss kayaking (not rafting or anything else) in Russia and former USSR. Attention! The working language of this club is Russian, as ...

donsdelawarekayakclub Avg.Msg/Month: 33     Members: 138  
Hello And Welcome to the Delaware Kayak Club! This is an online club for kayakers or people who want to Kayak ! This Picture is of me with the Kalmor Nykel in the delaware bay i heard ...

pictoucountypaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 33     Members: 91   
Welcome to members, supporters and friends of Pictou County Paddle and Oar. Feel free to post your photos, exchange information, or just tell us what's new no matter where you live! If ...

newseakayakers Avg.Msg/Month: 31     Members: 108  
CLICK HERE for kayaking picturesMap of Two RiversA forum to exchange plans, stories, and pictures of sea kayaking in NE Wisconsin. Open to the kayaking public in the hopes of ...

BMTC-KY Avg.Msg/Month: 30     Members: 79   
The Bluegrass Multi-sport Training Club is a non-profit, fee-free organization based in Lexington, Kentucky, and designed to bring together athletes of all ages and abilities who are interested in multi-sport training and/or competition. Activities include road cycling and mountain biking, hiking and trail running, paddling, orienteering, swimming, strengthening, and climbing.

tk_2o Avg.Msg/Month: 30     Members: 63   
Touring Kayakers Ottawa - Outaouais (TK2O) is a non-profit, member-directed organization dedicated to providing a forum for local sea kayakers to exchange information and plan outings.

marathon-canoe Avg.Msg/Month: 29     Members: 322  
Anything to do with MARATHON CANOE RACING or related topics only. Thanks Group Moderator: mark.clout@northbay.ca To subscribe, send a message to marathon-canoe-subscribe@egroups.com or ...

kayakmorrobay Avg.Msg/Month: 28     Members: 70   
"kayakmorrobay" is a forum for getting together for kayaking in the Morro Bay, CA and surrounding areas. Here, you can send messages to the entire group of interested people. In addition to e-mail "listbot" functions, this group facilitates a persistent archive for past messages, files, bookmarks, polls and calendaring (sometimes used to see who is coming to events), member-lists, etc. Feel free to add paddling events, invite new members, and organize outings. To access the features of this ...

fightingms1 Avg.Msg/Month: 27     Members: 120  
Hello, My name is John Latecki and I set this group up to help me gather ideas and get suggestions for my upcoming three year 30,000 thousand mile canoe trip for Multiple Sclerosis. My web site is www.fightingms.org and explains in more detail how the trip is going to work. I am hoping to set up contacts and network with people in this group who want to end Multiple Sclerosis. Thanks for any ideas or suggestions. You do not have to have MS to be a member.

canoeingandkayaking Avg.Msg/Month: 24     Members: 630  
In this club i'm hoping to see everybody, who are interested in caonoeing or kayaking. It doesn't matter if you do flatwater, whitewater, slalom or anything else, just join the club.

kayaking Avg.Msg/Month: 24     Members: 81   
Somewhere to talk about the many exciting disciplines of kayaking and canoeing. Share ideas and coaching tips and whatever else you want.

FloridaOutrigger Avg.Msg/Month: 22     Members: 87   
You're Invited Subscribe to FloridaOutrigger Powered by groups.yahoo.com

prarierapidspaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 21     Members: 43   
Read and post information about your upcoming trips or trip reports in the midwest. Get recent updates about our local whitewater project. Scenic shot taken by Waterloo Courier ...

LCCGroupNews Avg.Msg/Month: 20     Members: 37   
Llangollen Canoe Club is based on the River Dee (Afon Dyfrdwy) in North Wales. It has a diverse membership, from top level slalom boaters, freestyle paddlers and full on river runners, ...

socaliforniasurfkayakers Avg.Msg/Month: 20     Members: 29   
Check out our new website at scsk.org This is a club dedicated to paddlesurfing addicts.

raft-cz Avg.Msg/Month: 18     Members: 296  
Group about Czech and Slovak rivers - www.raft.cz/english Skupina zamerena prevazne na ceske a slovenske reky, aktualni informace o vodnich stavech, o vypousteni prehrad, o vodactvi ...

CanoeBase Avg.Msg/Month: 18     Members: 88   
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Were you on Staff at the Boy Scout High Adventure Canoe Base? Originally MIWI (for Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin and Illinois, the states making up Region Seven), it later became Region Seven Explorer Canoe Base, then Northern Wisconsin National Canoe Base, and finally Northern Wisconsin High Adventure Base. During its heyday, it had the best training program in the BSA. This group is a place to exchange stories, pictures, information and anything else of interest to ...

DASydney Avg.Msg/Month: 18     Members: 40   
Dragons Abreast Sydney paddlers get fit, have fun, make new friends and demonstrate that people can still lead a full and active life despite breast cancer plus they encourage early ...

southernappalachianhikingclub Avg.Msg/Month: 16     Members: 225  
Join us for hiking, backpacking, paddling, mountain biking, and other adventures in the Southern Appalachians. Drop in to find out what's going on and look back on past trips. Also, be sure to check my website to read trip reports and view photos from trips throughout the country. http://www.angelfire.com/trek/fungi

viking-ship-plans Avg.Msg/Month: 16     Members: 187  
The Viking Navy gets about one request a week for Viking Ship Plans. As near as I can tell, there are no good Viking Ship Plans in the world. So folks we need to pool our resourses and ...

velosolex Avg.Msg/Month: 16     Members: 147  
We have been playing with, repairing, selling and modifying Velosolex for 32 years! Our most recent efforts were a Velosolex truck, a Velosolex tandem bike and a Velosolex recumbent (FAST!)This spring we are building a 14 ft. Solex powered paddle-wheel boat! We also have a twin Solex powered tricycle and a Solex with a sidecar.Our work tricycle pulls a custom built trailer (about $ 85.- in materials and no welding required!

scottishskiffracing Avg.Msg/Month: 16     Members: 51   
Open to those who want to sail fast in high performance skiffs. Open to all, but as an indication: 49ers, 29ers, Musto Skiff, RS800, RS700, International 14, 18 foot skiff, Laser 5000, Laser 4000, Asymmetric Canoe. The aim is to improve racing for all by improving standards through coaching and regular local traveller events. See www.scottishskiffracing.com for all the details

TucsonPaganPaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 16     Members: 27   
Just a means to find and hang with people who enjoy recreational kayaking and canoeing around Tucson and Southern Arizona. Toss in a short hike and some camping and maybe a day sail and we can have a fun for a few hours or few days. If you intend to visit Arizona, let me know and perhaps we can arrainge a paddle. Don't be put off by your lack of boats, many of us see paddling as an addiction and we tend to buy extra kayaks and canoes to loan out so if you want to go but don't have a boat, ask to ...

OzAR Avg.Msg/Month: 15     Members: 255  
"What's the story with Adventure Racing in Australia??" Find out, join in, speak up! Upcoming races, news, results, gear, teams, training, calendars, issues. "What the hell do we do it for??" Sun, sea, bubbles sparkle, paddle with dolphins, run at midnight, lights dance, puffs of dust, smell of bush, single track, hills, challenge, teammates - its all GOOD! This is our sport - lets make it bigger!! Send in info, results, upcoming events, race reports, buy/sell gear, share links to useful ...

Free_Style Avg.Msg/Month: 15     Members: 161  
Free_Style is a list dedictated to all matters relating to the pursuit of advanced quietwater paddling techniques. Current affairs, technique, equipment, and courses are all included in conversation. This list includes traditional Canadian Style Paddling as well as the modern derivative know as Freestyle.

metrohalifaxpaddlenuts Avg.Msg/Month: 15     Members: 51   
Hey!! Finally a spot for Metro Paddlers to hangout, find some people to paddle with and help get things organized :-) No one specific type of Paddling to be the main purpose of this ...

Kayak-London-Canada Avg.Msg/Month: 15     Members: 20   
Southwestern Ontario, Canada is surrounded by some of the most awesome open water in North America and home to a great many small lakes and river systems suitable for kayak paddling. ...

BoatbuildingGlen-L Avg.Msg/Month: 14     Members: 133  
A freindly, no-pressure place for the discussion of all topics related to building, maintaining, and repairing Glen-L designs.

inflatableboatingclub Avg.Msg/Month: 14     Members: 115  
The Inflatable Boating Club is a place where inflatable boaters can talk about all aspects of the sport. Owners of both PVC and hypalon boats are welcome here as well as RIBs, airdecks, and roll ups. Do you have an Achilles, Avon, Zodiac, Sea Eagle, Sevylor, Mercury, Apex or maybe something else? Whether you paddle, sail or use a motor, we want to hear about what you're doing with your inflatable. Please tell us all about your boat and adventures. Post pictures of you boat, any ongoing projects ...

PPIAmsterdam Avg.Msg/Month: 14     Members: 61   
PPI Amsterdam adalah sebuah tempat untuk mempertemuk para Pelajar Indonesia di Amsterdam. Didukung oleh PPI Belanda, kami, mencoba untuk mengidupkan lagi PPI Amsterdam agar tali silahturami yg kita jalin sekarang bisa menjadi semakin erat. :) Jadi, dukunglah keinginan kami untuk me re launch PPI Amsterdam.. pinginnya seh biar ada tempat buat bikin acara2 kayak sport dag dan ngerayain natalan , lebaran, pengajian, atopun 17 an dan acara2 lain bareng. Dukung yahhhh.. ma kasih....

DBNSWClubs Avg.Msg/Month: 14     Members: 61   
Welcome to the Dragon Boats NSW Inc Yahoogroup for member clubs! This group will be used for all DBNSW notices, and general discussion. All members are permitted to post messages. ...

OzCanoePolo-VIC Avg.Msg/Month: 14     Members: 41   
This group is used for people in Victoria, Australia to keep in touch with canoe polo happenings in and around Victoria.

southsoundareakayakers Avg.Msg/Month: 14     Members: 30   
The South Sound Area Kayakers are located on south Puget Sound in Washington State. Our target group paddles sea kayaks and we offer an organized paddle every weekend of the year. We ...

texascanoepolo Avg.Msg/Month: 14     Members: 21   
Canoe Polo Players in the North Texas area. Includes the Texas Tornadoes, the 2003 Club B and 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 U21 U. S. National Champions. Player # (Championships if > 1) Alan Lamb #3 (6) Rachel Lamb #1 (5) Joe Mayfield #6, #5 (4) Stephanie Schnorr #7 (3) Brian Carroll #11 (3) Monica Palmer #9 (2) Jesse Robert #2 (2) Jacob Robert #4 (2) Alex Harner #8 (2) Jay Harner #5 (2) Megan Mueller #8 Ben Mayfield #9 Susie Mayfield #9 Jason Wellman #11 Eric Wellman #12 Ben Koopferstock #10 ...

auckland-kayakers Avg.Msg/Month: 13     Members: 236  
This list is for people interested in sea kayaking in the Auckland area. General discussion, chat, polls, and file sharing is provided for. It is maintained by the Auckland Canoe Club. ...

kayakcanoeplans Avg.Msg/Month: 13     Members: 170  
This group is intended to be a repository for kayak and canoe plans. SOF, S&G, Strip, etc. plans are welcome. I just opened this group up for discussions about kayak and canoe building, ...

wisconsinclub Avg.Msg/Month: 13     Members: 139  
This group is for anyone in southern Wisconsin seeking to make new friends, meet someone compatible for dating, or just establish a better social life. Individuals from Madison or Milwaukee to Whitewater or Janesville encouraged to apply.

bayouhaystackers Avg.Msg/Month: 13     Members: 72   
This is the message center for the Bayou Haystackers Paddling Club with members in Southeast Louisiana and Southern Mississippi - New Orleans, Baton Rouge, the Northshore, Lafayette, ...

atlanticpaddle Avg.Msg/Month: 13     Members: 17   
This group has been created as a medium to help club members organize and setup paddle play times for league and recreational play. Currently open recreational paddle is being played on Mondays and Wednesdays starting at 6:30pm. The Mens Shore League is every Thursday night (alternating away and home matches). To send a message to all group members, address your e-mail to atlanticpaddle@yahoogroups.com . For example, if I were looking to setup a game on a Saturday morning, I would send an e-mail ...

southerncalkayakers Avg.Msg/Month: 13     Members: 14   
3/10/02: I thought I'd handed this club off... If anyone wishes to guide this group, please email me or just add a note & I'll receive it at my email address

OzCanoePolo-Sydney Avg.Msg/Month: 12     Members: 130  
Canoe Polo in Sydney This group is used for people in Sydney, Australia to keep in touch with canoe polo happenings in and around Sydney. We have more information available on Playing Polo in Sydney Results from Past Competitions

FlatheadPaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 12     Members: 59   
The Flathead Paddlers club meets on the 4th Monday of the month (March to November) at the Kalispell Library or the Bohemian Grange Hall in Whitefish.   Click on the Calendar heading ...

WNYPaddling Avg.Msg/Month: 12     Members: 55   
Welcome to WNY Paddling. You must sign up for group membership to post here, you may cancel the membership at any time. This group is free for your use. I only ask that you show respect ...

greatlakeskayakclub Avg.Msg/Month: 11     Members: 267  
Michigan is surrounded by some of the most awesome open water in North America and home to a great many small lakes and river systems suitable for kayaking. The purpose of this club is ...

raja-ngakak Avg.Msg/Month: 11     Members: 252  
Boleh diskusi, boleh kirim-kiriman lawakan, boleh ngritik lawakan yang ada di TV, boleh apa aja, pokoknya yang ada hubungannya ama banyol-membanyol, en so pasti harus bikin ketawa, MINIMAL SENYUM lah udah asyik tuh, biar enggak botak kepala kite. ya, enggak, ya enggak, iye kali ye!!?? Kalo ade nyang ngirim kayak iklan atawa dagangan atawa apa aja nyang enggak ade hubungannya ama ngelawak, ya bakalan deh kagak nyampe ke semue anggota, lho koq? Iye, aye batalin aja e-mailnye, paham dong????? ...

etwc Avg.Msg/Month: 11     Members: 98   
East Tennessee Whitewater Club - Oak Ridge, TN We are a club dedicated to: PROMOTE canoeing and kayaking as a water sport TEACH boating techniques and water safety for river travel ...

lafayette_paddle_club Avg.Msg/Month: 11     Members: 46   
LPC FALL 2004 TRIP SCHEDULE September 18Help test the newest marked trail for Atchafalaya Paddle Trails.PADDLE FROM GRAND AVOILLES COVE TO MYETTE POINT (approx. 8 miles-- 4hrs).Meet at ...

wwrnews Avg.Msg/Month: 11     Members: 40   
IF you have a message or an information concerning WWR in Ireland or simply if you want to know something, Email this group.

kayakDenver Avg.Msg/Month: 10     Members: 136  
A group for beginning whitewater kayakers in Denver or the Front Range. If you are learning in the Front Range or willing to come out with beginners and give us some pointers, please ...

ferroboats Avg.Msg/Month: 10     Members: 119  
Ferrocement Boat Owners A free format discussion group for Ferrocement boat owners. Please Subscribe now and post your questions. Spread the word to other Ferro Friends. For more ...

upstatepaddling Avg.Msg/Month: 10     Members: 79   
This list is for paddlers in the upstate of South Carolina and Western North Carolina area to exhange trip information and to discuss local rivers. It is also intended as a source for ...

tocc Avg.Msg/Month: 10     Members: 57   
Tamalpais Outrigger Canoe Club

Singapore_PaddleClub Avg.Msg/Month: 10     Members: 35   
Dragon Boating and Outrigger Canoe Club based in Singapore.

NYNJERCKS Avg.Msg/Month: 10     Members: 26   
The New York/New Jersey Endangered Rivers Canoe & Kayak Squad (NYNJERCKS) is a group of paddlers who join together to raise awareness for impaired rivers through paddling. We just ...

4n6camp2004 Avg.Msg/Month: 10     Members: 15   
This group is for paticipants of the Forensics Workshop 2004 in Whitewater, WI. It is to help each other post photos and send messages to each other.

kanaia Avg.Msg/Month: 9      Members: 23   
Welcome to Ka Nai' A Outrigger Canoe Club Discussion Group.

anak_iklan_asoy Avg.Msg/Month: 9      Members: 18   
Helloooooo smuaaaa...advertising underground adalah wadah dimana anak2 iklan 2002 yg asik2 bisa saling bercengkrama,saling berbagi rasa,saling mengekspresikan aspirasi,perasaan,pendapat,maupun emosi2 kalian smua secara positif, bebas,terbuka dan santai(santai aja coy kayak di pantai - taeah)!!! (- "eueleh2,kata2 gw tuhhh" - pak papi)..Jadi disini santai aje cuy..mari kita gunakan wadah ini sebagaimana mestinya dengan cara yg kreatif dan bukan dengan rasa sensitif..cela2an dikit2 itu ...

GavleKanotKlubb Avg.Msg/Month: 9      Members: 18   
Gävle Kanotklubb

tennesseeoutdoors Avg.Msg/Month: 8      Members: 266  
We'll be exploring middle Tennessee's natural wonders, state parks, Corp of Engineer Lakes, camping areas and other outdoor recreation locations. We'll also be looking at Tennessee's rivers, lakes and streams, discovering what each has to offer for canoe trips, camping areas, fishing and day use. The beautiful state of Tennessee offers many types of water recreation, from serene pastoral paddling to grit your teeth white water. This beautiful photo came from http://www.danheimsoth.com/ Give them ...

canoagem Avg.Msg/Month: 8      Members: 124  
Discuss the canoeing sport in Brazil and the World, inform competition dates, venues and results, advertising second hand canoeing gear. Discutir o esporte canoagem no Brasil e no ...

BCWhitewater Avg.Msg/Month: 8      Members: 112  
Hi everybody, and welcome to the BC Whitewater discussion group. This group is set up as a message board for anybody interested in kayaking in BC. Join us with your questions and ...

ckayak-tx Avg.Msg/Month: 8      Members: 90   
Need a paddle pal? This is not an organized group, not a club, but a place to network with and meet sea kayakers along the Texas Gulf Coast and throughout Texas. We also welcome ...

Maine-Paddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 8      Members: 55   
Connect with others who enjoy paddling, share experiences, meet new friends and learn from each other. This group welcomes all who enjoy paddling the waters of the Great State of Maine. ...

SLO_Paddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 8      Members: 41   
This group has been absorbed by the KayakMorroBay group. If you are interested in SLO area kayaking I recommend joining that mail list over this. Check out ...

accanoeing Avg.Msg/Month: 8      Members: 36   
Hi guys, this group is formed to allow you guys to have a place to meet up after training and for the committee the put up notices. Please upload CANOEING pictures if you have any.

tuesdaynightpaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 8      Members: 24   
This group consists of people that have attended or wish to attend the Tuesday Night Paddles organized by Bill and Karen Harter of Seacoast Kayak in Seabrook, NH. Every Tuesday night in ...

charlesriverrace Avg.Msg/Month: 8      Members: 23   
An announcement and discussion group for those participating in the Charles River canoe races held on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings at the Nurembega boat launch site in Newton, ...

sillybear Avg.Msg/Month: 8      Members: 8    
This is the EMAIL GROUP for our Canoeing group... Join us!

sjcanoeandkayak Avg.Msg/Month: 7      Members: 106  
Our club is for everyone interested in paddling Southern New Jersey's rivers, lakes and shore. Whether it's the Mullica River or the back bays of the Jersey shore, this is the club for ...

appreciatebwca Avg.Msg/Month: 7      Members: 86   
Hello! This is a club for anyone to share their thoughts and experiences with or about wilderness canoeing. I first visited the B.W.C.A. (Boundary Waters Canoe Area) in Superior ...

centralcaliforniaseakayakers Avg.Msg/Month: 7      Members: 68   
Waterfall in one of the coves at Lake McSwain, Ca. Next trip is TBA so stay tuned. Hope to see you there! (see photos and photo archives for more). The intent of this club is for ...

njcanoeandkayakclub Avg.Msg/Month: 7      Members: 59   
Welcome to Yahoo's first club on Canoeing and kayaking in the New Jersey area. Know of a great run? List it here! Let's make this a club that we can all share information. NJ Canoe ...

OzCanoePolo-NSW Avg.Msg/Month: 7      Members: 50   
This group is used for people in NSW, Australia to keep in touch with canoe polo happenings in and around New South Wales.

FlatheadKayakSkills Avg.Msg/Month: 7      Members: 25   
Welcome to FlatheadKayakSkills. This list was created to help sea kayakers from Montana's Flathead Valley get together to learn basic to intermediate (and some advanced) sea kayaking ...

plattsburghinformalkayakgroup Avg.Msg/Month: 7      Members: 23   
Welcome to the Plattsburgh Area Informal Kayak Group. Feel free to post upcoming events, comments, items wanted/for sale, etc.

WhitewaterTangent Avg.Msg/Month: 6      Members: 189  
Whitewater Tangent is a discussion group concentrating on paddling and river related isssues in South Africa. All aspects are covered from kayaking rodeo to raft guide course. Info on rivers, latest events and industry developments.

tennesseenudistpaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 6      Members: 176  
A club for nudists and naturists in Tennessee to find friends to paddle with or to just talk about paddling. All are welcome! You will NOT find any offensive pics or language in this ...

southeasternmichigankayakclub Avg.Msg/Month: 6      Members: 118  
Michigan has so many lakes and rivers it would take a lifetime to paddle them all. We are so lucky to be in a state that offers so much diversity. This club is open to everyone ...

WhitewaterFoodPantry Avg.Msg/Month: 6      Members: 64   
Whitewater Food Pantry

Chris-Raft Avg.Msg/Month: 6      Members: 60   
Chris-Raft is a non-commercial sport rafting club based out of Reno, Nevada. Our primary group activity is whitewater rafting, including oar boats and inflatable kayaks. Our more ...

awhitewaterpaddlersclub Avg.Msg/Month: 6      Members: 57   
If you paddle whitewater in any type of boat this is a club for you. This is a place too talk about your rodeo moves, river running, and all around awesome paddling!!

canoe-campers Avg.Msg/Month: 6      Members: 51   
Sharing interest in wilderness canoe camping throughout the world.

proatech Avg.Msg/Month: 6      Members: 46   
modern outriggers can do a lot the polynesions could only dream about .... they will change directions in seconds can go on standby - anytime are noncapsizeable even in breaking seas ...

wwslalom Avg.Msg/Month: 6      Members: 45   
Forum to discuss whitewater canoe and kayak slalom, development of the sport, the club system, organizational goals, etc. The focus of this forum is to discuss concepts related to whitewater slalom development, as well as ideas, tactics and strategies to advance the sport, news items, technical information, etc. Shameless self promotion is encouraged when aligned with the forum's goals ;~).

lacsuperior Avg.Msg/Month: 6      Members: 23   
Lac Superior Exploration Co. is dedicated to experiential archaeology and wilderness trekking. We hold a number of foot and canoe treks each year in the Minnesota, Ontario, Wisconsin, Michagan area. The time period we research is roughly the later half of the 18th century. Members must pick a personna and research the details of that personna. Personnas are generally English, Scottish, French, or Native frontier. Annual meeting is the third weekend in September at the Northwest Co Fur Post on ...

juneauwhitewater Avg.Msg/Month: 6      Members: 21   
Juneau Whitewater Paddling pleasures that are all persuasion, no brutality. -RI

algonquinoutfitters Avg.Msg/Month: 6      Members: 18   
A site for Algonquin Outfitters employees and alumni to use over the winter to keep in touch and to make fun of one another.

birchcreek Avg.Msg/Month: 6      Members: 10   
A group for owners of Birch Creek Canoes or anyone interested in the Alan Bridges designed canoes. Paddle, Pole, Portage or Sail all are welcome. The group is to promote contact between any of the above to give advice and in the future to organise Birch Creek Canoe Rallies and meets.

RICKA_FLATWATER Avg.Msg/Month: 5      Members: 266  
This list serves to notify paddlers of upcoming RI Canoe and Kayak "RICKA" flatwater trips as well as cancellations and updates. This list also serves the Blackstone Valley Paddlers. ...

RICKA Avg.Msg/Month: 5      Members: 223  
This E-mail list is being sponsored by RICKA (Rhode Island Canoe and Kayak Association). To be on the list does require membership in the club, However it is strongly recommended that ...

boatdesign2 Avg.Msg/Month: 5      Members: 159  
Welcome to the boat designers club! Join and feel free to share experiences, ask questions, and post pictures. Join today!

foldingkayaking Avg.Msg/Month: 5      Members: 111  
This club is about folding kayaks and will include; links to folding kayak sites, tips for transport, assembly and ratings of various models.

socalhikingandkayakingclub Avg.Msg/Month: 5      Members: 69   
Welcome to the club! The purpose of this club is to plan and go on kayaking and hiking trips in Southern California, exchange hiking and kayaking locations, and post tips. Although the ...

oberalster Avg.Msg/Month: 5      Members: 63   
E-Mail Verteiler des Oberalster VfW Hamburg e.V. Informationen, Mitteilungen und offenes Diskussionsforum der Wassersportabteilung

potomacriverpaddlersclub Avg.Msg/Month: 5      Members: 40   
This club is a place for paddlers of all types to talk about all areas of the Potomac River,as well as the Shenandoah River from Millville to Harpers Ferry,WV at the Potomac Confluence. ...

utahhikers Avg.Msg/Month: 5      Members: 35   
"UTAH HIKERS" IS A PLACE TO EXCHANGE OUTDOORS INFORMATION MEET OTHER HIKERS IN UTAH. Members get together for outdoor activities in the mountains and canyonlands of Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and beyond. Here you can exchange all kinds of outdoors information on hiking trails, gear, destinations, etc. Want to go on a Hiking, Camping, Backpacking, Paddling, Skiing or Snowshoe outing? Then just click on the "Join This Group" button to sign up as a member. Then post a message and join in on the ...

outriggerhale Avg.Msg/Month: 5      Members: 25   
Aloha, I'm a coach for Malama Ula Canoe Club on the island of Maui. Outrigger paddling is growing rapidly throughout the world. Please share your thoughts and questions here. Remember ...

csonakepites Avg.Msg/Month: 5      Members: 21   
Építsünk csónakot! Ingyenes tervrajzok, technikák, technológiák, anyagok, beszerzési helyek magyar nyelvû fóruma.

arungjeram Avg.Msg/Month: 5      Members: 19   
Milis untuk komunikasi anggota FAJI (Federasi Arung Jeram Indonesia) dan penggemar arung jeram di Tanah Air. Semangat kebebasan dan cinta alam mengalir deras di sini!

mgpaddling Avg.Msg/Month: 5      Members: 17   
People in Middle Georgia interested in meeting with other paddlers in the area. Beginners and those who want to learn are welcome too!

mainepaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 5      Members: 13   
Maine paddlers

disPaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 5      Members: 13   
Providing information to disabled paddlers of kayaks, canoes, trimarans or anything that floats and uses paddles. Use this area to connect with others in the sport. Everyone welcome. Just discussion about paddle sports: Places, Equipment, Modifications of equpment, classes, symposia (?), fun of interest to paddlers, etc. PaddleSports only please. * No sex * No Spam * No Lonely Hearts Postings * No Whoa Is Posting If it floats and a disabled person can paddle it, let's hear about it! Promote your ...

blind-norcal Avg.Msg/Month: 5      Members: 12   
If you live in northern California and are interested in things that matter to the blind community in our region, this is the list for you. NFB, CCB, or unaffiliated -- we want all of your opinions. This is the one place in cyberspace where blind northern Californians can all meet to learn about events, conventions, cultural and recreational activities, as well as buy/sell/trade access equipment. Be as boisterous, confrontational and gossipy as you like. This list has one rule only: we confine ...

northerncaliforniakayak Avg.Msg/Month: 5      Members: 5    
I am new to Kayaking and need some help.

JKC Avg.Msg/Month: 4      Members: 141  
Juneau Kayak Club

fishingkayakers Avg.Msg/Month: 4      Members: 112  

whitewaterrafting2 Avg.Msg/Month: 4      Members: 94   
White Water Rafting

waterways Avg.Msg/Month: 4      Members: 89   
For discussion of canoeing and canoe related items, primarily relating to Saskatchewan, Canada.

nhec_kayak-polo Avg.Msg/Month: 4      Members: 62   
News about the World of canoe polo.

grossepointekayakclub Avg.Msg/Month: 4      Members: 56   
Club BB for paddles and talks. Do you like to paddle year round but sometimes have a hard time finding someone in your area to paddle with. Join us on Lake St. Clair, The Detroit River, ...

pelicanpaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 4      Members: 48   
Formed in 1999 by new kayak paddlers and experienced kayak instructors out of the San Diego Mission Bay Aquatic Center kayak program. Paddle activities in 2004 are centred on Mission ...

kayaknorthgeorgia Avg.Msg/Month: 4      Members: 44   
This is a club for flatwater paddlers (kayak, canoe, rowboat) who enjoy Lake and River paddling in the North Georgia area. Post your message, invite a member to chat. We hope to set up ...

pungopaddlersplace Avg.Msg/Month: 4      Members: 37   
If you own a Pungo or want to know more, this is the site for you. Let us know your favorite spots to paddle, interesting stories or anything fun about the most versatile kayak made. ...

OzCanoePolo-QLD Avg.Msg/Month: 4      Members: 30   
This group is used for people in Queensland, Australia to keep in touch with canoe polo happenings in and around Queensland.

kayaknh Avg.Msg/Month: 4      Members: 29   
Welcome to all who join, come talk about kayaking... tell stories, plan trips. Check out the links for more info on Kayaking stuff....

southjerseykayakshack Avg.Msg/Month: 4      Members: 23   
Greetings, I started this page to get people who share the interest in kayaking in NJ. Hope to make this a place to meet and possbly share some of the hot spots to go and do what we do ...

westernmarylandpaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 4      Members: 21   
The goal of this club is to bring more people into the whitewater world. By providing info on rivers in the tri-state area. MD, PA, WV

Florida-Kayak-Divers-Network Avg.Msg/Month: 4      Members: 20   
This group is for certified SCUBA divers who are interested in kayaking to Florida nearshore dive sites. Included are links to relevant information, instructions on creating a FREE geographic information system (GIS) and the necessary data to organize your own trips, as well as exchange relevant information with others. Membership is free and e-mail posts are unmoderated. All you need is a free Yahoo ID.

antimuschum Avg.Msg/Month: 4      Members: 18   
Buat mu haters kayak gue... Kirim mesage yah... about bola trus.... gue doain supaya MU kalah!

medwayqueen Avg.Msg/Month: 4      Members: 16   
The final restoration of the'Medway Queen' paddle steamer is eventually going to be in the hands of the people. This ship is known as the 'Heroine of Dunkirk' by saving 7,000 men at Dunkirk, it supported the cause then, when is the nation going to support her? can we all play a better part? one way is by arguing her cause, by not accepting the apathy that exists in the UK today, view the Medway Queen website found on the 'Links'. Then feel free to ask questions or make suggestions on this ...

upstatescandnegaflatwater Avg.Msg/Month: 4      Members: 15   
This is a club to help get the flat water paddlers together to be out on the lakes of two great states by leaving messages of when, where, and how to get there. Our area offers a ...

kingsrivercanoeclub Avg.Msg/Month: 4      Members: 14   
Welcome canoeing fans... This is Richland Creek Falls...from a recent sight seeing trip I went on..

vectorfinproa Avg.Msg/Month: 4      Members: 12   
good day everyone ! here you can find out about the theory - design and building of a vector fin proa an all new sailboat concept I am hoping for an interesting discussion ... see ...

panama_team6 Avg.Msg/Month: 4      Members: 12   
Only team six can say the we created "Rock Disease," our canoe capsized in the middle of a river, our bus got a flat tire at midnight, and we were cat-called while shucking soem corn! Despite all of this we can never forget why we were there: to spread God's word to others! Bad tempers flared, attitudes reigned, and bugs were everywhere, but God used US to bring others to Him so that they would recieve eternal life. Make sure to check around for chimp droppings in life! And never forget that the ...

nacawok Avg.Msg/Month: 4      Members: 12   
Contactplek voor de Kajakkers op Korsou

uk-dragon-boaters Avg.Msg/Month: 3      Members: 157  
UK Dragon Boaters - for participants, organisers, clubs and followers of dragon boating in the UK The settings for this group are: * To post or reply to the group, address your email to ...

JHUKayaking Avg.Msg/Month: 3      Members: 153  
This group at Johns Hopkins University is for anyone interested in whitewater kayaking. The Fall '04 program includes roll sessions and guided trips.

whitewaterkayakingclub Avg.Msg/Month: 3      Members: 137  
I started this club to give ww paddlers, both kayak and canoe, a place to discuss their sport. Let the posts fly.

spintoband Avg.Msg/Month: 3      Members: 128  
This is THE Definitive Spinto Band discussion mailing list. Talk to Spinto fans from all over the world. Who knows? Maybe you’ll meet your future spouse! So come on down and join ...

pinelandscanoeandkayakclub Avg.Msg/Month: 3      Members: 101  
The New Jersey Pinelands are a unique and unspoiled wilderness. One of the most exciting ways to explore the Pinelands is by canoe (or kayak). This club is for those who enjoy traveling ...

JustCanoes Avg.Msg/Month: 3      Members: 76   
This is a list just for those of us that canoe. NO Kayaks, Please. This list is started on the East coast but, is not limited to it.

dckayakclub Avg.Msg/Month: 3      Members: 68   
This club was founded upon the following two discoveries. First, there are countless places to sea kayak in the area. Second, there are so many people taking up the sport. We intend to ...

georgiaoutdoors Avg.Msg/Month: 3      Members: 64   
Scenic Overlook on the Rim Trail at Cloudland Canyon State Park. See post #29 for more info. ----------------------------------- We'll be exploring Georgia's natural wonders, state parks, Corp of Engineer Lakes, camping areas and other outdoor recreation locations. We'll also be looking at rivers, lakes and streams, discovering what each has to offer for canoe trips, camping areas, fishing and day use. The beautiful state of Georgia offers many types of water recreation, from serene pastoral ...

lumberrivermonitors Avg.Msg/Month: 3      Members: 45   
This page contains information which you might find useful when planning a canoe or kayak trip on the nationally designated wild and scenic Lumber River in southeastern North Carolina. ...

ctcanoeclub Avg.Msg/Month: 3      Members: 38   
Club of people in Connecticut and surrounding area that get together for paddling canoes and kayaks. Trips planned once a month from April through October. Two overnight camping trips per year. One on the Farmington River and the other in the Adirondacks.

vkfhavskajak Avg.Msg/Month: 3      Members: 36   
Nyhetsbrev för Havskajaksektionen i Västerås Kanotförening.

Scott_kayak Avg.Msg/Month: 3      Members: 36   
A small group of beginner to intermediate kayakers located in eastern Massachussetts. We like the rivers early in the year, but tend to hit the bays and harbors along the coast as soon ...

centralarizonakayaking Avg.Msg/Month: 3      Members: 35   
This is for Central Arizona Paddling. Salt River, Saguaro, Canyon, Apache, Roosevelt, Bartlett, and Pleasant. I want to hear from everybody out there having fun, and some of the trips ...

paddle-wheelers Avg.Msg/Month: 3      Members: 34   
Anyone interested in boats propelled by paddlewheels are encouraged to join. Sternwheelers or sidewheelers; powered by pedalling, engines, motors, or steam. You are welcome to use this ...

texaskayakclub Avg.Msg/Month: 3      Members: 26   
Welcome to the Texas Kayak Club! I'm Howard, and I live in San Antonio, Texas. This club is a useful tool to unite Texas Kayakers who are interested in get-togethers and to share ...

kayaksailing Avg.Msg/Month: 3      Members: 23   
This group is for kayak sailors and builders to share information, post photos, and to share their experiences and knowledge.

Pyrex_Glass_Blowers_And_Lampworkers Avg.Msg/Month: 3      Members: 22   
I've returned from my latest sales/vacation. Sorry for the lengthy absence. Such is the world of the traveling salesman. I finally have my camera back in-hand so currently all my extra time and effort will go towards catching up on the three months of product that needs to be digitally transposed to everyone's favorite medium...CRT. Happy Holidays and such. I have myself snuck in a last minute injury and sprained my wrist. Yay. So fear not I shall continue to pop in and out for the next few ...

kajakpolo Avg.Msg/Month: 3      Members: 21   
Ez a magyar kajakpolosok levelezõlistája, hogy senki ne maradjon le semmirõl!

camphearttoheart Avg.Msg/Month: 3      Members: 18   
Camp Heart to Heart (CH2H) is a summer camp for children, ages 5-13, who are infected or directly affected by HIV/AIDS. CH2H is held at Lions Camp Crescendo, which is about 25 miles south of Louisville, KY on 185 beautiful acres just off I-65. CH2H is a collboration between Lions Camp Crescendo, Inc., Jefferson County Health Department, and other Louisville HIV/AIDS service organizations. The camp is held annually, on the first week in June. Activities include swimming, arts and crafts, paddle ...

SHUpaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 3      Members: 17   
The place to go, to be in the know!!! Welcome to the wonderful world of the SHU Canoe Club!!! All paddlers welcome!!!

OutriggerSA Avg.Msg/Month: 3      Members: 17   
Outrigger canoe OC-6 Paddling in South Africa "everyone's invited" Subscribe to OutriggerSA Powered by groups.yahoo.com

samudera_ketawa Avg.Msg/Month: 3      Members: 13   
Ketawa itu tanda orang bahagia Terlalu banyak ketawa kayak orang gila Ketawalah sepuasnya biar kayak orang gila yang bahagia! hahahhahahahahahhahhahaha!!!! :-D

masterskayak Avg.Msg/Month: 3      Members: 13   
This group intends to be dedicated to Masters age-group kayakers (and possible also for canoe masters, if they will be interested). Information about international Masters Events and ...

Jupitersurfski Avg.Msg/Month: 3      Members: 10   
This list is for surf ski paddlers in the Jupiter, Florida area. The purpose of the list is for people to have a central locaton to refer to in order to coordinate training with other ...

ripper_smunsa Avg.Msg/Month: 3      Members: 9    
Ini buat anak-anak ripper yang asal muasalnya adalah smunsa alias smu negeri 1 medan.... Tentunya ini buat kita-kita agar gosip yang ada hendaknya sesegera mungkin disebarkan dalam tempo yang sesingkat-singkatnya, medan 12 agustus 2004, lha kok kayak proklamasi ya... Tapiiii, harus diingat, mailing list ini mutlak untuk kabar-kabar yang menarik dan layak tayang...macem pelem aja... Sekian dulu prolognya...

Open_Ndrua Avg.Msg/Month: 3      Members: 9    
The purpose of this group is to facilitate the design and construction of ndruas (sometimes known as weight to windward proas) in an open source structure. All contributions to posted ...

unitedwayofwhitewatervalley Avg.Msg/Month: 3      Members: 5    
The United Way of Whitewater Valley Staff Calendar

canoewa Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 304  
Canoeing WA Online News aims to inform WA paddlers on events and activities

euro-dragon-boaters Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 215  
European Dragon Boaters - for participants, organisers, clubs and followers of dragon boating in Europe - formal announcements, invitations and information about events for European ...

expeditioncanoeingandkayaking Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 104  
A place to share and gather information about paddling destinations, equipment, questions, and other paddle related information. Photo: Verlen Kruger rounding Cape Horn Argentina after ...

woodenboatrestoration Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 101  
A place to swap information, plans, technical tips and advice about restoring wooden boat hulls as well as overhauling engines and repiaring anything to do with vintage boats. We are ...

idwhitewater-promo_group Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 86   
This is an unmoderated group designed for self promotion by outfitters and retailers serving the whitewater community. Any type of promotion is acceptable from venders, wholesalers, ...

ACADixieDivision Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 85   
This group was formed to promote timely communications on all events and activities between all America Canoe Association Members with a focus on the Dixie Division. It will be used in ...

Wilder_sports Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 81   
DO you Kayak? Mountian Bike? Climb? Backpack? Camp? Well so do we....... This is for questions, coments, and most of all, coordinating challenging and social wilderness outings for nature sport freaks like you!!!!!

californiagoldcountry Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 71   
If you enjoy outdoor adventure such as camping, hiking, fishing, whitewater rafting or skiing; or you love beautiful scenery, historic sites, quaint hotels, wineries, restaurants, etc... , then you've come to the right place. This club is for discussion of travel and activities in California's Historic, Beautiful, and Exciting Gold Country!

wisconsincollegestudents Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 68   
This is a club for Wisconsin college students. I want to introduce myself as the new founder. My name is Melissa and I go to UW-Whitewater. I hope this club gives people a chance to meet people from thier school or the surrounding area. Hope to get to know a lot of you!!!!! Oh and just so you know...the home page listed below is not mine, it's dragontear's, this club's previous founder.

raftingonwhitewater Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 66   
Talk about white water rafting on different levels and on different rivers. A place to get good advice from experienced white water rafters.

northeastkayakclub Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 49   
Welcome to the North East Kayak Club. I hope that you find this club fun yet informative. We hope that you will be able to retrieve information, and input some of your own ideas about ...

awestvirginiariversguide Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 48   
OK, being so close to spring and all, let's try and get this page running again! In addition, I strongly sugggest that all members consider joining the West Virginia Wildwater ...

collegestudentsforlife Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 45   
I am already a founder of a college pro life group here at the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater. When I looked through all the pro-life clubs I noticed that there wasn't one for college students. I designed this club just for college students to discuss pro-life issues.

Palmetto_Paddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 45   
The purpose is to provide an online forum for the exchange of information between the members of the Palmetto Paddlers, Inc.

vermilionriver Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 43   
This club is to exchange info on the vermilion river in Illinois. If your looking for someone to paddle with post the dates you want to paddle.

utahriversports Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 43   
Welcome to the Utah River Sports discussion group. This is a discussion group primarily aimed towards running rivers. Discussions concerning other adventures in the outdoors are welcome ...

upstatepaddling2 Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 43   
This is not the lower Green. Gorilla

scumlinepaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 39   
Let's talk about canoeing, the easy, less expensive kind. Just you and boat. Oh , the two lie limit does apply. Enjoy

phillydragonboat Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 39   
Dragon Boat racing is the oldest continuously raced sport in the world beginning on China’s Mi-lo River around 400 B.C. Today, with well over a million teams competing worldwide, it is the second most popular sport on the planet. Poised in a 1400 pound canoe with a carved dragon head at the bow, twenty men paddle at the incredible rate of 90 strokes per minute — synchronized to the relentless beat of our drummer at the bow. And one of the world’s elite teams represents Philadelphia. Training on ...

kayakingthenaturecoast Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 36   
Im Jim McFarlane. An American Canoe Association certified Whitewater Instructor. If you want instruction or a guided kayak trip, TOURING, RECREATIONAL OR WHITEWATER, contact me, by ...

iguanakayakers Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 36   
This club is about paddling in Central America near Nosara, Costa Rica and Lake Nicaragua. We will cover club activities and sea kayaking and slow jungle river kayaking. Come on down to ...

boatdiscussionboard Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 35   
Ok here it is a place to talk about your boats,ask questions concerning repairs and to offer any advice you may have,or list a boat or accessories you may have for sale.

porterwoodenboatbuilding Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 32   
Welcome To Porter Wooden Boat Building! Our current Project is a Sam Devlin Design Winter Wren II Gaff Rigged Edition. Please discuss topics about boatbuilding or even post your own ...

novapaddlin Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 30   
Post Pics, and talk about paddlin here.

absolutadrenaline Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 29   
AA Group team list

detroitmetrokayakclub Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 25   
Detroit Metro Kayak Club

uwwhitewater Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 24   
UW Whitewater

daysailorsclub Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 24   
This club is for sailor's who have day sailors such as Snark and Laser. It is intended for recreational sailors only although it can be a forum for recreational racing. No pro's here. Just the pure fun of sailing. Also a place for problem solving small sailboat problems. Always remember..wear your lifejacket AND BRING A PADDLE! You never know!!!

canoeminnesota Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 23   
Canoe Minnesota

QueerByNatureUCSD Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 23   
We are a Queer wilderness collective of friends interested in experiencing the beauty of the natural world through means of exploration. We hike, bike, surf, swim, camp, climb and kayak and anything else outdoorsy you can think of. Our goal is to provide a safe and fun wilderness experience for LGBTQI students of UCSD and other colleges in the San Diego area (State / Private / Community all welcome). We meet on Mondays from 6:00 to 6:30 in the LGBTQIA Resource Center at UC San Diego.

chandlerstrips Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 22   
The purpose of this club is to show that outdoor recreation can be both enjoyable and eduational for the individual, and benefitial for the enviroment.

CCSF_Dragonboat_Team Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 21   
This is the official Yahoo! Group of the City College of San Francisco Dragonboat Team. The CCSF Dragonboat Team was an idea that started during the Spring of 2003, and the team was ...

southfloridapaddlersclub Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 19   
Hello, This is my first attempt at building a nice club venue. Please feel free to help me in any way build our little domain into a nice and comfortable place to share our ideas and ...

kipawa Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 19   
Mailing list for "Les Amis de la Rivière Kipawa". ARK is a non-profit organisation devoted to the preservation of recreational and ecological values on the Kipawa River, located in ...

bwmtorlando Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 19   
In this club members go camping, hike, bike, canoe and have house parties. This is not a hookup or sex club. Just regular men who enjoy each other's company. All are welcome.

interbat_ui Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 17   
Ini Mailist anak-anak UI yang ikut kuliah Interaksi Obat. Sebagai PJ yang baik hati, suka menolong, dan tidak sombong...daripada gue ngiderin disket yang ada nanti kita semua terjangkit virus quin kayak dulu lagi ya...mending pake mailist, sekalian manfaatin tekhnologi (huek..)

gaypaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 16   
Hi and welcome> I set this club up to find out if I was the only one out there

mlireggae Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 14   
This group is for the Friends and Fans of the Mountain Lions International reggae band. This 4 piece musical group began in the unlikely place of Whitewater, WI. USA. The music, the makeup of the group, the song titles, the live shows all seem to display a natural evolution. However the mission of the MLI remains the same: "To make this world a better place to live."

seakayakinginmilwaukeearea Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 13   
Welcome to my "Kayaking In Milwaukee Area" message board. I welcome all input on the subject....

nurani_mandiri04 Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 12   
Hi guys...How are u? Ini adalah mailistnya para finalis seleksi beasiswa nurani dunia 2004(hehe...gaya ya kayak indonesian idol aja pake finalis). Pokoke dapat tidak dapat (beasiswa,red) yang namanya perjuangan harus dilanjutkan. So guys....please...manfaatin banget ini mailist...untuk memfollow up kan pertemuan kita yang singkat tapi sarat makna... Kalian mo share info soo..ok mangga...mo kenalan terserah.... Oke..... "Andai bisa memilih, tentu kami takkan memilih... Andai bisa menolak, tentu ...

londoncanoeclub Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 12   
London Canoe Club members welcome:

fosmr Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 12   
This group is for owners, potential owners and others interested in Sunrise Mountain Retreat, a new, gated, restricted development near Red River Gorge, and Natural Bridge, in the mountains of Kentucky. Restrictions promote construction of cabins or rustic wood structures. Is there a cabin in your future? Do you kayak, canoe, hike, climb or 4-wheel? Join us! Hiking, rockclimbing, canoeing, kayaking, off-road, nature, photography

secondwindsports Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 11   
A group of West Coast paddlers interested in new paddling experiences, adventures and skills

medwayqueenpaddlesteamer Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 11   
This club is dedicated to the preservation of this beautiful paddle steamer.Launched in 1924;nicknamed Heroine of Dunkirk and now in desparate need of help.Join the Preservation Society.Any interest will help to save her.Reg.No 2100358 Charity No. 296236

whatcompaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 10   
Competative (somewhat) OC-1+, K-1+ Surfski, Pro-boat & Rowing craft in the Whatcom/Skagit/Island counties of Washington State. (Sound Rowers welcome) Winters here force the Wednesday ...

madyakers Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 10   
Madison area boaters, let's use this list to coordinate some river trips. See you on the water.

lrccmessagebd Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 10   
This is the chat board for Lumber River Canoe Club. Here you may post questions, answers, and other items about rivers we paddle or other items of interest to paddlers. This will leave ...

lakehuronkayakingclub Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 10   
lake huron kayaking club

azriverclub Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 10   
We suck! so dont make fun of us.

thehawaiicanoeclub Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 8    
Welcome to the Hawaii Canoe Club. Have fun this upcomming reggata season. Good Luck!

C-bassettcreek Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 8    
This list is for people interested in Canoeing on Bassett Creek in Hennepin County, Minnesota, USA and directly related issues like current water level , other conditions, obstacles ...

cataract_indiana Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 6    
Disseminating all information regarding the paddling of Upper Cataract Falls, Lower Cataract Falls, points in between, and points under Cagles Mill Lake on Mill Creek, near Cataract ...

pacificnorthwestoutdoorfun Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 5    
Face it, our interests change with the seasons and there is just too much to do to settle for a single category. Hiking, paddling, fly-fishing,camping, skiing, snowshoeing, etc., etc. Let's share stories about trips and ask each other for advice. And share the great times!

nomadicspirit Avg.Msg/Month: 2      Members: 5    
Nomaid Spirit is the beginning of a new era in outdoor adventures...

canoenudeUSAcanyons Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 298  
The Canyon Country of the American Southwest Desert is home to a unique summer adventure. To get away from my high-tech job, I go on a canoe trip in the area, many summers, re-creating in some extent, the conditions that must have been experienced by the local indians hundreds of years ago. The sun, water, sand and isolation of the area lends itself idealy to nude recreation, in a family social setting. Following principals of The Naturist Society (TNS) and the American Association of Nude ...

ballbustingboots Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 249  
Ballbusting Boots Biarchy "I would love to kick an ex-boyfriends balls and not in a s*xual way either. I would love to kick them as hard as I could. Revenge would be sweet!" "After we exchanged the tribute £80. She told me to strip off quickly and follow her to the bedroom. Sitting at the end of the bed she told me to bend over her knees and then she picked up a wooden hairbrush. Turning it over from the bristle side she told me she intended to warm us both up by my receiving a very hard ...

activeadventures Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 173  
Active Adventures is a newsletter for people who are interested in finding out more about hiking, biking, rafting, kayaking, etc. trips in all parts of the world

drome_dr2 Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 98   
Rosaleen ask a friend to spank her, very hard, with a paddle. The clip will be cut in 27 pieces with a auto-delevered on joining up the group. The film is 18 555 Kb. Use MasterSplitter to re-join the files. Good viewing drome

gabung_undercover_id Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 73   
Di forum ini, belum ada isinya apa apa, karena forum ini dibuat cuma buat kasih informasi upaya ikut gabung ke yahooogroups: undercover_id coba deh register ke: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/undercover_id/ undercover_id dibikin untuk para cowok yang memilih/terpaksa menjalani kehidupan di 2 (dua) macam dunia. Yang pertama, dunia kehidupan sebagai "cowok straight", DAN yang kedua, sebagai cowok "KAKA" (kayak kita/PLU/bi) yang memiliki/merahasiakan rasa suka terhadap sesama lelaki. Apakah mereka ...

canoepolo-tech Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 53   
Canoe Polo Technical Email List This email and hypermail archive are created to discuss technical details about Canoe Polo. Topics of discussion can range from the current rules to tactics and methods of coaching. ** ** NOTE: This list is NOT OFFICIAL. Messages posted ** to this list are peoples PERSONAL OPPINIONS only **

ISLANDRYDAHZ Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 42   

lumberriverphotoclub Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 34   
Here is a good place to post pictures of our favorite river and the trips we take on rivers. There will be lots of room to tell about the pictures too.

ntu_canoepolo Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 30   
This is for all the people in the NTU Canoe Polo Team. =)

NPKC Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 29   
New Plymouth Kayak Club, Based in New Plymouth New Zealand. focused on Whitewater paddling in Taranaki

toughraft Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 28   
Do you like to raft ? everyone who likes a little bit of adrenalin excitement should look inside and go for a TOUGH RAFT!!

nccoastalkayaking Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 25   
I'd like to meet people interested in kayaking or to discuss kayaking in North Carolina lakes or coastal areas.

SJSU_Canoe Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 25   
SJSU Concrete Canoe Team! Members check in for the latest info and updates here.

worldofdragonboats Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 21   
In addition to my web page, I wanted to create a place for the members of the International Dragon Boat racing family to talk and trade info about what is happening in your part of the ...

utopkayakassault Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 18   
The purpose of this group is to provide a networking resource for Knoxville-area paddlers.

thewhitewaterpaddlingclub Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 17   
This is a club for everyone interested in Whitewater kayaking or canoing. Members are welcome to post messages, chat or post pictures of anything. I hope that you will join my club.

freestylekayakingandsurfing Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 17   
Post pics of babes and studs on or about the water

crew1999 Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 17   
The is the group for Venture Crew 1999 based in Houston Texas. A high adventure Crew dedicated to enjoying the outdoor experience through rock climbing, whitewater, backpacking, surfing, and anything else we can think of.

seakayakingnz Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 16   
Welcome everyone!! This is a site for you to share photos and stories about your sea kayaking trips around New Zealand.

kayakingfanatics Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 15   
If you love to throw a big ender down in a giant whole, pull some cartwheels, or just like sitting in a kayak this club is for you. This is a club for anyone who loves the rush from ...

chicagoriverkayakingclub Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 15   
This is a place for both beginning and experienced kayakers to meet and swap information. Find out what's happening in and around Chicago, and share information on cool paddling spots.

canoeingcity Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 15   
In this club you can add you photos and stories from when you've been canoeing or kayaking and it's for everyone all over the WORLD!

StLawrenceSkiff Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 15   
Our next step in the building of Skiff- SLS-01- The stem and the knee. Follow the construction throughout the fall. New pictures have been uploaded in the pictures file.

swpaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 14   
The purpose of this list is to assist association members in the exchange of information about canoe and kayak sport.

kksspolo Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 13   
kanotpolo gruppmail för kanotklubben strömstararna. öppnades 2004-10-23 av mikael stromberg

eyesontheslough Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 13   
The mission of the Eyes on the Slough Volunteer Monitoring Project is to create a consistent presence on the waterways of the Columbia Slough by empowering volunteers to record information as they canoe or kayak specific sections. This presence serves a number of purposes. First, it gathers information on the habitat, hydrology, species, and land use, to track changes over time, and to identify the success of restoration projects. Second, it establishes an infrastructure for reporting and ...

winnipegcanoeclub Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 12   
Over the last fifty years many good canoe trips started from the Winnipeg Canoe Club. This club is a place for old and new paddlers to continue their friendship and plan more trips.

seakayaking2004 Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 11   
Sea Kayaking Group consisting of individuals who enjoys kayaking as a sport.

paddlehacks Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 11   
Paddle / Platform tennis group

oregonpaddlersclub Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 11   
This is your club!WELCOME all..this is a place for us paddlers to talk about canoeing,kayaking,racing,expedition,whitewater,flat-water and so much more....

RiverQuestUSA Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 11   
River Quest was founded for opportunities of marine recreation for individuals with special needs.Weekly waterway trips along with support training for family members of folks with ...

ozarkriverspaddleclub Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 10   
Our goal with this club is increase the knowledge base for all interested in the Ozarks water ways. Planning to have weekly spot on different rivers. and paddling trips. More info at ...

kkljusnan Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 10   
Kanotklubben Ljusnan är en relativt liten förening som är baserad i Ljusdals kommun. Vi paddlar främst forskajak i MellanLjusnans forsar, men också en del slätvatten ...

ecoraft Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 10   
ecoraft ekibi haberleºme grubu

BelizeCanoe Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 10   
The BELIZE CANOE ASSOCIATION Webpage for updates and notices.

surfkayakclub Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 9    
Organized to provide information on surf conditions, new equipment, surf spots, social events, competitions, road trips and everything else associated with the sport of surf kayaking in ...

sierra_paddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 9    
This site is designed for flat water paddlers in the Sierra foothills of Northern California, as a means of sharing information on paddling trips, equipment for sale, and other related ...

portlanddragonboat Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 9    
This is a group dedicated to Portland paddlers who are interested in keeping in touch with other die hard dragonboaters! have fun, and paddle hard!

easternontariopaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 9    
Eastern Ontario Paddlers Club is a place to share info on routes, trips, nature, parks, camping, or equipment. All are welcome to post information which would be useful or of interest ...

loocc Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 8    
This is the place for Ft.Lauderdale Outrigger Canoe Lovers to hang out!

atlantickayak Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 8    
Atlantic Kayak

whitewaterkayaks Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 7    
Whitewater kayaks

skinboatdiscussion Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 7    
There are many people getting into baidarka, umiak,etc. building and cruising, but I see very few (if any) clubs where we can get together and share our experiences. Now there is one. ...

paddlepushers Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 7    
This club is to promote paddling as a sport or recreational activity. To help others who may wish to find out more about kayaking or canoeing. As well as to bring paddlers together to ...

paddleballclub Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 7    
Welcome all those who like to paddle ball. Enjoy this club. If you need help on paddling ask me. I know everything there is to know about paddle ball.

naleookekai Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 7    
The first outrigger canoe club in the State of Arizona, Na Leo 'O Ke Kai actively promotes the culture of Polynesia through outrigger canoeing. The club and its members participate in cultural, educational, recreational, competitive, and charitable activities to spread Aloha in the Southwest.

fightingms2 Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 7    
This group is set up to receive updates from John Latecki jr's 30,000 Guieness world record canoe trip for Multiple Sclerosis. If you would like receive updates and also post messages check out www.fightingms.org click on updates to join a message board.

bayareaoutriggercanoeclubs Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 7    
Outrigger Canoe Racing - a lost sport? No way! Keep the spirit of Aloha alive! Also visit www.BayAreaHawaiians.com for the most up to date photos, events, and more.

southerncalesbiankayakers Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 6    
This is a new club designed for all lesbians in Southern Calfornia to come and kayak in our local harbors. Talk. Have some fun. Maybe bbq or have a beer afterwards.

centralcaliforniaseakayaking Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 6    
This club page is a gate to the Central California Seakayakers home page. Please click on address listed in the messages to go to our home page. The club was listed incorrectly and does ...

wilmysurfyakers Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 5    
Who, where, and when locals are going out; as well as all kinds of surf kayak information for the Wilmington area.

riverrunnersclub Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 5    
i am a guide in the Big Bend area of Texas and would like to hear from other guides or river runners from anywhere and everywhere!

paddletennisfanatics Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 5    
Paddle Tennis Fanatic's

northcarolinakayakpolo Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 5    
Discussion group for North Carolina kayak polo players

naomispaddlingclub Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 5    
Naomi's Paddling Club is a great for anyone into water sports such as canoeing and kayaking! I have been canoeing for several years and am a beginner kayak. All people wanting to know more or just have fun, jump on in!

minnehahakayakers Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 5    
GO YAKKIN !!! A Yahoo group dedicated to the kayakers and other paddlers of Minnehaha Creek, the finest water hole in the Minneapolis area ! Have info about the creek, seen a tree blocking the creek ?.. need a paddling buddy ? Youve come to the right place. Have an event or mass paddling down the creek ? This group is aimed at becoming and information exchange between paddlers who frequent the creek, and other paddling destinations nearby. Check back often as this site has recently been formed ...

freesurfin Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 5    
Post pics of all white water fun and other crazy stuff. Post equipement for sale and wanted adds.

coastalkayaking Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 5    
Welcome to Coastal Kayaking this site is dedicated to sea kayaking or as it is more commonly known as "Coastal Kayaking". The world oens up from a sea kayak unlike any other craft a sea kayak can take you places where most are restricted to off shore, or because of weather. Whether you paddle rivers or lakes, oceans or bays you are welcome here on this site. In 1998 when I ran a 1128 Mile kayak odyssey for kids whom had been abused a site where kayakers could get together was unheard of today we ...

cdmoutriggercanoeclub Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 5    
Hello and welcome to the CDM Outrigger Canoe Club. We are based out of Corona del Mar High School, and we get together quite frequently to canoe. This club is just for you to talk about COCC, and the founders will update it with news concerning event times, and club meetings. Club Charter Member -brian wiseman

canoeingtheallagash Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 5    
When researching trip info on the Allagash wilderness Waterway, I was surprised to find no Yahoo club on the topic. So I created one.

SwashbucklingAdventures Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 5    
This group is a wing of the Neo-Swashbucklers which is dedicated to physical adventures such as disc golf, cycling, hiking, paddling, attacking villages, mountain climbing, sailing, discussing baseball and the Martindale Triathlon. The topics of this group will be sporting in nature. The Neo-Swashbucklers group is an open forum for all other topics and members are welcome to join the parent group if they want to discuss more eclectic subjects. This group is NOT associated with the group, ...

KCCNY_Newsletter Avg.Msg/Month: 1      Members: 5    
Welcome to the KCCNY Newsletter working group/committee discussion site. This area is limited to members of KCCNY and particularly only for the Newsletter associates. Here we will connect when we cannot meet in person, engage in editorial shredding of verbose copy or building-up of wimpy reports, and most importantly have fun while putting together our terrific river adventure and paddling Newsletter!

Guyon-Yook Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 4484 
Guyonan/humor/ngocol/ndagel dalam bahasa Indonesia dan Inggris. Dilarang keras pakai bahasa Kutub, baik Kutub Utara maupun Kutub Selatan. Silahkan mengirim cerita lucu, humor, joke, gambar lucu, karikatur, pokoknya semua yang lucu dan berbentuk humor. Asal jangan mengirimkan duit melalui milis ini, dijamin tidak nyampai ke tujuan. Keanggotaan Milis ini kayak Mafioso Italia, Kalau sudah bergabung tidak bisa keluar lagi. Kalau nekad keluar, Godfather dan pimpinan Mafioso Guyon-yook@yahoogroups ...

outrigger Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 1672 
The outrigger list is an online discussion group for canoe and kayak paddlers. The outrigger list has been in operation for over five years and has members all across the world. The ...

PDXkayaker Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 1512 
This yahoogroup is intended to be a means by which kayakers in the Portland Oregon area can plan trips, meet other boaters, post pictures, meet drinking buddies, etc. We're a local ...

JacksBoatHouseonthePotomacRiver Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 1312 
Paddle on the Potomac River in Washington,DC 7 days a week. We have blues, salsa, reggae, concerts on the river, sunrise and full moon tours on the river; watch the meteor showers, the ...

duckworks Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 1245 
This is the list for the newsletter that announces new material in Duckworks Magazine. A copy will go out around the first of each month to all on the list. The site is located at: ...

Traildog Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 1113 
This is a hang-out for those who enjoy the outdoors with their dogs--whether they hike, backpack, paddle, ski, surf, SCUBA--they are all Traildogs! Not for everyone, but a place a lot of people like to be.

sfsurfriderall Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 1105 
Updates from the San Francisco Chapter of Surfrider Foundation. Chapter activities include beach clean-ups, water testing, education at local schools, coastal mapping, community outreach, coastal environmental issues activism, and an annual clean water paddle. Hotline 415-665-4155

x360 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 1090 
ABOUT THIS NEWSLETTER This email list is a broadcast-only newsletter that will inform you from time-to-time about the latest news concerning Expedition 360 (formerly Pedal for the Planet). The Expedition 360 project features Jason Lewis, an Englishman currently attempting to become the first person to circumnavigate the globe by human power, i.e. by pedal boat, kayak, on foot, by bicycle, and rollerblades, etc. To date Jason has traveled 24,000 miles – over half way around the globe - to ...

gcpba Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 950  
Welcome to the Grand Canyon Private Boaters Association discussion group. The GCPBA is a not for profit organization working to obtain fair and equitable access to the Colorado River in ...

Smallboats Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 949  
This group is devoted to the development of small boats 18 feet (LWL) and under that can be rowed, paddled or sailed. Kayaks and canoes may be any size. Keel boats of any type ...

idahowhitewater Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 846  
Welcome to the Idaho Whitewater discussion group. This group is for anyone interested in whitewater river running primarily in Idaho but also throughout the West. The purpose of this ...

appomattoxriver Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 835  
Appomattox River Company is the largest canoe kayak dealer on the East Coast. This newsletter is to let our customers know about what's happenning in the watersports world, new boats that are now available, and sales on paddlesports equipment at ARC.

BackyardBoatbuilding2 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 832  
Backyard Boatbuilding 2 Backyard Boatbuilding is for the sharing of information about building or repairing a boat yourself. Mr. George Buehler – a boat designer of some renown, is ...

advunlimited Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 825  
Based in northern NJ. Saturday hikes plus instructional classes in canoeing, rock climbing, rappelling and cross-country skiing offer an arena of outdoor enrichment. International travel events include skiing, hiking, scuba, white-water rafting, wildlife safaris and cultural expeditions. Address all inquires to advunlimited@yahoo.com

bearsoftheadirondacks Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 813  
BEARS OF THE ADIRONDACKS...join this all male group of grizzly,cubs,truckers, bikers, loggers,lumberjacks,construction workers,farmers; ALL MEN of all occupations for socialization through various events such as pot luck dinners, trips to Montreal,truck rallys,motorcycles road trips, meetings at various locations in Albany and surrounding areas for Saturday night festivities. Skiing,snow shoeing, and snowmobile trips are being planned. Also many summer events; camping, canoe trips, and get ...

SFD_builders_sailors Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 788  
A user group for all those building and sailing canoes, boats and yachts from Selway Fisher Design.

DragonBoatForum Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 778  
Welcome to the DragonBoatForum Yahoogroup! All new persons signing onto this group are asked to post a message which describes who they are, what their involvement in dragon boat is, if ...

dragonboats Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 765  
The monthly newsletter from www.dragon-boat.net

kayak Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 757  
To enhance communications between all people that have an interest in the Olympic Sport of Flatwater Sprint Canoe and Kayak.

strapped Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 744  
In England, it is said, schools used the "cane"; in the U.S.A. it seems the "paddle" is still used and in the olden days it might have been the "hickory stick". Canadian custom seems to have been the use of the "strap". What was your experience and opinion of the "strap" at school? . This Group is NOT for the sale, exchange, etc. of straps. This Group is NOT for discussion by adults wanting to get strapped.

Bolger2 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 722  
A second group for pictures and discussion of Bolger Boats.

mouseboats Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 719  
Discussion about building and using the Mouse and Flying Mouse family of small craft originally designed by Gavin Atkin, which may be downloaded for free at ...

DinghyCruising Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 717  
D4's, Sabots, Nutshells, Wherries, Dories, Kayaks and Canoes... For those who want to build, use and cruise in tiny boats. Discussion of designs, accomodations, rigs, paddles, oars, ...

jwbuilders Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 680  
JWBuilders Welcome to the John Welsford builders forum. Ask questions, tell us about your project, or just listen in. John is usually around and there are a lot of other knowledgeable ...

Lower_Deck_Productions_Events Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 663  
Lower Deck Productions are the infamous promoters that have brought you the legendary parties such as "World Saturdays" @ The World, and the most exclusive boat parties on the Hudson, aboard the Paddle Wheel Queen.

DFWAdventures Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 651  
The Adventure Team Outdoor Sports Club offers exciting adventures and events almost every weekend and many weekdays of the year. Members choose the adventures they want to go on. The club is open to anyone over the age of 21. Monthly club meetings are free and open to all interested individuals. Check the Calendar for our local day trips and weekend trips being offered every weekend. Coming in the next few weeks we have rock climbing, hiking and paddling as well as many other adrenaline pumping ...

utahrafters Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 593  
Utahrafters is a community of river rats. The forum is intended to be a place where people may share river stories, laugh with each other, find trip partners, coordinate trips, share ...

adventureteam Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 592  
Adventure Team is a network of outdoor enthusiasts who research, organize and participate in dozens of outdoor excursions each year. Try new sports and get to know other area adventurers in a comfortable environment. We promote ALL kinds of adventure including adventure racing, Mountain biking, skydiving, kayak & Canoe, 4x4 Offroad adventures, camping, archery, GPS challenges, Hiking & Backpacking, orienteering and so much more. Please visit our main site at http://www.adventureteam.com

Bolger3 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 573  
Overflow for Bolger 1 and 2 boatbuilding groups

CDBA Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 562  
The California Dragon Boat Association is the largest dragon boat paddler organization in California and the host of the Northern California Dragon Boat Championships. This group is ...

Bagboater Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 550  
A Worldwide Group Devoted to Foldable Kayaks and Folding Boats Resource Links     Our Locations    Our Kayak Database Ralph Diaz's Folding Boat Reviews  Puffin Photos  ...

aboutseakayaking Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 524  
Edited 10-21-04 Ok, Trivia time for those of you who are fortunate to be able to enjoy paddling the California coastline. Have you seen this view of a particular great scenic location ...

microboats Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 503  
Due to recent spamming of groups, membership will have to be again approved. This is a place to discuss Microboat camping and cruising. The term “microboats” for this group ...

AtlantaWhitewater Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 502  
The Atlanta Whitewater Club (AWC) was founded by a dedicated group of Atlanta's kayakers and canoers to provide educational services and events that increase the enjoyment, safety and skills of paddlers at every level of the sport. This e-mail group was added to allow easy communication between members and friends on upcoming activities, last minute paddling plans and other topics of interest to the group. Off subject and occasional off color posts are allowed. For more information on the ...

PDXseakayaker Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 492  
This forum is for sea boaters in and around Portland, Oregon, to plan trips, discuss local events, conditions, etc. The current membership is focused on traditional sea kayaks, gear, ...

SwiftH2O-News Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 485  
Swiftwater/flood rescue information, networking, referral, public safety education, and news coverage. Please be judicious in using this site to communicate back and forth with very busy people. This group is open to anyone, particularly rescue personnel who are interested in exchanging information about flood disaster preparedness, swiftwater/flood rescue training, and public safety education. Be sure to check the LINKS and FILES pages for important information. This site is hosted by the ...

surfski Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 467  
Discussion and announcement group for surfski and ocean kayak paddlers.

paradoxbuilders Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 459  
A meeting place for the exchange of information relative to the building, owning, maintaining, and sailing of Matt Laydens 14 ft sharpie "PARADOX"

tolmanskiff Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 428  
Welcome to the Tolman Skiff Group. This is an email list for people interested in exchanging information and tips on building Renn Tolman's Alaskan Skiff. Because of Spam Abuse this ...

shootingsportssingles Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 425  
Shooting Sports Singles is a "singles only" dating on-line interactive club for shooters, hunters, bowhunters,archers, marksmen, Instructors, competitors, firearms collectors,dealers, and good people who love Wildlife, Sporting Arms, the "Great Outdoors," and other outdoorspeople who wish to meet other pro-hunting, pro shooting straight, unmarried singles for dates, travel, hunts, shoots, parties, camping trips,competitions, companionship and even marriage. Sorry No married folks or "committed ...

Bay_Area_Asian_Central Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 425  
Welcome to the new and improved Bay Area Asian Central group (aka BAAC)! First off, thanks for joining the cool and fun BAAC group! The goal of this group is to meet single, working, professional Asian people who share similar social interests. Overall, we are here to have fun and build a comraderie of new friends in the Bay Area. Most of us are so busy working during the week, making it difficult to meet new faces in the greater Bay area. With your participation in group outings and events, we ...

GclubDFW Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 419  
Gay Outdoor club (www.gayoutdoorclub.org) Rock climb, camping, backpacking, mountain climb, canoe, kayak, bike, mountain bike, touring bike, rafting, travel, hike, backpack, whitewater , scuba , ski, Interested in Gay friendly trips in the Texas-Southwest feel free to join and post to this list. Gay Outdoor club (www.gayoutdoorclub.org) Hiking, camping, backpacking, rock climbing, canoeing, mountain climbing, biking, roller blading, rafting, travel Gay Outdoor Club, network with others for trips ...

PaddlersConnection Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 400  
Welcome to the NECKRA Paddler's Connection New England Canoe and Kayak Racing Association - www.necanoe.org -

WoodenPowerboats Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 398  
A gathering of boaters who love wooden powerboats. Classic production models, homebuilt beauties, inboard, outboard, and electric powered. (Due to incessant attempts by spammers to ...

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Notices about NJ Dragon Boat Club hosted events posted here. This includes races, clinics and field trips. We host several events a year promoting dragon boating for the recreational ...

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DragonSports, USA is a Portland, Oregon-based year-around dragonboat club with over 1600 members. We offer open practices to members for a $30 lifetime membership fee and $25 quarterly ...

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This is for those interested in KSS Boat Building as developed by Derek Kelsall for the home builder.

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Bolger Boatbuilding overflow 4

dwforum Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 334  
This is the main Duckworks forum. All subjects even remotely related to Duckworks or boatbuilding are OK. Ask questions, make suggestions, meet your friends, or just hang out. You are ...

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Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, kayakers who share a passion for kayak touring.   A place to arrange kayaking trips and events.   Sue HenryPhoto: Mike S, John C DFW Paddlers ...

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Kelab OGKL adalah sebuah kelab berdaftar dengan No.Pendaftaran 1726/93 WP.Pada asal penubuhannya adalah gabungan daripada beberapa kumpulan para pendaki disekitar Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur .Mereka ini bergabung dan akhirnya menubuhkan sebuah kelab dikenali sebagai Kelab Orang Gunung Kuala Lumpur yang nama ringkasnya OGKL .e-group dibina untuk ahli-ahli kelab yang berminat didalam aktiviti lasak,mengembara,kembara,mendaki gunung,kayak,scuba diving,white water-rafting,skydiving,abseilling dan xtvt ...

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Outdoor Activities And Recreational Society 2001/2002 Hicom President : Mohd Nizam Enchek Vice : Aziliana Ying @ Kaying (Azie) Team Manager : Hiking : Yusmarul Hafis Khusni (Apek) Asst : Mohamad Widya Iskandar (Wud) Kayak : -RETIRED- Asst:Muhammad Salahuddin Che Nyan (Salah) Climbing : Noor Fadlee Muhd Hairi (Yon) Asst: Farah Hani Zainal Abidin Secretary : Rohana Abdul Wahid (Han) Treasurer : Diana Ahmad (Yan) General Committe: Quatermaster : Shikin Promotion Publicity : Sareeza Che Omar (Oja) ...

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Seattle Kayaker: A place to discuss and organize local white water kayaking. Members have three options on how they want to receive these messages: 1. Email - anytime someone posts a ...

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Last Edited 3JUN04~~~~~^^^^^Current pic is Class II+ at Franklinville. View is of how not to run a rapid in an Old Town 158, or how to surf like an expert ; your choice. Level was 1.35' ...

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This is the NRHH National Cyber-Communications Center. It is the world wide web home for the NRHH. It is administered by the NRHH National Office. New National Office Contact Info: NRHH National Office 310 Goodhue Hall Whitewater, WI 53190 262-472-5280 nrhhnationaloff@hotmail.com

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Communication for the Oregon Kayak and Canoe Club

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The SailDesign group is an open forum where members can discuss a wide range of topics dealing with sail design and sailmaking. Common threads include sail design software, cutting ...

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Sea Kayak Lakes Area Kayak Enthusiasts (SKLAKE) exists to share accounts of our experiences, support each other in improving our skills, share tips on trips and gear, and enjoy paddling! Weekly paddles are gatherings of paddlers who share an interest in sea kayaking and spending time together. Participants often paddle on Wednesday evenings from April through September on inland lakes and rivers in Oakland County, Michigan. The duration of the paddles varies from 1 to 2 1/2 hours. Keep in mind, ...

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The Outdoor Adventure Club was formed by and for families and individuals who share a common interest in outdoor activity, in particular, whitewater paddling. We are a nonprofit ...

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Bair Island Aquatic Center is a non-profit organization offering programs in sweep rowing, sculling, and paddling in the San Francisco Bay Area. These programs are open to both novice and experienced participants, with classes for novices offered periodically, and juniors clinics in the summer. Whether you are interested in learning a new sport, improving your skills, or racing competitively at local, national, and international events, BIAC is the place for rowing and paddling!

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txcanoekayakracing@egroups.com is an email distribution list server serving canoe & kayak racers, safari paddlers, Texas outrigger paddlers. Topics should be restricted to ...

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This is a group for exchanging FREE plans - not copyrighted - but FREE Boat Plans - any size, any design, and most importantly, FREE. All new users will be monitored - I am not ...

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He act's, sing's, kayak's, AND is full of wise cracks. A mixture of immense talent, athleticism, and humor.A natural competitor in all things. Come in, pull up a chair and grab a drink . Join us as we attempt to stay caught up on Ingo's current event's. Life's best medicine is laughter, may we all share a dose or two here!! Chat times are listed on the Calendar.

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Newsletter for subscribers to Free Boat Design from Around the Web

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This page provides a forum for discussions between members of the Paddle Trails Canoe Club, based in western Washington, U.S.A.

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Online information about USCA meetings and events. Online discussion group for issues relating to USCA policies, canoe and kayak competition, rules and regulations, committee initiatives and reporting.

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This group serves as a bulletin board for Eugene area kayakers to plan trips, meet new contacts and swap information about local RIVERS and CREEKS. It's purpose is to help YOU hook up ...

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Hallo semua anak-anak SLTPK, SMUK, dan guru-guru Yahya! Selamat datang di Sekolah Kristen Yahya milist di eGroups! Di sini kamu bisa chatting, bisa gaul, bisa tukeran info, nanya tentang pelajaran, ngasih saran, dll. Jadi tunggu apa lagi? Join deh, gratis lagi. Caranya gampang. Klik Subscribe terus klik Join. Jadi deh member di Sekolah Kristen Yahya milist. Dan aku gak bisa berhenti membayangkan! Membernya sekarang balik lagi kayak dulu, udah ada 80-an lebih membernya! Wow! Makasih banget bagi ...

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ONE FOR THE LADIES!!! This forum represents a women's only enclave within the PDXkayaker (Portland region, Oregon) whitewater kayaking community where we can have private discussions, ...

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Detta är en mailing-lista för paddlare i Göteborgsområdet som vill ha kompisar att paddla med. Skicka mejl till havskajak@yahoogroups.com. Beskriv när och var ni har ...

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This group is open to any one interested in kayaking, canoeing, rafting etc. Post a message, plan trips,talk about the latest gear. Get together with other paddlers in your area. We ...

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World Affairs Seminar (University of Wisconsin - Whitewater) Email Newsletter

lumberrivercanoeclub Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 227  
The Lumber River Canoe Club was created in 1982 so that canoers and kayakers could share their enjoyment of the Lumber River and other area rivers. We are located in southeastern North ...

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WELCOME! This is the Yahoo Group connected with website http://www.RichmondIndiana.com A Great Place to do Business! Ranked 13th in America's Small Cities! Nestled along the banks of the Whitewater River, Richmond is truly a place where yesterday's charm meets tomorrows vision. Settled as a Quaker community in the early 1800's, the City of Richmond is rich in history with over 200 years of heritage, providing visitors and residents alike with a hometown flavor and a charm seldom found in today's ...

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Communicate with other members of Baltimore's Canton Kayak Club. Plan outings, share experiences and photos, learn something new!

sevtalk Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 221  
This group is for the builders and fans of the Sevtec line of homebuilt hovercraft. It is intended for discussion of issues specific to the building and enjoyment of sevtec type ...

BENDpaddler Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 218  
This is an open forum for Central Oregon paddlers of all disciplines. I would like to encourage all of you to take an active part in developing a tight paddling community. This forum ...

ackc Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 217  
The Apalachee Canoe and Kayak Club is based in Tallahassee, Fl. We enjoy canoeing and kayaking the numerous local streams and embayments of North Florida and those of adjacent states. ...

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Collage of College Students on Computers via the internet - MPTC of WI in FonDuLac, WestBend, Allenton, HartFord, and BeaverDam · University of Wisconsin - Madison · Northern Illinois University · Michigan State University · Illinois Institute of Technology · Emory University · MSOE · University of Chicago · DePaul University · U.I.C. · UIC · GAC · NIU · UIC · NSYNC · UW · UWC · UWM ·Purdue · UW-Oshkosh ·-WhiteWater · UW-Platte · Lane Tech · University of Nebraska - · Students · Study Abroad · ...

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We are a loose-knit group of people who enjoying doing outdoor activities. This includes but is not limited to: Hiking, Biking, rollerblading, kayaking, white-water rafting, etc. Our demographics are mostly in the 20's-30's range, but we welcome all ages able to do the various events we plan. What we do and how often is determined by the individual members who have an idea and then want to organize something. We meet once a month at "the Green Rock" - 70 Hudson street in Hoboken, NJ (near corner ...

Paradoxboatbuilders Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 204  
This group was established for boat buiders that are in the process of building a Paradox or non-builders that are interested in learning how to build a Paradox mini-cruiser as designed ...

OspreyBay Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 200  
OspreyBay is a list to keep up to date with paddling trips and events. Feel free to discuss points of interest to those who enjoy paddlesports. Though many members are living in west central Florida, the inclusiveness is meant to be far reaching due to the nature of the sport. There are frequent trips that are set up all over Florida; from The Keys, Evergades, Ten Thousand Islands, Upper Withlacoochee to ... wherever your interest may be.

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Ortadogu Teknik Universitesi Dagcilik ve Kis Sporlari Kolu Kayak Grubu Listesi Middle East Technical University Mountaineering and Winter Sports Club Ski Section mailing list

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Hoşgeldiniz, Grubumuz tekne yapımına ve tamirine ilgi duyan amatörlerin ve amatör çalışmalara saygı duyan profesyonellerin yeni bir adresi dir. Hepimiz ...

paddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 185  
E-mail list for Paddling of all types (whitewater, sea, canoes, etc). Anything goes here, if you don't like chatty banter or off topic posts (such as in RBP) this is NOT the place for ...

boatbuilders Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 184  
LIVE WEBCAM NOW ONLINE!! Welcome to the Boat Builder's Club! We're all about...well, building boats. The topic is your success or failure at building your own boat. What worked? What ...

PikesPeakRiverRunners Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 181  
Pikes Peak River Runners is a whitewater club in the Southern Colorado region. We enjoy boating on western rivers and actively seek out day and multi-day river trips.

wisconsin_singles_spot Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 179  
Welcome to Wisconsin Singles Spot! If you want to meet single men and women from Wisconsin, you came to the right place! This is a meeting place for single people in / from Wisconsin who are looking for love, activity partners for events, or pen-pals, want to make friends online, or just want to have some fun together. All interests and lifestyles are welcome, as long as it is somehow connected with Wisconsin singles activities. Therefore you might find in this group christian singles, jewish ...

mdrocc Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 177  
Marina del Rey Outrigger Canoe Club. We are a friendly group of competitive outrigger canoe paddlers. Our main season lasts from March to September. During this time we compete in all ...

BadgerOwnerBuilders Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 177  
This group is to enable those who own, are building or want to build, are curious about, or are just plain fans of Jay Benford's Junk Rigged Sailing Dory, "Badger" (and her relatives), ...

ventanagls Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 176  
Members Needed for the Next GLS BOARD!If you love GLS and want to see it continue, please join the board. It's an easy way to give back to an organization that offers so much to the community. We always appreciate your help and support, whether it's for an hour or six months! Contact us if you'd like to help: glsoutings@yahoo.com COME TO OUR EVENTS! You do NOT have to be a member to participate. GLS ("Gay and Lesbian Sierrans") is an offical activity section for Ventana Chapter Sierra Club ...

shanghaidragonboats Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 176  
ShangLong, the Shanghai DragonBoat Club is a group of recreational paddlers promoting the traditional Chinese sport of DragonBoating in Shanghai.

worldaffairsparticipants Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 174  
This group is for educational use from the participants of the 27th Annual World Affairs Seminar 2003, held at UW-Whitewater.

riverjourney Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 174  
Take a canoe or set sail for a pleasant exploration of discovery on the river of your life's path. Hear stories that inspire, receive healing inspirations and glide into new passageways. Find guideposts to further your journey of happiness and fulfillment. An e-newsleter of faith, strength, hope, renewal, fun and joy. Articles, interviews, links, book reviews, poetry, prayers and occasionally a recipe or two! Come join the journey!

Opencanoes Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 174  
This is a group of open boaters based in UK. We are of all ages, and abilities, and from all walks of life, who wish to get out and paddle with friends and enjoy life. We have attracted ...

AdventureTeamAustin Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 174  
Austin Adventure Team organizes all kinds of activities each month, including trekking, mountain biking, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, horseback riding, camping trips, scuba diving, hang gliding, social get-togethers and snow spots. All skill levels are welcomed! Beginners can learn new skills with us in a comfortable environment. Our club is flexible enough to allow guests to try an activity or two before joining Adventure Team. We welcome you, and hope you enjoy our club enough to become a ...

sudosk Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 173  
Sabancı Üniversitesi Doğa Sporları Kulübü başta dağcılık olmak üzere kampçılık, mağaracılık, yamaç paraşütçülüğü,kaya tırmanıcılığı,scuba diving ve kayak gibi outdoors faaliyetleri yürütmek amacıyla kurulmuştur. Bu haberleşme grubu üzerinden yapılan her türlü yazışma doğayı ve doğa sporlarını seven herkese açıktır...

canoe_building Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 168  
Discussion for boat builders involved in the area of canoe building. Plywood, Wood strip and lapstrake builders of paddling and sailing canoes are welcome.

gkcf_guam Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 166  
Guam is home to many clubs and teams who paddle year-round in warm Pacific waters. The Guam Kayak and Canoe Federation has been established to support clubs and teams in these exciting ...

caska Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 165  
Chicago Area Sea Kayak Association

Canoes Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 165  
Celebrating the simple elegance of the design of the open canoe, its rich history in so many of the world's cultures, and the pure pleasure that those of us who share the passion derive ...

microtrawler Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 164  
Lets exchange ideas and tips on building Phil Bolger's Micro trawler

southeastpaddle Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 163  
This "group" is for whitewater paddlers in the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West ...

twodegreesnorth Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 161  
THIS IS Sea Kayaking in & around Singapore .. and some say Johor! This group was established to help paddlers share & connect ... so lets get on the water together & often! TAKE A LOOK ...

arungjeram_jakartabiz Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 161  
Milis ini diperuntukan bagi para penggemar dan pebisnis olahraga arung jeram. Posting dan diskusi diharapkan dapat dimanfaatkan sebagai tempat tukar-menukar informasi dan pengalaman ...

WhiteWaterHerbs Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 160  
WhiteWater Herbs School and Apothecary schedule of programs and events. Emails will be limited to no more than one or two per month. This is not a discussion list. Those who wish to join a discussion list on Herbal Medicine may do so by joining our free online class, FairHealers@yahoogroups.com, which follows an herb-a-week style format. Welcome to WhiteWater Herbs! We look forward to creating friendships with all gentle friends of the plants!

Native-Canoes Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 159  
WELCOME to NATIVE-CANOES: Message Board / Discussion Group relating to Native Canoe Journeys, and other Native Cultural activities and events of the Pacific Northwest. ------------------------- BE SURE TO WATCH: WORLD BROADCAST PREMIERE of Director Robert Lundahl's Documentary Film, "SONG ON THE WATER," on KCTS, Public Television, Seattle, November 13, at 11:00 p.m., Wednesday, November 17, at 4:00 a.m. (r) The story of the 2003 Journey to Tulalip. For more information: ...

ATHouston Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 159  
The HOUSTON Adventure Team Outdoor Sports Club is a 4 year old multi-activity outdoor adventure, sport and social group. We use a combination of experienced event coordinators and state of the art web technology to organize a wide variety of activities ranging from exciting outdoor adventures to fun social gatherings to stimulating cultural events. Members enjoy discounts on all trips and activities or, you can pay non-member rates for each trip individually. Monthly club meetings are free and ...

gatorbait Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 157  
Gator Bait Paddlers is an informal group of recreational paddle enthusiasts who get together for kayak/canoe trips and social gatherings. Most of our trips and outings will take place ...

bcwc-l Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 156  
The Bayou City Whitewater Club Houston, TexasBayou City (Houston, Tx) Whitewater Club mailing list Texas whitewater club for paddlers of kayaks, canoes and rafts Mailing Address: P.O. ...

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Assalamua'laikum Salam Sejahtera, Selamat Datang ke KembaraHutanGunung ! KembaraHutanGunung@yahoogroups.com atau KHG telah direka sebagai ruang diskusi yang sihat untuk aktivis kembara/outdoors. KHG adalah khas untuk aktivis outdoor diMalaysia seperti mendaki gunung, ekspedisi hutan rimba, jelajah pulau, trekking, kayak, rock-climbing, mountain-bike, adventure race dan apa saja aktiviti lasak. Anda boleh menceritakan pengalaman anda, berkongsi fikiran, mencari guide, promosi guide atau group ...

seakayaking Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 155  
It's been called, "Food For The Soul." It's quiet, it's wild, it's smooth, it's rough... it's sea kayaking all year round. Join today. Tell your stories. Share your pictures.

cincypaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 152  
This is a group of people who get together and kayak/canoe around the Greater Cincinnati Area when they feel like it.

wrrr Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 150  
Welcome to the Washington Recreational River Runners newsgroup. This newsgroup is open to all WRRR club members to organize trips and discuss river issues, gear & general BS. It is also ...

desert_paddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 150  
Desert Paddlers is a group of individuals in Arizona who enjoy paddle sports. The membership includes kayakers, canoeists, and rafters. The club meets at 7:00 p.m. on the last Wednesday ...

PDXrecreationalkayaker Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 149  
PDX Recreational Kayaker Homepage Welcome to the PDX Recreational Kayaker Group! Our Group is for Kayak Enthusiasts that enjoy paddling calm lakes and rivers with small rapids in the ...

MilwaukeeSeaKayak Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 149  
Picture: Leslie Jahnki entering beast (the Lake Express catamaran ferry) on a blustery November 7th paddle. Taken by Alan Friedman. Milwaukee Area Sea Kayak is a forum for the ...

auckland-canoe-club Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 148  
This list is for members of the Auckland Canoe Club. The Calendar will show this month's activities. There are also back issues of the Newsletters, as well as other resources. You will ...

CdBOttawa Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 148  
The Coureurs de Bois of Ottawa is a whitewater paddling club.

SouthBayDesis Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 146  
This is social group organized for single Indian professionals in or around the South Bay. Our activities so far have included hikes, dinner socials, movies, bowling, ski trips, whitewater rafting, and a camping trip. Feel free to initiate an activity of interest.

Paddlers4Christ Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 146  
If you love Jesus and also love whitewater paddling you will find some friends here who want to encourage and share. We are located in the Southeast USA. We are paddlers of all skill ...

scappoosebaypaddlingassociation Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 145  
Welcome to the Scappoose Bay Paddling Association website. This is where you can communicate with other SBPA members by e-mail to announce and discuss kayaking activities. We have also ...

floatfishermen Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 145  
The Float Fishermen of Virginia (FFV) is a statewide organization of canoeists, kayakers, rafters and other boaters which started in 1969. Together, we float the rivers, streams and waterways of Virginia and work to preserve and protect these important natural resources. This list is not to be used for commercial advertising or posting of non paddling or Fishing related information. Club membership is not required to join the list.

KaiElua Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 145  
Welcome to the email distribution list for Kai Elua Outrigger Canoe Club. Using this list ensures that you're contacting club members who want to receive email messages, and you're ...

IowaWhitewater Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 144  
Welcome to the Iowa Whitewater Coaliton. To reach our public Web site, see www.iowawhitewater.org -- on this site you can join our e-mail list, post pics, and look up files related to ...

Bare_paddle Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 144  
This is a place for Adults who love to float down a river naked. We think that it's more fun to canoe camp when it's done in remote locations where you can hang out uninhibited and with ...

tahoe_bustrips Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 143  
Join this group to get updates, make suggestions and participate in future Tahoe ski/snowboard bus trips. We organized two trips during the 02-03 winter season, but we are looking to do a lot more in coming seasons. We are also considering planning some whitewater rafting trips for the summer.

hkipc Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 143  
Message and discussion forum for Hong Kong's leading dragon boat and outrigger canoe club.

GTKayak Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 142  
This is the mailing group for the Sprint Canoe Kayak Club at Georgia Tech. Practice times, updates, meetings, and general discussions will be posted through this forum. Ty Hagler

dragonboat2000 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 141  
International Open Dragon Boat Discussion

PSPN Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 140  
Steve Walls prepping for another day at Deception Pass Welcome to the Puget Sound Paddlers Network. Based in Seattle, we are a community of ACTIVE YEAR ROUND sea kayakers seeking like ...

ddgg_duyuru Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 139  
ANKARA'nin en iyi DOGA sporlari GRUBU... Trekking, kaya tirmanisi, rafting, scuba diving, kayak, kampcilik vs. Ne ararsaniz var. Aktivitelerimiz tüm yil boyunca devam etmektedir. Amatör bir ruha sahibiz ve TICARI bir kaygimiz YOKTUR; Sadece dostluga ve paylasima önem veriyoruz. Dogada hep birlikte olmak dilegiyle...

Tolman_Skiff_Files Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 138  
This group is subsidiary to the original Tolman Skiff group. Messages should go into the original group. Pictures and files can go here. Featured picture is Bob and Bruce Lanham's ...

KilohanaOhana Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 138  
The Kilohana Paddling Family list server - non paddling related messages please.

Adventures_Outdoor Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 138  
Adventures Outdoor is a network for Gay Men in and around the Atlanta, GA area interested in outdoor activities such as.... CAMPING - HIKING - BACKPACKING - BIKING - PADDLING - ROCK CLIMBING - BOATING - AVIATION

monsoonwarriors Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 137  
The Arizona Monsoon Warriors is a group of White Water Kayak, Canoe and Rafters.

badragon2 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 137  
For people that are interested in Dragon Boat racing but not being members of the San Francisco Bay Area Dragons. In general, there are around 6 announcements per year.

sdb Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 133  
This mailing list will be used for communications within the club. To post a message to the list, send an email to sdb@yahoogroups.com To subscribe, send a message to ...

MtWashingtonValleyPaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 133  
We are a group of people that wish to promote the sport of paddling both flat water and white water. We are based in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

HKOutrigger Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 132  
Hong Kong Outrigger is based in Deep Water Bay, Hong Kong, and was formed in January 2002. This discussion group has been created to provide information to members on race and training ...

norcalyakfishers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 131  
Welcome to the NorCal Yak Fishers Group! We're dedicated to bringing Northern Californian Kayak Fishermen together in an easy to use forum to exchange ideas, offer tips and most of all ...

FTLOUTRIGGER Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 131  
Vision: to introduce the ancient Polynesian tradition of outrigger canoe paddling in Southern Florida. Our Mission To promote: Hawaiian Outrigger canoeing racing. Six man style (OC6) ...

BirminghamCanoeClub Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 131  
Birmingham Canoe Club, Inc.

tvcc Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 130  
This mailing list will be used to quickly communicate among Tennessee Valley Canoe Club (TVCC) and University of Tennessee - Chattanooga (UTC) Hiking/Paddling Club members. Chatty ...

lanakilaoutrigger Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 130  
Lanakila Outrigger Canoe Club is an racing outrigger canoe club in Redondo Beach, California. Lanakila is a member of KOA and IPCF and races internationally. This email alert is for ...

Wavechaser Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 130  
Wavechaser Paddle Series is a Paddling series here in California. This group is to get the latest word out regarding upcoming races. Also work out shuttles for races and trailers going ...

The_Many_Shades_of_GREEN Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 130  
*~*~*We love Seth Green*~*~* We first noticed him as "Scott Evil", in Austin Powers,International Man Of Mystery! His newest movie is "Without A Paddle"!! Gotta see this one!! Seth TOTALLY ROCKS!!! Welcome Io Shades Of G Freen!!

KilohanaPaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 129  
Kilohana Outrigger Canoe Club, founded in 1987 has two practice locations. Redwood City and Quarry Lakes in Fremont, California. We promote Hawaiian Outrigger paddling through ...

kayakanglers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 127  
Kayak anglers @ egroups.com is an email list and notice board for kayak fishermen and women who want notification of upcoming trips, workshops, and events, and is also a bulletin board ...

BLAZINGPADDLES Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 126  
Blazing Paddlers is a group dedicated to kayaking Southern Florida waters and beyond. Membership is free there are no officers or dues. The club meets the first Thursday of each month, see the club news letter for time and place. The purpose of the club is to introduce paddlers to other paddlers who share the same interests such as day paddles, camping trips in and out of Florida, and form lasting friendships. To draw from the experience and knowledge of others to become a more proficient ...

TRRmail-list Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 125  
A list for the members of Triad River Runners

DirtyshirtAdventures Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 125  
CLIMB PADDLE EXPLORE Dirtyshirt Adventures is an outdoor activity social club coordinating trips and instruction rock climbing, paddling and hiking. Typically the participant is responsible for transportation and equipment unless otherwise noted.   Safety is always the highest priority and all proper safety equipment must be utilized in activities. Every participant can expect an adventurous, challenging and personally rewarding experience. For more information or questions contact website: ...

Canuding_Ontario Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 125  
This group is for paddlers, either kayak or canoe, who enjoy the lakes and streams of Ontario. This group is also for those of us who enjoy the clothing-optional choice while outdoors. ...

cajuncyclists Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 124  
The Cajun Cyclists are a group of enthusiasts whose main goal is to promote the sport of bicycling in South Louisiana. The organization's backbone is comprised of a group of dedicated volunteers who spend countless hours to make our goal a reality. Their efforts include leading rides, bicycle advocacy, event organization, website/newsletter maintenance, club finances, and of course logging many miles throughout the year. The Cajun Cyclists Bicycle Club is a dues-free organization and its ...

Austin-Environmental-Social Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 123  
This is a social group for environmentally conscious folks in the Austin, Texas, area. We like to see movies, dine out, go dancing, play board games, go on day trips, paint ceramics, go to wine tastings, and generally have fun. We also like to hike, camp, swim, canoe, and kayak. You can be single or not, looking or not. We do care about our environment and a lot of us are members of the Austin Sierra Club! New members, please note: Due to incessant spamming, we now moderate messages posted by ...

scaaccess Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 121  
The scaaccess list links together paddlers in Scotland. It will promote a response and dialogue over access. We will use it to share information, examine issues and hear what paddlers ...

ratherbekayakingclub Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 121  
The Rather Be Kayaking Club of the Treasure Coast was started in March of 2002. The purpose of forming the kayaking club was to get fellow paddlers together to explore new waterways in ...

lpbcpaddling Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 121  
This group is for use of Paddling Members of Lincoln Park Boat Club. This group can be used to communicate with your fellow club members. Use it to find people to kayak with, find out about meetings, races and gatherings, and anything else appropriate to the group. If you have questions about the group, send a message to your paddling director at paddling@lpbc.net

SPOKANEKayaker Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 121  
This yahoogroup is intended to be a means by which kayakers in the Spokane, Washington/Northern Idaho area can plan trips, meet other boaters, post pictures, meet drinking buddies, etc. ...

trailsclubofstlouis Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 120  
Trails Club of St. Louis: A St. Louis-Based Hiking, Biking, Paddling and Outdoors Club. The Trails Club of St. Louis is an outdoors group of like-minded members who love to hike, bike, paddle, camp and explore the outdoors in and around the St. Louis region. Photo of the Day: Trails Club members enjoying the scenic view from the ovelook on Buford Mtn.

teamlard Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 120  
The Los Angeles Racing Dragons is a competitive Dragon Boat racing team located in the Los Angeles Area. We compete in all the major California tournaments, and Canada, in our ...

gmaboatbuilders Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 120  
A discussion group for people using and building boats to the designs of Gavin Atkin. The design of the dory pictured here is currently available as a rowing-only option via ...

NewYorkOutrigger Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 120  
New York Outrigger is Manhattan Island's first community outrigger canoe club following the proud traditions of Hawaii. We are volunteer-driven, non-profit educational organization ...

CWWA Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 119  
The Colorado White Water Association CWWA is an all-volunteer organization that promotes the sport of whitewater paddling in the Rocky Mountain Region. We introduce new paddlers to ...

Messabout Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 118  
This is a group where people can post dates to messabouts in their areas. Please post pics of the events that you attended. Due to spammers, I'm forced to turn this group into a ...

BackyardBoatbuilding3 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 118  
Backyard Boatbuilding 3 Backyard Boatbuilding 3 is for documenting your building or repairing a boat by the use of pictures and narrative. This is a restricted service group, but once ...

ecpaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 116  
Northwest Florida Canoe and kayak club with monthly outings

ECORA Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 116  
East Coast Outrigger Paddling Association. Founded in 1995 Consist of approximately 25 outrigger clubs from Maine to Florida President - Debbie Hall- Kent Island Outrigger VP - Jack ...

APE_Trips Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 116  
The Appalachian Paddling Enthusiasts is a whitewater paddling club located in the northeastern portion of Tennessee. This group restricts membership to keep out spammers. When you apply ...

uwwcru Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 115  
We are a Christian Group at the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater that is focused on introducing students to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, helping them grow in that relationship, and giving them a place for fellowship.

RMGO Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 114  
This group is for GLBT (Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgendered) folk, nature lovers and the ecologically minded in the Rocky Mountain Front Range area. Anyone who lives in or may be visiting the Denver/Boulder area of this beautiful state of Colorado is welcome to join us. We are a group of outdoor enthusiasts who love to hike, bike, camp, ski, snowshoe, canoe, kayak, backpack, climb, mountain bike, and/or just to enjoy the outdoors in an atmosphere of friendship. Join us soon! You are ...

chinaraces Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 113  
This group provides information on the Chinese Dragon Boat Association's 2004 Dragon Boat University Games. The expected US entries will be representatives from Harvard, University of ...

ceyananews Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 113  
News, Dates, and other Information for Ceyana Canoe Club Members

erwwkc Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 112  
This is an e-group dedicated to members of the East Race Whitewater Kayak Club. This e-group is for communication between the members of the club. Please no spam. Commercial activity is ...

crankracing Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 112  
Crank Racing is a regional source for mountain bike racing information and support. Based just north of Boston, MA, we'll help schedule group rides, race clinics, local "practice" races and help to network information between experienced and new racers. In the future Crank Racing will also enable members to receive discounts with local shops and offer team discounts from select sponsors. If that's not enough, let us know... Crank Racing is here for you. We're also into trail running, cyclocross, ...

stlouiscanoekayakclub Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 111  
St Louis Canoe & Kayak Club The club is mostly touring rivers and small and large local lakes in MO and IL. There are some accomplished paddlers and some newbies. It is a small but ...

binorthmiboys Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 111  
This group is for north and central michigan bi and gay boys. If you live north of M42 and south of the Big Mac join. Hope to set up camping trips, canoe outings and more. Post any sugestions. Pictures may be posted but must be approved by moderator. Lets have fun and meet new friends that live in gods country.

SchuylkillDragons Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 111  
The Schuylkill Dragons is a women’s dragon boat team whose members are committed to supporting each other in building healthy bodies and spirits, promoting team spirit and a ...

RICKA_WW Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 111  
To contact people in Rhode Island about upcoming whitewater and surf opportunities. Lets keep it WW/Surf related, No spam or off topic post please.

ADK-GVC-WW Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 111  
This group is for members of the Genesee Valley Chapter of the Adirondack Mountain Club who are interested in canoeing and kayaking. Announcements and our trip schedule will be posted.

SFSWOA Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 110  
Secret Florida Society of Wild Outdoor Adventurers. Like the name says, it's a secret. Many will apply, few will be chosen. Maybe you can become a member of our exclusive group of young professionals. Click on calendar to view current outings (members only, a Yahoo rule). What did you do last weekend? Did you camp, hike, backpack, kayak, canoe, bike , climb, snorkel, dive, or enjoy nature? Now's the time to get off the couch, turn off the tube, get out and see what Florida really has to offer.

Chickamauga-Confederacy Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 110  
One of the most significant and least understood portion of American Indian History... ..."Lost" Cherokee, Shawnee, Chickasaw, Creek, Yamasee, Yuchi, Meherrin, Delaware/Lenape please take note... The Chickamauga Confederacy came very close to foiling the American Revolution, and most the descendants of its tribes, bands, and families have been in hiding ever since, in Missouri, Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, the Carolinas, and elsewhere. "...A common cause of ethnic survival fostered a intertribal ...

ImuaTeam Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 109  
The Imua list is an online group for Imua Outrigger Canoe Club members and used to communicate all-team messages, primarily from the Imua board and coaching staff. The purpose of ...

strathcanoe Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 108  
Strathclyde University Canoe Club mailing list

amazon_dragons Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 108  
Amazon Dragons Paddling Club - Women's Out and Proud Lesbian Dragonboating Club in Portland Oregon.

NH_Kayak_Skills Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 106  
Welcome to NH Kayak Skills. This list-server was created in April, 2000 to facilitate communication among paddlers form various clubs around Southern NH. Sea kayaking is the main focus, ...

CDBC Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 106  
Calgary's first and finest dragon boat club! Celebrating ten years of fun, friends and a commitment to excellence!

metalboats Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 105  
A forum for the discussion of boats made of traditionally framed steel and aluminum, with a focus on cruising yachts, but an interest in any type of boat using the material. Ever heard ...

ssppp Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 104  
The Scottish Society for Piss Poor Paddlers. A parochial Scottish paddling group. Although consisting mainly of members of Edinburgh Kayak Club, the group welcomes anyone with an ...

PaddleDC Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 104  
Formed in 1992, the National Capital Area Women's Paddling Association (NCAWPA) is a not-for profit organization dedicated to the promotion of paddle sports, particularly among women. ...

LCRWT Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 104  
This forum is to facilitate discussion of the Lower Columbia River Water Trail--a water trail on the free-flowing Lower Columbia River from Bonneville Dam to the Pacific Ocean on which ...

midmn-kayak Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 103  
We are a group of touring kayakers from central Minnesota. Our group meets to discuss kayaking and go on short tours. We may even take a few longer journeys on Superior or in the ...

cylevents03 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 103  
This email list is for current, active 2003 CYL Dragon Boat members, for organising and chatting about CYLDB social events, and for chatting about race events such as car pooling to ...

canoetrip2003 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 103  
Welcome to the Russian River Canoe Trip 2003 Site. Please sign up, get on the list and join up for a great weekend of Canoeing, June 7 & 8

SierraSeaKayakers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 103  
Sierra Sea Kayakers is a sea kayak club based in the Sacramento Metropolitan Area. Our members range from the modest beginner to the advanced paddler. Most paddles are within 1 to 1-1/2 ...

McGill_Wildmed Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 103  
Join McGill's Wilderness Medical Society as they climb, trek, canoe, ride, jump, dive, eat, and have a generally good time in the wild outdoors. While you're at it you just might learn a thing or two!

EMU_Paddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 103  
Eastern Michigan University Paddling Association meets weekly, Tuesday evenings at the Jones Pool on the campus for kayak instruction. Public invited.

sman_3_jkt_90 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 102  
Yang ngerasa pernah jadi warga sekolah beken ini, khususnya angkatan 90 (1987-1990), baik yang dari A1, A2, A3, A4 sampe A0 sekali pun, ... AYO ANGKAT JARI DAN GABUNG! Kita terusin semangat ngerumpi dan ngegosip di kantin dulu melalui milis ini. Ngomongin soal masa-masa indah di Setiabudi dulu ... boleh! Atau ngebicarain situasi politik-ekonomi yang makin kayak benang kusut sekarang ini ... silakan aja! Or mo nawarin lowongan kerja en kerjasama bisnis ... monggo! Apa pun ... BEBAS! (asal jangan ...

Lewisboats Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 102  
Support group for people building boats designed by Steve Lewis. For the exchange of info on building techniques, modifications, what works and what doesn't, new tricks for old ...

CRUSEREALTY Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 102  
CRUSE REALTY 545 East Milwaukee Street Whitewater,Wisconsin 53190 Phone Number 1 - 262 - 473 - 2445

CDBA-Local-Teams Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 102  
The California Dragon Boat Association is the largest dragon boat paddler organization in California and the host of the Northern California Dragon Boat Championships(NCIDBC). This ...

wmcboaters Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 101  
The Wasatch Mountain Club is a volunteer organization dedicated to the physical and spiritual well being of its members by outdoor activities. This web site is for the boating division ...

blackriverpaddler Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 101  
This is a message board for canoers, kayakers, and other outdoor river enthusiast about news on the Black River in NC, its tributaries, Six Runs Creek, Great Coharie Creek, and Little ...

LowerColumbiaCanoeClub Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 101  
The Lower Columbia Canoe Club is dedicated to the advancement of flatwater and white water canoeing and kayaking. This is our old Yahoo!Group. It is inactive, but archived. Our new ...

pscpaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 100  
Prairie State Canoeists is a group of enthusiasts based out of Illinois with roughly 1000 members and their families. We organize around 100 river trips a year for the most part but not ...

usdbfPADDLERS Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 97   
United States paddler search. Members based within the United States. Looking for a team to race with? Need a few more paddlers to fill a race roster? Post here! Please post the area ...

privateboaterscoalition Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 97   
Private Boaters are being reviewed for permitting on the Arkansas River in Colorado.  The Private Boaters Coalition (www.privateboaters.org) was formed to educate private boaters ...

DenizensoftheDeep Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 97   
The world's oceans hide the greatest artifacts of the 19th and 20th centuries. From paddle steamers to battleships to the great Atlantic liners, they all rest serine on the ocean floor waiting to be photographed, and have their stories told again. This group is dedicated to those men and women who lost thier lives out there on the waves, and to those men and women who re-discover their ships out there beneath the deep blue sea. NO SPAM OR COMMERCIAL ADVERTISING TOLERATED!!! ...

NDKOWNERS Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 96   
Welcome to the Nigel Dennis Kayaks(NDK)Owners Group. An informal forum for loyal owners, users, and abusers of NDK Sea Kayaks. The forum is open to discussions regarding the use, abuse, ...

CoastalCarolinaKayakers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 96   
Dedicated to paddlers that enjoy paddling in the Eastern half of the Carolinas. Special emphasis on Coastal NC but those with knowledge of other areas are encouraged to post information ...

youngadultgroup Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 95   
The Young Adult Group was originally begun as a way for old Gathering-goers to continue attending the Gathering, but with a focus on the issues 18-30-year-olds face. We have grown since then, with goals to provide year-round fellowship for Christians in our age group -- including canoe trips, service work at camps, and attendance at Bass Lake. We have noted how, because marriage occurs later and later in life, the Church doesn't seem to have a place for our age group, particularly those who are ...

oughtred Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 95   
Discussion of Scottish designer Iain Oughtred's boats

potomacwhitewater2004 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 94   
This group was created for and by the students of potomac paddlesports 2004 whitewater kayaking classe as a place to get together, share stories and photos, and arrange car pools and ...

nwseakayakers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 94   
A group for sea kayakers, or those interested in flat water kayaking around Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. All skill levels are welcome. Discuss kayaking and kayaks, plan events, ...

bculg Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 94   
The BCU Lifeguards are a specialist committee of the British Canoe Union who are responsible for the management and administration of canoe based lifeguarding. This is our email group.

SoCalKayaking Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 94   
Southern California Kayaking.

SacSierraGrp Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 94   
This is an activities bulletin board for Sierra Club members and friends in the Greater Sacramento Area. Key Words: hiking, biking dancing, dining, movies, concerts, camping, backpacking, sierra, singles, music, dinner, mother, lode, kayake, canoe, swiming, diving, environment, trees, flowers, air, conservation, water, single

rumblefriends Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 92   
For people who have participated in the Great River Rumble Canoe Trip.

lightdispcruisers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 92   
A forum for the discussion of light displacement yachts that have been designed for bluewater cruising (not just racing), and provide a viable alternative to older, heavier designs. We ...

SpokaneCanoeandKayakClub Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 92   
A Club dedicated to the safe enjoyment of natural waterways.

FalseCreekPaddlersandFriends Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 92   
Post your paddling news, for dragon boat, outrigger canoe, flatwater and seakayak races, fundraisers, and social events. Promote your business, list items to buy or sell, or just chat ...

uppsala_paddlarklubb Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 91   
Välkommen till UPK:s epost-lista. Den är tänkt som ett forum för allehanda aktiviteter och diskussioner som rör paddling i största allmänhet. Man kan enkelt tala om ...

ibuski Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 91   
Herkese Merhaba; Okulumuzda iki senedir aktif olarak faaliyet gösteren Kayak? Kulübümüz hem kaymayı bilen hem de öğrenmek isteyen herkese hizmet vermektedir. PEKİ NELER YAPIYORUZ!? Periyodik olarak düzenlenen turlarda kulüp ortamında her türlü yardımlaşmayı sağlayarak güzel arkadaşlıklar kuruyoruz. Düzenlenen turlar kulüp üyelerine özel indirimler sağlıyor. Türkiye Üniversitelerarası Kayak ve Snowboard Şampiyonaları için sponsorlar desteğiyle takım seçmeleri yapılıyor, antrenör gözetiminde ...

chicagokayak Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 91   
This is the yahoo group for the Chicago Kayak Club. We offer classes, trips, social events and more! This list is for communicating, trip planning, and exchanging information pertaining ...

USDBF Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 91   
The governing body for the sport of dragon boat racing in the United States and member of the International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF)which is the governing body of dragon boat ...

tokyooutdoor Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 90   
We are an international outdoor special interest group based in Tokyo and the nearby Prefectures. We do outdoor sports and adventures such as hiking, camping, canyoning, whitewater rafting, shower climbing, downhill mountain biking, paragliding, cliff jumping, bungee jumping, skiing, snowboarding, marine sports, etc. outside Tokyo once a month. We have formed this group because we think this is one of many good ways to meet new cool and fun people. Come and enjoy the nature with us. Membership ...

p_p_w_c Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 90   
The intent of this club is to build an enthusiastic goup of paddlers, who want to get together on weekends/weekdays, to explore Colorado's rivers and beyond. With a wide range of talent ...

CSSC Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 88   
An arena for instructors to interact

rivercitypaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 87   
river city paddlers is a group designed to be an easy way for sacramento area paddlers who enjoy racing to communicate with each other and miss less races. key words: River City ...

bu_karsporlari Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 87   
Boğaziçi Üniversitesi Snowboard ve Kayak sporcularının haberleşme grubu

bbath Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 87   
This group is for dragon boat team members (both, ex- and current) as well good friends of Concordia Bubble Bath Dragons.

seattle-outrigger Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 86   
This is a discussion/announcement forum for the members of the Seattle Outrigger Canoe Club!

cazpc Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 86   
Formed in 1987, the CAPC has been involved in a wide variety of activities including: - boating safety workshops - fund raising raffles - water safety support for local competitions - ...

Bolger_Rants Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 86   
Bolger Rants and Raves, including: - amateur copyright theory - Bolger's website or catalog - Phil's personal life - guns and boats - epoxy vs. polyester

resicastaffalumni Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 85   
This group is for current and former members of Resica Falls Scout Reservation Staff. Staff members from ALL RFSR camp operations are welcome to join. These include staff from: Great Bend Camp, Big Springs Camp, Camp Firestone, Fawn Run Camp, and Boot and Paddle. Consider this a GREAT way to keep in touch with your old staff friends. This club is NOT operated by Cradle of Liberty Council or ANY B.S.A, professional staff. Views expressed in this forum are the views of the AUTHORS of the ...

free_boat_plans_II Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 85   
This is storage site for FREE plans - not copyrighted - but FREE Boat Plans - any size, any design, and most importantly, FREE. This is a companion to the Free Boat Plans group. This is ...

WhitewaterHighSchool Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 85   
Whitewater High School Welcome To Our Whitewater High School Club!!!!!! I Hope You All Will Enjoy Our Club Very Much!!!!!! I Hope You All Will Come Back To Our Web Site Many Times!!!!!!! Anon1942(Edie Malone Cain)

MSKC Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 85   
Our group is dedicated to fun and safe water adventures. You don't have to have a kayak to join, canoes etc. are acceptable (often we don't even paddle in the sea)! Benefits include pot-luck dinners, organized classes, and no dues. We communicate primarily by email and dinner parties.

troop157 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 84   
The Herndon United Methodist Church has chartered Troop 157 from the Boy Scouts of America. Since 1934, Troop 157 has been serving the youth of the Herndon community. Together with our brother organization, Cub Scout Pack 157, boys from six to eighteen enjoy the lessons of scouting through an increasingly demanding program of adventure and challenge. MEETINGS Troop 157 meetings are held on Tuesday nights from 7:30pm to 9:00pm at the Herndon United Methodist Church, directly across from Herndon ...

itu_winter Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 84   
Kayak ve Snowboard

inflatable_kayaking Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 84   
General discussion regarding inflatable kayaking and canoeing.

Paopao_Outrigger Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 84   
Paopao Outrigger Canoe Club, a member of KOA (Kalifornia Outrigger Association), is located in the harbor at Oceanside, CA about 30 miles north of San Diego. We paddle competitively and ...

troop354 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 83   
Troop 354 in Houston, Texas, has an active outdoor program including high adventure whitewater kayaking and backpacking and engages in numerous service projects.

potomacwhitewater Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 83   
This group was created for the 2003 members of Potomac Paddlesports Whitewater class and our friends that we have met on the water.

kahakai Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 83   
Kahakai Outrigger Canoe Club is in Long Beach, California and races with KOA in Southern California.

bostonkayakpolo Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 83   
Canoe or Kayak Polo is a team game played in kayaks with a water polo ball in a swimming pool or lake. A team consists of 5 to 8 players. However only 5 players are allowed on the court ...

WhitewaterWisconsinRotaryClub Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 83   
Whitewater,Wisconsin Rotary Club

bnskiclub Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 82   
FUN FOR ALL SEASONS What is the B-N Ski Club? Active people doing things together. Our purpose is to enjoy life by participating in active outdoor adventures and getting together with friends. We have been a part of this community for more than twenty-five years. In that time we have learned how to organize a variety of trips and adventures throughout the seasons. We also get together for frequent social gatherings and activities. Currently we have over 400 members in more than 270 households. ...

BENDkayaker Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 82   
This is a shameless ripoff of PDXkayaker for Central Oregonians (or boaters wanting to come over to the dry side). Trips, tips, and local Pint Nights are the order. All boaters are ...

AlderCreek Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 82   
Alder Creek Kayak Canoe customer's forum. Instruction opportunities, sales items, and information in a commercial arena. Please refer to the 'FILES' section of this site for information pertaining to EDUCATIONAL (EDU) opportunities. The assessment sheets and award requirement sheets are for you to use in determining the proper courses for you. The forum is monitored by the coaching staff at Alder Creek, including the part time, adjunct staff, to help arrange for the proper EDU for you. Forum ...

jgbuilders Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 81   
This is a forum for builders and admirers of Jeff Gilbert's designs. Jeff will drop in from time to time to answer questions and give encouragement. In the mean time ask questions, give ...

Nortrem Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 81   
Grupo de Aventura de Baja California, México, que gustan de los deportes al aire libre como Montañismo, Escalada en Roca, Cañonismo, Senderismo, Campismo, Ciclismo de Montaña y Ruta, Kayak de Mar, Trote en Vereda, y todo lo relacionado a la práctica de los Deportes de Aventura.

Ironbound-Adventure Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 81   
About the Race The Ironbound Adventure Race is a multi discipline sporting event that will take place on a weekend in June and September 2003. Teams will mountain bike, trek, canoe and orienteer their way across the Nova Scotia countryside. The event will require teams to navigate 50-75 kms of trail, logging road, bush and waterways. The event will be continuous format and teams must pass through predetermined checkpoints from start to finish in a 12-24 hour time limit. Teams are of mixed ...

okalani Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 80   
O Kalani Outrigger Canoe Club is a member of the Northern California Outrigger Canoe Association. The NCOCA is a member of the International Va'a Federation and the Pacific Islanders ...

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Knoxville Area Singles Outdoor Events started as a list serv for outdoor enthusiasts from various Knoxville churches/faith communities. Our aim as a yahoo group is to provide a "calendar of events" for singles wishing to hike/canoe/bike/raft/camp in the company of fellow singles. Please see the Links page for other hiking groups in the area.

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Victoria Lake Canoe Club - were great canoeists meet

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ROWERS CLUB PHILIPPINES SEA DRAGON INC. The Rowers Club Philippines (RCP), originally called ‘Rowers Team’, was formed by Mr. Rommuel Celestino and Mr. Christian Jeoffrey Mariano on July 11, 1997 at Manila Bay dock site, behind of Philippine Navy Headquarters. It was formally recognized as an amateur dragon boat team by the Amateur Rowing Association of the Philippines (ARAP) last August 1, 1997. Last year, RCP underwent a transition period that necessitated a major reorganization of the group's ...

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Olean area hiking group welcomes those interested in exploring WNY's and PA's beautiful hills and waterways. Activities enjoyed include, but are not limited to: hiking, cross-country skiing, canoeing, kayaking, camping, biking, snowshoeing, and birding. Mission: To join others who have a love respect for nature, and share our favorite outdoor locations. We will strive to leave places in the condition that we find them. Members who join this yahoogroup will receive posts from other members and ...

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Cape Cod Paddling is for canoes and kayaks with directions to put-ins, weather and trip reports.

AMAZON_ADVENTURERS Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 78   
The Amazon Adventurers were founded in January, 1999 and in February the adventures began with a very windy day hike at "The Pinnacles" in Berea! Since then we have tried to hold a trip, big or small, every month! We've hiked at Raven Run, a local nature preserve, and we've explored the depths of Mammoth Cave! Some of us even hope to canoe to the Arctic Circle in August... The Amazons are open to *all* women - young and old, short or tall, thick or thin - and we do not discriminate based upon ...

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Mailing list for the dragon boat community in singapore.

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The Never Enough Water Kayak / Paddlers club is based in Fresno in the Central San Joaquin Valley of California. The Never Enough Water Kayak Club was established as a means for local ...

pdba Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 76   
Western USA regional dragon boat organization

CACK02 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 76   
CACK is a network of sea kayakers of all ages, abilities, and interests who seek to have fun while exploring the Chesapeake Bay area and beyond, promoting safety and environmental ...

Amateurboatbuilders Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 76   
Boats built in garages, patios, living rooms, and outdoors by first-time builders and rigged for sailing, rowing, and motoring.

epkayak Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 75   
EPKayak is dedicated to canoe and surfski paddling in the Eastern Province of South Africa

cdbc_crew Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 75   
Calgary Dragonboat Club (CDBC- Crew Yahoo)had it's early beginnings in 1992, with a small group of friends who thought it's be fun to enter Calgary's first ever Dragonboat races. Since ...

Hui_O_Hawaii Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 74   
HUI O HAWAII of Sacramento is a non-profit Hawaiian cultural organization promoting traditional arts, craft, dance and sports, with an emphasis on Hula and Outrigger Canoe Racing.

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Albert's Most Excellent Catalina Adventure! AMECA2002 April 26-29th, 2002 Friday-Monday I have reserved many camp sites including the group site on Two Harbors Catalina. You can also ...

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Aloha California Paddlers, Those attending the Hilo World Sprints, August 9 - 15, 2004 should check here for information and email for all of California. We will be attending under Pacific Outrigger Canoe Association (POCA) and therefore, must work together in setting crews and representing California. E Komo Mai, Linda Dresbach NCOCA Race Secretary

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Scott's Boat Pages is a free newsletter of articles and information for sailors, paddlers, boatbuilders, and adventurers who love the water. Scott B. Williams is the author of Exploring Coastal Mississippi: A Guide to the Marine Waters and Islands, and From Black Creek to the Bitter End: A Sea Kayak Journey to the Caribbean, as well as numerous magazine articles on sea kayaking and exploring.

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WELCOME to NW CANOES ~ NEWS and INFO relating to NATIVE CANOE JOURNEY Events and activities of the Pacific Northwest. SHARE your Stories, News, and Photos. ------------------------- BE ...

weccc Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 72   
A local club with members interested in paddling canoes and/or kayaks on local and distant flatwater and whitewater. The club also uses their 34 foot Montreal Canoe for a variety of ...

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The purpose of this message board is for women to connect with other women for safe kayaking and other outdoor trips. Please feel free to post. Each person is responsible for her own ...

hoehoro Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 72   
The Hoe Horo Series of races for OC1 and OC2 outrigger canoes run by the Bay Outrigger Club in Sydney, Australia. This group is for information to all those interested in the running ...

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Ini Egroups buat anak anak millenium indo di edmonds, jadi kaloe ada apa apa, kayak usul saran gossip kirim aja ke e-mail ini, oke. ~ awe ~

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Adventurequest Unlimited is a member run outdoor adventure club in Annapolis, MD. Our activities include hiking, biking, kayaking, rock climbing, horseback riding, snow tubing, cave exploring, whitewater rafting, and any other activity we feel like doing! Members can post a message about a trip they would like to take and see who else might be interested in going with them. Anyone can join. There are no dues or membership fees. WARNING: This is an un-moderated site. Anyone can post anything they ...

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Milis buat patra 2000 doang, sering2lah mengirim atau mengecek email anda biar tau ada perkembangan apa di patra 2000 kayak kulap ataw yang laennya OK...sarana komunikasi kita......untuk kita buat kita (sama ya) hehehe

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U.S. Kayak Polo Nationals June 2005 University of NH, Durham, NH Subscribe to kayakpolonationals

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Milisnya Anak SMA Negeri 2 Tangerang.. Tau' SMAN 2 gaak?? Itu loh.. yang di pinggir kali (tempat ngejeburin anak yang lagi ulang tahun).. di deket pasar (tempat beli telor buat nimpahin anak yang juga ulang tahun).. di deket rel kereta (tempat ngiket anak yang ulang tahun... biar dilindes kereta.. Ooops!!! X) Hehe.. So pasti jaman sekolah di sini penuh kenangan manis... (pait juga kali yeee.. kayak yang ngalamin dijeburin ke kali itu lho.. hihi.. X).. Dengan mailing list ini, kita bisa coba ...

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Hello fellow paddlers, Several years of kayaking have introduced me to dozens of truly great people and some great paddlers. We all have different priorities in life, but we have one ...

kguppies Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 70   
Welcome to the Killer Guppies Group forum. We are a dragon boat team base in Los Angeles. For more information check out www.killerguppies.org. This particular Group forum will be used ...

kayakfans Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 70   
e-Group for Kayak-fans in Holland and worldwide!

OZcanoepolo-CSA Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 70   
South Australian Canoe Polo Mailing List

Great_Lakes_Boat_Builders Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 70   
  This group is dedicated to boat builders of the Great Lakes. Come and share your building experences. We are here for boat building so Spamer's need not join.

buffalo_paddling Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 69   
This group is intended to allow members to discuss their boats and other equipment, places they have paddled, places they would like to paddle, share pictures and other musings of their ...

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Send a blank email from your email address to: MonteRioCA-subscribe@yahoogroups.com Send a Neighborhood Watch Report! Welcome to Vacation Wonderland. Monte Rio, California! (Forest Rest=Vacation Wonderland) Monte Rio is located in beautiful Sonoma County on the Russian River. This small community is snuggled between the river and the redwood crested mountains. The ocean is only 10 miles away. There are many wonderful things to do and see here and many other adventures are only a short trip away. ...

First_United_Methodist_Church Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 69   
First United Methodist Church 145 South Prairie Street Whitewater,Wisconsin 53190

surfridernyc Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 68   
The Surfrider Foundation is the international environmental organization comprised of surfers and sports enthusiasts. In this group, members and friends of Surfrider and Surfrider NYC ...

paddlingeast Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 68   
Kayaking the East End of Long Island and beyond! Paddling East is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting kayak safety, environmental awareness, personal health and above ...

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kayaknavigators@egroups.com is an announcements list for seakayakers interested in all aspects of kayak navigation. It's a place to announce upcoming navigation classes and workshops in the new england area, and is also a place for paddlers to exchange tips, how-to's, and where-to's related to kayak navigation.

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I'm hoping this will be a group for all outdoors people to talk, share and learn from each other. If you camp, canoe, kayak, hike, bike, suba, climb, etc.. We all have one thing in common, thats the challenge and enjoyment that the great outdoors brings. I myself enjoy several sports and find helpful hints all around. Please take the time to share your knowledge and stories, pictures or maybe a good recipe. All I ask is be respectful of other members. (This is from last year on Savannah River) ...

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Pink Phoenix (TM) Dragon Boat Team Portland, Oregon USA FIRST breast cancer survivor dragon boat team in the United States! Pink Phoenix (TM) Dragon Boat Team is a group of breast ...

t_in_china Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 66   
On August 6, 2001, a strange man we'll call "T" left the safety and relative sanity of his familiar surroundings in the Chicago area to begin teaching at an international school in China's largest metropolis, Shanghai. It became clear even before the moment that T took his first steps outside North America that he was in for an adventure. This site was originally created for T's most beloved friends and family members to receive updates about the day-to-day events that have come to define his ...

sinisterpuppies Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 66   
The Whitewater, Wisconsin nerd connection. We are a collection of gamers in and around Whitewater, WI. If you are looking for someone to play with at UWW, drop us a line. We've expanded to Milwaukee, Madison, Mukwonago, and Racine. If you're a nerd somewhere in between, huzzah! It's all about the game: 7th Sea Deadlands Spycraft Vampire Fireborn Legend of the Five Rings Heroscape Silver Age Sentinels Join us....and get a free frozen yogurt, which we call Frogurt!!

rivertouringsection Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 66   
The Section operates out of the greater Los Angeles area. We promote both ocean and river, still and whitewater trips. Communications should be restricted to news, events and questions ...

egoist_builders Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 66   
This group is for the people who want to build and/or that are building the EGOIST. And anyother boat that is some what like it. Here we will try to help each othere out on building ...

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: WELCOME to CANOES NORTHWEST Discussion group relating to First Nations Paddle Journeys of the Pacific Northwest and the Cultural Events and Activities. Share your stories, Post your ...

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Puff is a funny loving little dragon who made his lair in South Florida since his birth in Summer 2003. He loves making big splashes in water, and what's more, he enjoys the friends he ...

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THE MOST HAPPENING CLUB IN SINGAPORE!!! heyhey!! my mohawk juniors juz POP hahaha congrates mohawk warriors !! Mohawk Rules!! (hey wats the no. of the rifle u guys r using ar maybe i ...

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FC ini saya buat agar para pecinta Anime ataupun manga di Indonesia dapat memperbincangkan tentang perkembangan Anime atau pun manga di indonesia,. saya harap kan para member dari fc ini dapat aktif dan saling dapat bekerja sama. (kayak nya terlalu resmi yah ^^). akhir kata "sekian dan terima kasih" and "ANIME FOREVER" <domo arigato gozaimasu>.

Inter-Egypt Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 65   
To All Egyptain Who Want to Travel Inside Egypt , And to All Un-Egyptian Who Live in Egypt , We Are Paddle With You Inside All The Parts of Egypt

BostonPaddlingPartners Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 65   
Boston Paddling Partners is a e-group organized to help individuals find other kayak paddlers in the Greater Boston area. An e-group is fast compared to a message board. Once a message ...

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Hi, buat temen-temen dari fhui angkatan 1982, silahkan bergabung dengan kita-kita. disini kita dapat saling berbagi pengalaman, cerita-cerita lain-lain terserah. Pokoknya kita dapat saling "keep contact" anytime, anywhere .....kayak Coca cola. join us.

TeamUSAKayakPoloWorldChamps Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 64   
This is a group for the team to check in with friends, family, clubmembers and anyone else interested during the 2004 World Championships in Miyoshi, Japan. The aim is to provide ...

DukeAndLady Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 64   
The Scene Duke Lady is a virtual place to meet people, decide on which clubs to hang out and what activities to indulge in on the weekends! A perfectly adequate place to decide on places to shoot pool, preen and imbibe with abandon. The possibilities are endless! What would YOU like to do? · BBQ · Beach Party · Bird Watching · Boating · Bungee Jumping · Camping · Caving · Canoeing/Kayaking · Climbing · Dogsledding · Fishing · Hiking · Hunting · Orienteering · Paddling · Visit National Parks · ...

CheltenhamCanoeClub Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 64   
The mailing list of Cheltenham Canoe Club. Whitewater Kayaking all over the UK and Europe

stripbuilt_smallboats Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 63   
This group is set up to support the original Cedarstripcanoes Yahoo! Group. Membership here is not limited. You can discuss techniques of building light but tough water craft; canoes, ...

kayak-turk Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 63   
First skiing mail-list of Turkey Tüm kayak severleri davet ettiğimiz bir ortam , Katılın bize ...

CronullaOutrigger Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 63   
CRONULLA OUTRIGGER CANOE CLUB was established in 1995. Since this time the club has made a meteoric rise in the world of Outrigger canoe racing. Our top Open Mens crew now consists of ...

whitewater_rainbow_assembly_number_4 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 62   
This Is A Club For Rainbow Girls Of Whitewater Rainbow Assembly Number 4 Which Meets At The Masonic Temple Here In Whitewhiter,Wisconsin!!!! Whitewater Rainbow Assembly Number 4 Rainbow For Girls Is Sponsored By The Masons And The Order Of The Eastern Star!!!!! You Must Be A Mason,A Eastern Star Member And A Rainbow Girl To Join Our Club!!!! You Must Have Your Real Name On Your Profile!!!!! It Must Have On Your Profile If You Are A Master Mason,Or A Eastern Star Member And A Rainbow Girl!!!!!! ...

UWPSSA Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 62   
University of Whitewater, Wisconsin Political Science Student Association

SalonSingles Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 62   
Welcome! We are the new single's group on the block, so please take a minute to join. If you are responding to one of our ads, you must become a member of this Yahoo group to attend Salon events. Please!!!! DO NOT apply for Salon membership without a COMPLETED YAHOO PROFILE - ALL FIELDS - i.e., NAME, Marital Status, Occupation, Location, etc. must be filled in ... Or, the system AUTOMATICALLY KICKS OUT your membership request. Salon Singles is for all singles in Rochester, NY and 6 county ...

Lowelldragonboat Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 62   
Welcome to the Lowell Dragon Boat team's yahoo group, communications center for all of Lowell High School's dragon boat crews: the Cardinal Crewzers, the Cardinal Red Tide, and the ...

texas_outrigger Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 61   
Welcome to the TOCC members' informational center. We are committed to fostering the Hawaiian Aloha spirit inherent in outrigger paddling that is experiencing rapid growth across the ...

hawrivertrail Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 61   
A group for folks who enjoy North Carolina's Haw River including paddling their kayak or canoe, fishing, swimming, hiking, birdwatching...be sure to visit our site www.hawrivertrail.org ...

INSANE_NSPN Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 61   
We are a small group of serious Winter paddlers based in the Boston area. This community is by invitation only due to the prequalification of skills and equipment. "Intrepid Nautical ...

gl94 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 60   
Selamat datang, sugeng rawuh, wilujeng sumping, welcome, wilkommen, bienvenue, bienvenuti, bienvenido.. Mudah-mudahan nggak banyak masalah kayak milist sebelumnya. Silahkan dimanfaatkan semaksimal mungkin. Ambil baiknya, buang buruknya, dan jaga terus silaturahmi antar kita.. Monggo..

ba-queer-kayak Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 60   
This is a list for queer (and queer-friendly) kayakers--ocean, river, surf, recreational --in the Bay Area. (For the purposes of this list, the 'bay area' is from Monterey/ Carmel up to ...

ncsucanoe Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 59   
This is the home on the net for the NC State Civil Engineering Concrete Canoe Team. GO PACK!

free_boat_plans_v Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 59   
This is storage site for FREE plans - not copyrighted - but FREE Boat Plans - any size, any design, and most importantly, FREE. This is a companion to the Free Boat Plans group. This is ...

HASK_Members Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 59   
HASK a sea kayaking club based in Houston, TX. We offer local paddling trips, bimonthly meetings, practice sessions, and other activities. HASK dedicated to the safe enjoyment of the ...

Florida-Riverine-Ecosystem-Explorers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 59   
This group is for anyone who has an interest in exploring Florida's Riverine Ecosystems. The primary objective is to unite individuals for one-way excursions (usually requires 2 ...

ASSEMBLYOFGODCHURCH Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 59   
ASSEMBLY OF GOD CHURCH Worship 10:30AM-6PM 1540 West Walworth Avenue Whitewater,Wisconsin 53190 Phone Number 1 - 262 - 473 - 2755

sfpaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 58   
South Florida Paddlers is a club consisting of of kayaking enthusiasts. Our mission: to have fun paddling around South Florida and beyond! We started the group about four years ago and ...

brokenstick Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 58   
This New York Islanders mailing list features a loyal Canadian base of fans. This group is public, and anyone may join. However, you must abide by the brokenstick constitution. ** We don't make the news, we just reprint it. ** :^) Speaking of news: visit the following newspaper Web sites for the latest on the NY Islanders: NY Daily News: http://www.nydailynews.com/today/Metro_Sports/Hockey/default.asp NY Post: http://www.nypost.com/sports/islanders/islanders.htm NY Times (requires sign-up): ...

badsocial Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 58   
The list for friends of BAD but not active paddlers.

fourcornerspaddleclub Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 57   
This group is for anyone in the Four Corners area of Arizona,Utah,New Mexico and Colorado that enjoys the outdoors and paddling. We are and activity group. Plan trips, get together with ...

forspaddling Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 57   
För forspaddlare i Göteborgsområdet, eller forspaddlare var som helst om de vill vara med. Vi paddlar mest i Säveån men gör även längre utflykter. Först och ...

bolger_coffee_lounge Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 57   

The_Celtic_Seas Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 57   
The Celtic Seas is the group for those who are fascinated by the history and legends of the seas washing the seaboards of Ireland, Scotland, and Western England, France and Spain. We'll even go into the English Channel and North Sea in hot pursuit of the Picts and Veneti. If you have the blood of the fisherman, sea rover and reiver or are interested in the Canoe, Currach, Longship, Galley or Birlinn talk with us of the lure of the sea. If you have the blood of the Selchie or seal or just can't ...

SIE2003 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 57   
This is post event gathering for all to catch up with one another. Same time, recap the memories we had in such a wonderful journey.

Ohio_and_Kentucky_Hikers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 56   
This group is for people in Ohio and Kentucky who love the outdoors! We plan trips to parks in Ohio, Kentucky and across the nation. Activities include everything from nature hikes to whitewater rafting trips. If you would like to meet people interested in all kinds of outdoor activities, then check us out!

Kikaha Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 56   
Kikaha O Ke Kai Outrigger Canoe Club competes in outrigger canoe racing in the Pacific Northwest. Our purpose is to teach, train and expose children, women and men in the art, craft and ...

Canadianboatbuilder Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 56   
This group is for Canadian boat builders. Focus is on material availability, product labelling, fed. or prov. regulations and things pertinent to boating or boatbuilding where the water ...

yaking101 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 55   
Yaking 101 is a free mentoring program for beginner to seasoned kayakers. The club is sponsored by Heavner Canoe Rental Inc., and is supported by Eastern Mountain Sports in Farmington ...

kanotpolo Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 55   
En informationskanal för aktiva paddlare som spelar kanotpolo i Göteborg.

WhitewaterRentalAssociation Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 55   
Whitewater Rental Association

KCK_Alaska Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 55   
Paddlesports club, located in Anchorage, Alaska. Formed in 1970, and dedicated to all non-powered watersports, including kayaking, canoeing and rafting.

ra_outsiders Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 54   

njdb-news Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 54   
Home of New Jersey's 1st and only Dragon Boat Club. Based out of Lake Parsippany, NJ, we practice 2-3 times a week from April - Sept! We provided the start for several US and Canadian ...

TSCA-Puget Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 54   
Open for discussion of all topics related to the Puget Sound Chapter of the Traditional Small Craft Association -- boatbuilding, messabouts, RSVPs, rowing/paddling/sailing techniques, equipment, chat, inquiries, info, etc.

Pamela_Anderson_On_The_Web Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 54   
Pamela Anderson On The Web ( club for fans of Pamela Anderson, messages about Pamela Anderson, opinions on Pamela Anderson, news concerning Pamela Anderson, Pamela Anderson picture gallery ) Pamela Anderson Club Rules: Only post messages related to the topic of Pamela Anderson. Do not post commercial advertisements or any other type of offensive, annoying spam. Let's keep this Pamela Anderson group ... advertisement and spam free. random key words: barb wire implants tommy lee kid rock michigan ...

Kayak-NJ Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 54   
Interested in kayaking with enthusiasts in NJ? This is the place to be. We are willing to travel around the state and up and down the East Coast to find our next adventure. Join us and ...

ElkhornPaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 54   
Purpose of the Elkhorn Paddlers To promote the appreciation for the recreational value of wilderness canoeing, to encourage and promote navigation of wild and semi-wild rivers by canoe ...

pico_boating Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 53   
Pico boating is REALLY small boats. For some it will be for setting records, for others a personal challenge. Please share your ideas and dreams. Messages are moderated for new members ...

brittsports Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 53   
1. This is a list designed for the support and encouragement of Britt lovers who engage in agility, hunt tests, fly ball, obedience and other Brittsports not usually associated with this breed. It is also for Britt lovers who might be interested in engaging in one of these performance events but have not yet done so. In addition we encourage those who hike, canoe, run, swim, camp and just love their Britts to join. We are a great resource for training and just plain coping questions. We do ...

BelfastKayakClub Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 53   
BELFAST KAYAK CLUB http://www.kayakclub.co.uk The club is open to all members of the public and is intended to promote cross community activities. It is non-competitive and we aim to ...

rochestercanoe Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 52   
Rochester, NY Canoe Kayaking welcomes upstate canoers and kayakers to join and share resources, stories, and information about Upstate New York waterways, lakes, and ponds. This egroup is sponsored by Max Lent Communications, Web Consulting. http://www.maxlent.com http://www.inforochester.com http://www.travelconsumer.com Canadice Lake from West shore

SoundRowers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 52   
Sound Rowers Open Water Rowing and Paddling Club is an organization conducting races coordinated by volunteers for world class and weekend athletes in any open water, human powered ...

JetJon Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 52   
This is a group for sharing ideas, photos and designs for using personal watercraft (jetski)engines and pumps in conventional boats.

Crew1776 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 52   
Informational list for all members of Venturing Crew 1776- Lynchburg, Virginia. Crew 1776 participates in river-based service and adventure activities including canoe and camping trips and conservation projects. This list is used for internal communication, and is open only to Crew 1776 members and their families. Otherwise, you may join the BlackwaterCreek list at Yahoo, which is open to everyone.

ChiefJohnBrownband Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 52   
This is for all decendants of Chief John Brown's family, to discuss family matters, and to help all new ones with the request to find geneology questions. Chief John Brown was the First elected Western Chief in Oklahoma, He rode with the Treat Party, and was at the signing of the Treaty of 1846 New Echota,Ga. We also go back to Attakullakulla, Dragging Canoe, Moytoy, Nancy Ward. Chief Bowles,Sequoyah. Talontaskee, John Jolly. Things on this list may not be shared with others without permission ...

whitewatersigmas Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 51   
For Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority members from Whitewater, WI

whitewaterdistrict Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 51   
An informational group for members of the Whitewater District in Service Area One of the Dan Beard Council, Boy Scouts of America When subscribing please include your real name and Scouting affiliation (Pack/Troop#)

sotkayaking Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 51   
For users of Sit-On-Top Kayaks to discuss and exchange information. Also for people new to SOT Kayaks to learn more about this sport.

kafekitakita Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 51   
Tujuan dibuatnya Kafe Kita-kita (k3) untuk menyediakan sarana buat semua orang Indonesia yang berada di mana saja untuk bisa berbagi cerita, pendapat dan pengalaman dalam suasana santai kafe. Sebagaimana halnya sebuah kafe, milis ini dibuat sebagai ajang untuk ketemuan, having fun, dan gaul. Jadi celakalah orang yang menjadi member Kafe Kita-kita ini tapi nggak pernah posting karena dia termasuk orang-orang yang merugi, he he he:-) Member Kafe Kita-kita ini bersifat tertutup. Maksudnya, kita ...

arungjeram_indonesia Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 51   
Sejak bulan Agustus 2002, kami men-de-aktifasi milis ini. Sebagai gantinya, Jakartabiz Rafter's Club mengelola milis ...

Vous_Crew Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 51   
The 'Vous Crew is a disorganized band of West Michigan Canoeist(s) that rendezvous at various canoeing rivers in Michigan. This egroup is a forum for coordinating paddling related ...

Delawarekayakers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 51   
This group is for people who kayak in SE Pennsylvania (PA),N Maryland (MD) and Delaware(DE). If you love nature and kayaking this is for you.(Picture of me rippin' Muddy Creek in Castle ...

nwwwpba Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 50   
Welcome to the Northwest Whitewater Private Boaters Association. The NWWWPBA was formed to promote whitewater as a fun, safe, family oriented activity and to provide an exchange of ...

methodstchurchofwhitewaterwi Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 50   
First United Methodist Church 145 South Prairie Street Whitewater,Wisconsin 53190

contentnea_club Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 50   
The objectives of a Contentnea paddle club are recreational uses of the creek, the development of paddle trails, and the improvement of creek access, creek-side facilities, and water ...

BCSPaddlerForum Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 50   
Welcome Breast Cancer Survivor Paddlers!! This forum is to communicate with BCS paddlers around the world. Please let your teammates know about the forum & invite them to join. Tell us ...

teamstartx Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 49   
DFW based adventure racing club. Beginners and experienced racers are welcome. Learn to trail run, mountain bike, kayak/paddle, land navigate, climb/rappel as a team.

stripcanoestwo Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 49   
This group is an unrestricted membership adjunct to the Cedarstripcanoes yahoogroup. Members may use this site to discuss any on-topic subjects. Moderators will use the site as a place ...

monsoon_paddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 49   
WE WANTS YOU!! TO PADDLE FOR MONSOON 2004!!! Welcome back to Monsoon for 2004! We have a Team!!! Who woulda thunk we could pull it off! We'll be an active team until the Toronto Island ...

gayoutdoorseurope Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 49   
A group for outdoor enthusiasts in Europe. Meetingplace for gay men who love skiing, snowboarding, cycling, canoeing, paddling, rock climbing and other sports related to nature.

Hope_Afloat_Dragons Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 49   
We are a BCS (Breast Cancer Survivors) Group of women living in the Tri-State area. Our aim is to make a difference-to raise awarness about Breast Cancer, living with it and beyond to lead full active lives. Our difference is Dragon Boat Racing - a "team" sport. Dragon Boating is an up and coming sport, and relativley new to the area. We encourage you and those who support you to visit with us -paddle with us!

CentralTexasPaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 49   
This group is for all people interested in canoeing and kayaking in the central part of Texas , USA . Everyone is invited to post questions , facts , pictures , calenders of events , invitations to others to meet for a canoe/kayak trip , discussions about equipment , techniques , ect.

wilskills Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 48   
Vanderbilt Outdoor Education Program "Wilderness Skills" list serve. Paddle, Climb, Cave, Hike, Smile responsibly.

usf_concrete_canoe Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 48   
The USF Concrete Canoe Team is dedicated to participation in the annual Concrete Canoe Competition sponsored by Master Builders and ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers). The team designs, constructs and races a canoe made of lightweight concrete against other Civil Engineering Departments across the globe

dickinsonsae Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 48   
Greetings from the Eminent Yahoo-Master. This group has been established for SAE Brothers (and any surviving Little Sisters) from Dickinson College. Feel free to post messages, upload pictures, tell Golden Paddle stories, or black-mail any brothers who dare to run for political office. All stories will be kept in strictness confidence, unless one of us runs for either Pope or Congress. LOVE LIVE MILTONS!

PurewaterPaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 48   
This group is meant to bring together people who have an interest in paddling the lakes and rivers of West Central Wisconsin. This group will be used to assist the Pure Water Paddlers ...

PaddleSteamerWaverley Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 48   
Paddle Steamer Waverley spent her first 30 years servicing the ferry and excursion routes of the Clyde. In 1970 the trade was reducing and Waverley looked set to follow her Fleetmates to the scrapyard. A group of dedicated enthusiasts made sure that she survived. The last sea-going paddle steamer in the world sailing round the coasts of Great Britain..Firth of Clyde, River Thames, Bristol Channel, South Coast..through to October each season Paddle Steamer Waverley is operated by Waverley ...

NorthBayPaddleRacers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 48   
Kayak, Surfski, OC1 Northbay Paddle Racers

Aquavite Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 48   
Kanovereniging Aquavite Almere (Netherlands)

AK-UB-93 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 48   
Milis ini merupakan Wadah Komunikasi Alumni Akuntansi Brawijaya Angkatan 90-an. Semua alumni Akuntansi Unibraw bisa ikutan gabung buat bagi-bagi informasi atau sekedar bercanda kayak dulu. Bisa juga buat ngundang kawinan atau ngumpul-ngumpul.

southfloridacampers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 47   
Participate and initiate camping and/or paddling outings in the South Florida area. No dues. Tents, popups, vans, RVs okay. Anyone is welcome (read: encouraged!) to organize trips. Just post the CG location and reservations info including your site number and invite others to join you. People responsible for own reservations, transportation, meals etc. Subscribers and outings further afield are OK, but the object is for most trips to be within easy (3 hours or so) drive time from Miami.

sdbuni Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 47   
SYDNEY DRAGON BLADES UNIVERSITY TEAM Balmain High School, Terry Street, Rozelle (access via Norman St) Welcome to the SDBUni Egroup, for the team that has the most fun winning! This ...

nypaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 47   
This board is for exchanging info about races, results, boat specifications, equipment sales/needs,and training for paddlers living or paddling in New York state.

longislandpaddle Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 47   
Paddle folk of all kinds.Canoe/Kayak/Raft/Bathtub....SeaKayak/White Water/Lakes/Fishing/Camping.....float it and paddle!A place for like minded people to get together and enjoy the ...

lawwp Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 47   
This is a e-mail list to serve the lansing area WW paddlers. There is a web site for the group at http://www.msu.edu/~connert/lawwp.html

gbkc_whitewater Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 47   
Georgian Bay Kayak Club Whitewater paddling club based in Owen Sound and Grey Bruce Counties Ontario Canada

fishrecipes Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 47   
We all know that fish is good for you but how do I prepare it ? This wiil be a place to share recipes from shrimp to tuna : from trout to bass and maybe a few fish stories as to how we caught dinner . I just bought a canoe and fish with my 2 boys 16 and 13 and hope to have some stories to share with you.

PiratesofGtown Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 47   
The Pirates of Georgetown is a subgroup of the Chesapeake Paddlers Association (see www.cpakayaker.com). This list is intended for announcements and discussions relating to the ...

AppalachianAR Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 47   
(AAR) Appalachian Adventure Racing is a club dedicated to the growth of Adventure Racing in the Greenville-Spartanburg-Anderson-Columbia South Carolina area. Adventure Racing is the culmination of many disciplines: running/ trekking, paddling, mtn. biking, orienteering and climbing while testing physical endurance, mental toughness and team dynamics. ---- "Too many people short change their lives by avoiding new experiences, afraid of the possible embarrassment of failure. But we can't continue ...

nykayakpolo Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 46   
Dedicated to kayak polo in the tri-state area.

atilimdsk Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 46   
Atılım Üniversitesi Doğa Sporları Kulübü 2003 yılında kurulan Doğa Sporları Kulübü, kendi içindeki yapılanmayı kısa bir sürede tamamlayarak okulun en büyük ve en faal kulübü olmayı başarmıştır. Temelini sağlam zeminlere dayandıran Doğa Sporları Kulübünde Trekking, Kampçılık, Dağcılık, Orienteering, Kayak, Snowboard, Mağaracılık, Kanyon Geçişi, Sualtı (aletli dalma) ve Yamaç Paraşütü sporlarının eğitim ve faaliyeti yapılmaktadır. Özellikle kulübümüzün alt birimi olan “Dağcılık Topluluğu” kısa bir ...

PracticallyPerfectPagans Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 46   
A free-range discussion group and news group for Wisconsin Whitewater pagan's, Witches, Spiritual people, or anyone of an open mind about religion. I ask one thing everyone be respectful of each other. Merry Meet Merry Part and Merry Meet Again

OurShire Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 46   
"Our Shire" is a branch of the world's largest international medieval reenactment society, known as the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). The official name of our shire is Fearann-Na-Criche. That mouthful is archaic Welsh for the folks who live "Far Across the Water", with the informal meaning of "Far Away Swampland," or "Out on the Fringe." In American English you might say that we are from "The Far Side" of the Great Swamp that surrounds the Saginaw River Basin. For 14 years, our shire ...

NTU_Canoeing_Team Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 46   
NTU Canoeing Team This group is dedicated solely to the guy's team, to facilitate sending of emails and information among the guy's team. If you want to share files, or emails with the ...

MountaineerKayakers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 46   
MountaineerKaykers is an electronic mailing list for anyone interested in sea kayaking with the Mountaineers or finding out more about one of the most exciting outdoor activities and ...

LonestarOCC Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 46   
Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Club in Austin, Texas. Our club is an off shoot of Texas OCC based in Houston. We practice mostly out on Town Lake. Practice times: Saturday 9am

BlueCanoeCo-op Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 46   
This group is for coordinating a co-op for the Blue Canoe line. I will post info and orders will be taken through this list.

sasolcanoe Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 45   
Group for the Sasol Canoe Club, based in Secunda, South Africa. Kayak racing - in marathon, sprints and whitewater. It rained at the ERK (East Rand Kayak Club) Schools Race. But then, we love rain, don't we?

portlandpaddlingclub Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 44   
Portland Paddling Club is a highly competitive men's dragon boat team comprised of the best male paddlers in Portland Oregon. The team has competed in The Peoples Republic of China in dragon boat races (placing 1st or 2nd in every race), as well as in the 2002 U.S. National Championships (2nd Place). The team is a composite of paddlers from local Portland, OR paddling teams that want to be on the best men's team in the United States.

makaliigroup Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 44   
The Makali`i Group is made up of crew members, family and supporters of Hawaii islands 54' double-hulled voyaging canoe, Makali`i. We have committed ourselves to, "preserve, protect and perpetuate" our voyaging culture, and all it encompasses, through educational programs for all ages and cultures utilizing the Makali`i as a "floating classroom." Discussions on crew trainings, upcoming voyages, educational programs, updates on "voyaging family i.e., Hokule`a, Hawai`iloa, Iosepa, Na Mahoe, ...

ecoturismochiapas Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 44   
Bienvenido a la página dedicada a la integración y coordinación de las personas que participan en el Turismo Ecológico y de Aventuras en Chiapas. / Welcome to our webpage dedicated to unite and coordinate the people that participate in the Ecological and Adventure Tourism. Este espacio es para los que desean compartir y expresar las inquietudes del Turismo Ecológico y de Aventura. / This space is for those that wish to share and express their experiences concerning the Ecological and Aventure ...

daytoncanoeclub Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 44   
Welcome to the Yahoo Group for the Dayton Canoe Club, an online forum for the members, friends and affiliates of the club in Dayton Ohio. If you would like more information on the ...

TowersProfessionalGroup Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 44   
TPG's goal is to offer working residents (or friends) of the Towers a venue for exchanging ideas in an informal social setting. If you are a working professional 25-45 yrs. old and have an interest in happy hours, dinners, bike hiking trips, white-water rafting, sporting events, wine-tastings, local cultural festivals, and musical performances at 9:30 Club, Merriweather, and Wolf Trap then please join us.

RFTKayakPolo Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 44   
Race for Treasure Kayak Polo Tournament Friday-Sunday August 6-8, 2004 Fundraiser for disadvantaged kids. Participants from San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego, and more. Check the Database, Files Links section for more info Special thanks to California Canoe Kayak for sponsoring. Held in conjunction with Race for Treasure. Tenatively: Friday: Informal practice and meet up, 6pm til sundown. Saturday Tournament all day Sunday Practice: Pickup games play til you drop Registration ...

CaribouRock Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 44   
An 18th century living history group for people who want to do experiential archaeology while hiking or canoeing in wilderness settings. Most expeditions will be about one week. The name is from the Caribou Rock Trail in NE Minnesota, but expeditions may take place anywhere. This looks to be a filthy dirty group, but we expect you to keep your language clean while posting. There will be a list of expeditions, photos of members, canoes, and equipment, and photos and file accounts of trails, ...

sailsandpointoutrigger Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 43   
Sail Sand Point Outrigger is located on Lake Washington in Seattle, WA. The Club provides youth and adult instruction in techniques of outrigger canoe paddling. The Club facilitates competitive and recreational interests. The Yahoo group site facilitates communication for anyone interested in seasonal updates. You can find us at http://www.sailsandpoint.org

lq7 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 43   
Pokoke....email groups ini buat kite2 yang keren2, cakep2, cantilk, en seksi2 (kayak gue....), setuju?????? Oh iya satu lagi....egroups ini restricted buat lucky seven aja yah....tolong invite yang laen.....

gustycandlestick Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 43   
San Francisco,CA. Candlesticks' gusty, flatwater windsurfing spot alongside highway 101. A message center for contacting other windsurfers who frequent this spot, exchange tips information and have BBQ's.

OOPSatSea Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 43   
NW Coast paddlers' forum with (non-exclusive) emphasis on surf and open ocean outings along the Oregon and Washington coasts.

uwdb Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 42   
University of Waterloo Dragon Boat Team

uswomencanoepolo Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 42   
This group is for women who play canoe polo in the United States and who are interested in training and competing with and for the US women's team. If you are interested in joining the ...

kayakmail Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 42   
sentado na rodinha beijas-me a pele morena, fazes aqueles truques que aprendeste nalgum sketch. "mais!", peço-te eu, já me sinto a pagaiar, pára e recomeça e faz-me acreditar. "não", dizes tu, mas o teu olhar mentiu, enrolados pelo rio num abraço que se viu. és canoagem ou alucinação? estrelas de mil cores, um bom dia ou um serão? huuu, esse odor traz tanta saudade, mata-me de amor, dá-me um kayak... kiwi kiwi macaco, macacooo quer é buar, quer é voaaaaar... pirmino, pirmino chá, pirmino pirmino ...

Team_Fusion Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 42   
Team Fusion dragon boat team from Lotus Sports Club in Vancouver

MAHARLIKA_DRAKON Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 42   
Welcome to the site of Maharlika Drakon Dragon Boat Racers!!!! Feel free to come in! Wanna be a member? Kindly leave your contact information and your message. See you in the waters!

sdbwomens Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 41   
SDB formal mailing group for official correspondence and notices to active female paddlers in the club.

manuiwa Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 41   
Created in 1995 to field a team at the Molokai to Oahu Canoe Race, Manu'iwa Outrigger has grown to be one of the East Coast's premier clubs. Membership consists primarily of marathon ...

australianfoldingkayak Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 41   
This group is for owners and people interested in Folding Kayaks. Although I have specified Australia, as that is where I am from, anyone at all is welcome to join. The group aims to ...

adragonboatden Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 41   
It's unquie and we all have one thing in common we all know what a dragon boat is! This is the place, where Dragon Boaters can talk to fellow Dragon Boater from around the world. From ...

Travelopias Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 41   
Addicted to travel, adventure, and life and general? There are others like you and help is available, as long as you are willing to admit it. you must be willing to freely and openly admit this, in front of all members: "Yes! I am addicted to travel.! Yes I am addicted to adventure! And I am addicted to life! I admit it and there is nothing I can do about it!" Travelopias is about the addiction to travel and adventure. It can take many forms: an expedition across Tibet to climb Everest. A camel ...

melaniescanoetrip Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 40   
This is the #1 site for access to information on Melanie's Annual Canoe Camping trip. Here you will find all the flyers, maps and info for future years. Pictures will be posted from previous years. See ya there!

Rochester_outdoors_Club Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 40   
Hello! If your knew to kayaking and live here in Rochester ny. feel free to leave anything here from pictures to poems or just info on who you are and ur favorite place to paddle.

CreekinMass Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 40   
A place where paddlers can quickly get info on others paddlers in the Mass/New Enagland area about what creeks and rivers are running or where they're headed for the weekend. Anyone is welcome, especially if you think Daryl is a homo, Doug has a small weenis, and Brett can't paddle worth schite...not to mention that Chris loves Doug...regardless of what you think...ya just godda love paddling and I don't mean drayl's butt.

texasratt Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 39   
Rockin' Adventure Team Texas! (RATT) Our group is for anyone interested in adventure racing and lives in Texas. These conversations will cover anything from the best type of canoe to use in specific races to who is the "hottie of the week." Be prepared for anything! Work hard, work out hard and play hard!

northeastgaykayaking Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 39   
I've searched for a group in the Northeastern US for gay kayakers, and had a tough time finding one. Most seem to be in the south. So, I figured let's give it a shot and try to get one ...

coldspringkayakclub Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 39   
The Cold Spring Kayak Club was established in May 2000 to bring paddling companions together and to promote the sport of kayaking. We aim to communicate the vast network of happenings ...

caverunkayakclub Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 39   
The Cave Run Kayak Club is an open forum for all paddlers in the Eastern Kentucky area. We are based primarily near Cave Run Lake and the Licking River near Morehead KY. Experienced ...

bayoutriggers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 39   
This is the mail group for Bay Outrigger Canoe Club in Sydney Australia. Has been created to provide information to members on race and training schedules

COASTTOCOASTSTORE Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 39   
COAST TO COAST STORE 182 West Main Street Whitewater,Wisconsin 53190 Phone Number 1 - 262 - 473 - 4480

ypaddle Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 38   
Y Paddle canoe club. We are based in central London. Activities include courses for beginners, trips and competitions.

usmencanoepolo Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 38   
This group is for men who play canoe polo in the United States and who are interested in training and competing with and for the US men's team. If you are interested in joining the ...

tim-pendamping Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 38   
mailing list buat team pendamping mahasiswa Bogor nggak cuman buat mereka yang masih aktif jadi team pendamping tapi buat yang udah pada gawe...yach itung-itung biar hubungan kita nggak putus sembari kasih spirit sama temen-temen yang masih aktif dan yang pasti buat ajang nge-GOSIP dong kayak dulu kita di team pendamping Group Manager: tim-pendamping-owner@egroups.com To subscribe, send a message to tim-pendamping-subscribe@egroups.com or go to the e-group's home page at ...

kayakkulubu Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 38   

gsukayak Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 38   
GSÜ kayak takımı...

StingraysDBT Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 38   
Stingrays Dragon Boat Team Based out of Toronto, we are a group of young professionals (mostly in the public sector, e.g. pharmacists, doctors, teachers, police) that paddle recreationally but our goal is always to improve ourselves and WIN!

RCKC Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 38   
Welcome to the Roswell Canoe and Kayak Club (RCKC). The urban spin-off of the Lanier Canoe and Kayak Club, we are enthusiasts devoted to participation, promotion, and education about ...

BikingNHiking Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 38   
This is the bulletin and discussion board for members of the Escapees "Bikes, Boots, 'N Paddles" BoF group, brought to you by Suzan, Art, Dave, and Wayne. The board is for SKPs who enjoy human powered recreational activities and toys. SKPs interested in these sports and other outdoor activities are welcome and invited to join us at Escapades and Fun Days, where we hold meetings and also at gatherings for all levels of participation in our activities and sports. All members are encouraged to host ...

AMC-Sea-Kayak Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 38   
This mailing list is initially designed to share information among leaders of Sea Kayak trips for the Boston Chapter of the Appalachian Mountain Club. As of 9/15/01 we opened the group ...

seadancerss Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 37   
For all the like minded with a zeal for kayaking , wELcOmE!

nuscp Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 37   
we play canoe polo in NUS!

njdb-dc Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 37   
This represents NJ Dragon Boat Club's team informational stuff for the Washington DC races. http://www.dragonboatdc.com Those interested racing with us need to complete our online ...

minicatas Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 37   
Grupo destinado a difundir y promover el diseño y la construcción de multicascos, en forma particular, sobre todo de pequeño tamaño... y si flotan mejor. También hablamos ...

kayakbuilding Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 37   
A group to talk with fellow kayak builders and seek advice about building strip kayaks. Feel free to post pictures of the stages of your kayak building.

free_boat_plans_iv Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 37   
This is storage site for FREE plans - not copyrighted - but FREE Boat Plans - any size, any design, and most importantly, FREE. This is a companion to the Free Boat Plans group. This is ...

YoMamasPartyCow Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 37   

LokahiCanoeClub Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 37   
To enhance communication among members, past present and future, of Lokahi Canoe Club in Honolulu, Hawai`i. This group focuses on information and issues relevant to Lokahi Canoe Club, ...

FriendsofEverettWaterfront Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 37   
The Friends of the Everett Waterfront is a new group of concerned citizens dedicated to the revitalization and recovery of the Everett Waterfront. Our mission is to re-discover our waterfront heritage and promote the current and future use of our 3.5 miles of Rivers. About our Waterfront… The Everett Waterfront consists of 3.5 miles of river. Each river has unique characteristics, problems and potential. Malden River: Separating Everett from Malden and Medford, the Malden River has a history of ...

EdistoRiverGuides Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 37   
Important and not so important information and communications for the ERCK.

southernstylekayakers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 36   
There are many beginnings and endings in our time, and while this isn't THE beginning, it is A beginning... And who knows how it will end? SouthernStyle Kayakers is a site dedicated to the growth and progression of paddlesports in Southern Oregon, Northern California, and surrounding areas. It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned creeker, playboater, OC-1, or newbie, you'll find the goods here: Trip postings and reports, gear reviews, event dates, photos, and hopefully some video in the future. ...

poundparty Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 36   
Discussions on any topic and socializing for fans of author Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings. A Reply goes to the entire group. This is a companion group of the Rawlings email group at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mkrawlings PHOTO: There is still MAGICK in the waters of Florida so eloquently described by MKR. My heart always thrills to scenes like this one of a group of Florida native white ibis cavorting in a sun-splashed glen about half way down the 7-mile Juniper Springs canoe run in the Big Scrub ...

knysnacanoeclub Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 36   
Knysna Canoe Club

ctamc-flatwater Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 36   
Join this list to receive announcements for events sponsored by the Flatwater Committee. This list is sponsored by the Connecticut Chapter of the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC). You ...

VaaOne Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 36   
Va'a One is an information group for friends and friend of friends who are also dedicated OC-1 paddlers of the San Francisco Bay area. It is designed to share training ideas, a training ...

PaddleWisconsin Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 36   
This group is meant to bring together people who have an interest in paddling the lakes and rivers of Wisconsin. Please share information about your experiences and suggestions for ...

thebid_mstl Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 35   
The Bid: March 7 at The Adam's Mark What could possibly be the hugest Metropolis event ever, The Bid is a combination silent and live auction held to benefit Metropolis and Friedens Haus, our charity partner. The Bid has three goals: one, be fun for you, the attendee; two, raise funds for Metropolis; and three, be philanthropic to charity. Fun: this is not some boring, stuffy event for old rich fogies. We'll have music, food, a full bar, and celebrity auctioneers. If you want to wander and ...

kajak_zhs2002 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 35   
Teilnehmer des Wildwasser-Basiskurses, anderer Kurse und Lehrfahrten der ZHS München seit WS01/02 - Erfahrungen austauschen - Verabreden zum Üben, für Ausfahrten oder einfach ...

hipa Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 35   
Hawaii Island Paddlesports Association Discussion List This list is intended for members of Kaikahoe (Hawaii Island Paddlesports Association) but since the Big Island is relatively ...

TeamNorthAtlantic Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 35   
Team North Atlantic was created to provide teaching opportunities for paddlers working their way up through the coaching scheme of the BCU or ACA. Getting certified by one of these ...

THECOLONIELLIFE Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 35   
If you find yourself putting a little of the 18th century life style in your 21st century living. From clothing to hunting to candle dipping to cooking and all inbetween. This is a site for the serious and for the beginner. Canoe trips in Febuary to camping with nothing but a flint lock rifle and a knife. Dressing for men, children, women. The daily chores of gathering water, milking the cows, to weaving fabric for cloth.

MiddleForkSalmonWhitewater Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 35   
Welcome to the eGroup for our whitewater adventure in Idaho on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in late July 2000. Though this site, we will all be able to continute our strong friendships gained on the trip, share photos and other memorabilia, and chat about what is going on in our lives. Feel free to upload any information, create specialized directories for specific images (e.g. "Folder for Scenic Views from the Head"), or anything else that you want! Best of Luck to everyone! Brian (0 for ...

LambdaChiAlpha-choppers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 35   
This is a Egroup site for the Lambda Chi Alpha chapter at UW-Whitewater to connect all brothers through the internet. All events and social gatherings will be announced through this media.

KilohanaProspects Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 35   
Aloha! Welcome to the Kilohana Prospects Group. This forum will be used for posting information regarding practice schedules and other pertinent information relating to Kilohana Outrigger Canoe Club. Kilohana Outrigger Canoe Club, founded in 1987 has two practice locations. Redwood City and Quarry Lakes in Fremont, California. We promote Hawaiian Outrigger paddling through athleticism and the Polynesian culture in a healthy family oriented environment. This list should only be used for club or ...

teamdragons Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 34   
We are a New Jersey-based Dragon boat racing team and the only open crew. We support the NJ Dragon Boat Club by helping to run their races and clinics.

qubcanoe Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 34   
qub canoe club: the most fun you can have with a feathered shaft

owwc Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 34   
The Ozark Wilderness Waterways Club was organized in Kansas City in 1956. The “canoe club” combines interest in paddle sport with a conservation ethic, having been ...

montrealmagicdragons Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 34   
The Montreal's Magic Dragons. A Dragon Boat team.

UPDragonboatTeam Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 34   
We are an amateur rowing group of men and women dedicated to the sport of dragonboat racing. Dragonboat racing is a heady mix of intense rowing, sportsmanship and just plain having fun ...

SoCalYakFish Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 34   
We are a group of Southern California kayak fishers that would like to share information and reports without dissemination to the general public. Your membership must be approved and preferably be recommended by another member or known to the moderator.

PaddleArizona Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 34   
Na Leo O'Ke Kai is a Hawaiian Civic Outrigger Canoe Club located in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area. It is a sister club to California's Newport Outrigger Canoe Club. The goal of the ...

KilohanaRecPaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 34   
Aloha! Welcome to the Kilohana Recreational Paddling Group. This forum will be used for posting information regarding practice schedules and other pertinent information relating to ...

whitewatersingles Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 33   
Whitewater (and southern Wisconsin in general) can be a difficult place to meet new people. This group is for anyone seeking new friends, meet someone compatible for dating, or just establish a better social life. Individuals from Madison, Milwaukee or other Wisconsin communities are also encouraged to join.

swashbuckler Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 33   
The group of the bunch of people who went white water rafting to Rishikish with Satyen and the gang on the weekend of 6-7 April 2002

gdgold Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 33   
We're gold medal winners. This is a group to help us plan how to spend our gold.

agb31-ipb Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 33   
Special for AGB IPB angkatan 31 (kayak martabak...)

adurcanoeclub Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 33   

WataugaPC Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 33   
We are a Group of Paddlers that has formed together to promote kayaking and paddling in Watauga County, in the Northwestern corner of North Carolina

Trismapaga Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 33   
SALAM TRISMAPAGA Teman-teman seperjuangan, salam jumpa kembali. Lewat milis ini kita jalin kembali komunikasi yang pernah putus selama hampir 20 tahun. Kita bisa mengenang kembali masa-masa indah di SMA (kayak lagu ya..), masa-masa susah dan senang. Tapi lebih dari itu, milis ini kita harapkan juga bisa sebagai media untuk menjalin masa depan. Masa depan kita ataupun Next Generation. Hidup Trismapaga....

Sun_lovers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 33   
A group of sun loving drazed bunch. Regular event : Kayak at ECP every sunday.

SirensPaddlingClub Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 33   
Our mission is to provide competitive paddling opportunities to women of all ages and abilities, foster sportsmanship, encourage fitness and camaraderie in a respectful and emotionally ...

womenonwater Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 32   
Kayaking and canoeing, camping and commaraderie, open to all women with some experience in canoeing or kayaking. We get together for a four day trip in the spring and fall. We sponsor ...

stibanas2000c1 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 32   
Yuk kita gabung ke millis stibanas2000c1@yahoogroups.com caranya kirim aja mail kosong ke : stibanas2000c1-subscribe@yahoogroups.com Lumayan bisa ngebosip sana sini soal materi kuliah, tugas kuliah sampai dengan ngegosip yang asik2. Kalau perlu soal sarah azhari yang lagi makan di warung depan kampus. Oke ... segera daftar deh. caranya kayak diatas tadi kirim mail kosong ke : stibanas2000c1-subscribe@yahoogroups.com terus kalau ada balasan dari yahoo segera replay aja. Gitu aja........

schwarzwaldstuerzer Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 32   
Intressengemeinschaft von Kanuten und Paddlern aus dem Dreiländereck Schweiz, Deutschland und Frankreich für das Paddeln im Scharzwald. Group de Kayakeurs and Canoeist de la ...

rockhoppers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 32   

outdoorsclub1 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 32   
This list is intended to help people with common interests get to know each other while participating in outdoors activities. We camp, hike, mountain bike, whitewater raft, boat, boulder, and etc... It is a way for people to make contacts and to get to know others with similar interests.

kirklandkayakpolo Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 32   
Kayak Polo, Kirkland, WA. Wednesdays at 6pm

keoua Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 32   
Keoua Honaunau is an outrigger paddling club based on the Big Island of Hawaii. The club's origins date back to the 1930's, with our roots extending back centuries into the Polynesian ...

kenutura Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 32   
átal mennék én a Tiszán ladikon.....

kayakturu Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 32   
Artik her bos buldugumuz vakitte, bayramlarda, seyranlarda kayak yapmaya gidebilmeliyiz degil mi? Bunun icin burdasiniz. Zaman zaman mevcut turlara grup halinde girerek avantajlar saglamak, zaman zaman da kendimiz bir yere tur organize etmek amacımız...

huddsoldboys Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 32   
Chat forum for ex-Huddersfield University Canoe Club members to keep in touch

friends_of_sdb Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 32   
Welcome to the "Friends of SDB" Group ! Sydney Dragon Blades Dragon Boat Club has developed many friendships over the years - between its own club members, affiliate crews, ...

WhitewaterGazette Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 32   
A group which allows Shards LRP Characters and NPC's to send rumours, lies and damned lies into the Whitewater Gazette either as themselves or anonymously. The best of them will be printed in the Whitewater Gazette proper and distributed at future events.

Whitewater-HS-1981 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 32   
Welcome Whitewater High School Class of 1981 & Others! For Whitewater High School alumni circa 1981 and others interested in sharing ideas and for keeping informed as to upcoming events and other pertinent information regarding our class(es). Whitewater High School is located in Whitewater, WI - Wisconsin. New Member? Thanks for signing up! Here's a tip or two on making the experience a good one. Go to Edit My Membership and change the email address for you for this group to your personal email ...

Modular_Floatation_Dwellings Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 32   
This group is for all those of use that want to explore the ideation of building & living in an inexpensive dwelling on a river or in a harbour . We are not gonna get caught up in names ...

BenzieYakers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 32   
A loose and friendly, low-key group of Benzie County folk who like to keep in touch about paddling the local waters.

vaporized413 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 31   
Our group organizes kayak trips in the Pioneer Valley in Western Massachusetts. The types of trips include Tuesday Night paddles as well as weekend trips. Many of the weekend trips are ...

raftingturkiye Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 31   
Türkiyede akarsu sporları ile ilgili herkese açık!

pa-paddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 31   
PA Canoe Racing E-group

iklan98kumpul Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 31   
Elo beneran anak D3 iklan 98 FISIP-UI yang terkenal itu? Kalo bukan mendingan buru-buru tinggalin tempat ini. Tapi kalo iya, SELAMAT DATANG! Ayo...ayo masuk, jangan duduk-duduk aja di depan ruangan kelas, mentang2 dosen belum dateng. Kuliah bentar lagi mulai. Guys, harapan gw lewat milis ini, kita bisa saling melepas kangen, ngobrol2 lagi, ketawa2 lagi. Roda waktu yang bergulir nggak harus membuat kita berpisah kan? Maka itu, ayo deh pada ngobrol disini, gila2an lagi. Silahkan ngobrol apa aja. ...

airindonesia Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 31   

PaddlersforPeace Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 31   
This group is created for paddlers, sailors, boaters who support alternatives to war. It is non-partisan, non-violent and non-dogmatic. We would simply like to promote and encourage Peace, through paddling, by organising "floating processions for Peace" in and around Seattle. Please join and pass on the message to other like-minded paddlers and boaters. ------------------------------------------- UPCOMING EVENT SUNDAY: Boat Procession on LK Washington When: 12pm Sun Feb 9, rain or shine Where: ...

KayakAdventures Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 31   
We have fun in kayaks!

Crew351 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 31   
This is a coed BSA Venture Crew. Our members are males and females, 14 to 21 years old. We specialize in high adventure activities, some of which include whitewater rafting, horse riding, skiing,snowshoeing, climbing, hiking, camping and scuba diving. We have an advancement program that helps the youth gain skills in leadership and interpersonal development. To join call Tom @503-774-7020 Home page link; http://home.comcast.net/~cnturrill/

Canine-Swim-Events-USA Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 31   
keywords: Savannah, doggie dip, puppy paddle, dog splash, doggy paddle, canine swim, fundraising, dogpark fund-raiser, aquatic center, swimming pool This group is for the purpose of documenting successful events and problems as well as planning yearly canine swim event fundraisers across the US Canada. Our database now has contact info for 140 events from across 33 states Canada. It's for parks people, animal control, other organizers to compare notes and offer advice on the best ways to ...

xpc2003 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 30   
The X-Paddling Collective 2003 eGroup.

waynuff Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 30   
Men's Masters Rowers at Los Gatos Rowing Club

victoriancanoeclub Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 30   
We are a Canoe and Kayak Club in Victoria, Australia. Feel free to peruse the messages, our links and photos. To view photos you need to create a yahoo profile. For our most recent ...

sizoux Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 30   
Di dedikasikan buat semua anak sizoux yang pengen tau informasi. Keep in touch dong... biar gak dianggep sombong kayak moderatornya tuh gak pernah ngirim2 pesen hiji2 acan... kumaha si moderator teh-nya... Ayo buat yang tau imel anak2 yang laen... dianjurkan buat memberitahu moderator... atau suruh mereka kirim imel kosong ke sizoux-subscribe@... apa yah? pokoknya di bawah tulisan2 ini ada-lah... okeh pren?

pier63holdtrips Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 30   
Email list for organizing trips out of the pier 63 rental holds.

pdbcxpc Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 30   
The X-Paddling Collective - the pdbc's premiere elite mixed dragon boat crew

kanoepeople Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 30   
The annual canoe trip is not only a tradition, but a calling as well. It's Mother Nature saying to us; "Please leave your hectic stressful ways in the city and come north. Please enjoy what I have to offer you while you drink beer and other alcoholic beverages to your heart's content; for I will take care of you and all your friends as you take a time-out from life to enjoy each other's company while slowly floating through me, your natures playground."

deepcovecatch22 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 30   
Deep Cove dragonboat team.

cantai2003 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 30   
A stout group of Canadians and other expatriates -- as well as Taiwanese -- motivated by a strong desire to achieve, breaking the envelope of physical endurance ... and beer to compete ...

balmybeach Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 30   
This is a group for paddlers and friends of the Balmy Beach Canoe Club to communicate about training, events, etc...

SKPpaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 30   
This e-board is for members of the Escapees RV Club who are interested in paddling, taking their boats on the road and meeting other Skips for paddling events. The Canoe/Kayak Birds of ...

CFPaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 30   
People who are interested in paddling in and around Wilmington NC and surounding area. This group is for anyone who would like to paddle, no membership is necessary in any group.

4paddle Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 30   
We are a group of kayakers’ in central Florida; this is the place online where we plan trips, share information, post pictures from the trips & post information for our members. ...

teamOCEAN Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 29   
The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary (MBNMS) sponsors Team OCEAN Kayaker Outreach Program. TeamOCEAN is a summer field program that puts trained volunteer naturalists on the water ...

roque2000 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 29   
free boat plans

parramattacanoeclub Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 29   
Canoeists that belong to Parramatta Canoe Club. the Club is mainly a Canoe Polo Canoe CLub

magyarmasters_group Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 29   
This is for Hungarian master kayak/canoe padlers and their clubs

hwachongcanoeists Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 29   
Born to Row, Trained to Win, Hwa Chong Canoeists Oosh!!

gluedlapboats Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 29   
A site dedicated to the (relatively) new art and science of Glued Lapstrake Boatbuilding. Discussions about projects, designs, building techniques and the community at large.

gatorpaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 29   
A group of fairly experienced outdoor adventurers to get together for day, weekend or more extended trips mostly in Florida but occasionally out of state. Trips usually involve water activites and lots of good food. Activities can be strenuous and dirty, involving portaging, getting stuck, and off-trail hiking. We like to combine camping with canoeing or kayaking. This may involve packing canoes or kayaks with camping equipment or just car camping after a day on the river. Age is irrelevant. You ...

canoecampingclub Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 29   
The Canoe-Camping Club is the Canoeing Section of the Camping & Caravanning Club. The club is the leading touring club in Great Britain. The club organises an extensive programme of day ...

anon1005 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 29   
Whitewater,Wisconsin Noon Kiwanis Club

acjcdragons Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 29   
AC Dragonboat and Canoeing Club Seniors of 2002!

TadpolePaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 29   
LEARN. GROW. EVOLVE. Tadpole Paddlers is a group of Pacific Northwest paddlers that share a common goal of learning, growing, paddling together while sharing expertise. ...

BarronCanyonspring2001 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 29   
This group has been formed in order to plan a canoe "Gathering" in the summer of 2001 to the Barron Canyon area of Algonquin Park. All paddlers that visit CCR and their friends are ...

womenseakayakers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 28   
A place to discuss the experiences of women sea kayakers, and to find paddling partners in the pacific northwest. List owner is based in Bellingham WA. Many organized paddles will focus ...

tidak Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 28   
Karena banyaknya permintaan, maka dibentuklah tidak@egroups.com Terdiri dari sebagian besar ex anak bhk pilihan. Sisanya campur2 kayak es kacang Singapur. Jadi kalo sodara2 mao ngirim mail ke yang laen, tinggal imel ke: tidak@egroups.com, sebaliknya sodara2 akan dapet imel dari sodara2 yang laen tiap kali mereka ngirim mail ke tidak@egroups.com Amien.

raffles_canoeist Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 28   
- cAnoEisT -

mountainwolf Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 28   
Mountain Wolf Pack is located on a territory called Aerial Myth.This is where the pack of wolves live in harmony and happiness.They live in the deep dens and spacious fields, they paddle in the safe waters of the lake and hunt in the depths of the forest.They are watched over by Kutaji Maraco and Yunna.Kutaji Maraco is the Alpha male of this pack, the pack follows his commands and respects him just like he respects them.Yunna is the Alpha Fea of this pack the pack respect her to.Both of them ...

kulupbahcesehir Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 28   
Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi Öğrenci Temsilciler Konseyi Kulüpler Birliği.... Üniversitemizde aktif olan kulüpler şunlardır: - Atatürkçü Düşünce Kulübü - Toplum Gönüllüleri Kulübü - Araştırma Geliştirme Takımı - Fenerbahçeliler Kulübü - Hukuk Kulübü - Bilim Kurgu ve FRP Kulübü - Motor Sporları Kulübü - Dans Kulübü - İşletme Kulübü - Halk Oyunları Kulübü - Uluslararası İlişkiler Kulübü - Mühendislik ve Organizasyon Kulübü - Zihin Kulübü - Müzik ve Kültür Kulübü - Münazara Kulübü - Sualtı Kulübü - ...

hrodp14 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 28   
SALAM HANGAT SELALU It's sound nice to c u again...kangen nggak sech???kangen dengerin cerita ttg "afdeling"?, "asisten hama"?, "tandan buah segar"?..ketua kelas tercinta "astrea supri"?.atau 'prahara pajak'? atau pembahasan ttg 'EOS eh arif'...cerita tentang "macan cantik"?...atau malah pengen dengerin presentasi "MUSI PARADISE"? ya..yaa..ya..semua bisa terlaksana kok..tenang aja..qta kan udah punya ML..Mailing love..dimana masih bisa berbagi cerita-cerita "seru"..mau diterusin kan ??? ...

dax_shepard Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 28   
i love dax shepard he is so hott if u agree then well this is a good group for you. Dax was first seen on mtv's punk'd. Now you can see him on the movie withoutt a paddle so go see it it looks funny

bad2004a Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 28   
People who have tried Dragon boat paddling with the San Francisco Bay area Dragons in 2004. http://www.bayareadragons.org

acjc_canoe Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 28   
This list was created in order to make it easier and more convenient for everyone in the ACJC Canoeing Dragonboat Team 96/97 to keep in contact.

OceanRiver Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 28   
This message board is for members of the Ocean River Sports Paddling Club. If you are looking for someone to paddle/race with, or want to buy/sell equipment, post here to notify ...

ptcpaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 27   
The Peachtree City Paddlers is an organization of individuals and families in the Peachtree City/South Metro area who enjoy the sport of paddling. Most activities of the club involve ...

ozarkmtnpaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 27   
Ozarks Mountain Paddlers is an organization whose members' interests are in the promotion of and participation in paddle sports. This is done though conservation, education, and a great ...

napierkayakclub Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 27   
The home of Napier University's Kayaking Club, come on in and join us.

mmitb27 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 27   
Community of mm itb 27 executive class (kayak kereta api aja...)

lokahiocc Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 27   
Lokahi Outrigger Canoe Club is a member of the Northern California Outrigger Canoe Association (NCOCA). We provide recreational and competitive paddling experiences for people of all ...

lanakilaiki Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 27   
Aloha, Lanakila 'iki is a Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Club located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida offering Competitive and Recreational paddling on the ocean from Ft. Lauderdale Beach and on ...

ftcollinskayak Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 27   
This group is for Ft. Collins area paddlers who want to meet other local enthusiasts and exchange information, ideas, or whatever H20 topics they may have.

YoungatHeartNiftyLadies Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 27   
The Whitewater chapter of the Red Hat Society is the Young at Heart Nifty Ladies. This group is for posting messages, communicating with the ladies and displaying photos.

TheIsland Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 27   
Hello Vision Questors, This newsgroup provides a community meeting room for those who attended the Denise Linn Vision Quest on Canoe Island in September of 1998. May the love and warmth and courage we found there on The Island continue and be made permanent by this newsgroup and the archive it provides of discussions and emails to the group. Some of the features of an e-Groups news group that I hope we find of value include: The ability to do a threaded discussion and organize what we say by ...

PinkPhoenixBoard Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 27   
Board discussion area for Pink Phoenix

OhanaOCC Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 27   
Ohana Outrigger Canoe Club paddles out of Tumon Bay, Guam. We train for both local and international races as well as for recreation and socializing.

LambdaChiAlpha_UWW Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 27   
Alumni and Undergrads of the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, Lambda Iota Zeta at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

KonaKrew Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 27   
Lotus Outrigger Team for Kona

KayakBallet Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 27   
This is an egroup of the members of the Kayak Ballet team for the 74th Regatta of COEP

GayMaleCouplesNearDC Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 27   
Gay Male Couples near DC is a group seeking other couples for non-sexual fun. We're active, adventerous, smart, professional, athletic dudes who like to swim, waterski, snowski, bike/cycle, kayak, run, etc. and laugh a lot. Looking to meet others with similar interests in Silver Spring, Takoma Park, Kensington, Rockville, Rock Creek, upper NW DC.

ADBRF_Captains Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 27   
This group is for captains and managers of teams involved in Calgary's Alberta Dragon Boat Race Festival. This group will prove helpful in improving races for the coming years and ...

mmu_kayakteam Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 26   
Learn kayak techniques and experience the adventure of kayak expeditions!

methodist_church_of_whitewater Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 26   
First United Methodist Church 145 South Prairie Street Whitewater,Wisconsin 53190 Phone 1-262-473-2131 Fax 1-262-473-2362

kayak-istanbul Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 26   
Kayak hobysi olanların kayak olanakları (yurtiçi ve yurt dışı kayak tesisleri konusunda bilginin paylaşılması, malzeme konusunda tecrübeler, kaliteli ve ucuz malzeme alım yerleri konusunda tavsiyeler hava ve kar koşulları tiyoları) konusunda birbirlerini bilgilendirebilecekleri bir topluluktur. Kayak konusu dışında hiç bir konuda haberleşme yapılmamaktadır. Kayak sporunu seviyorsanız bu gruba katılarak bilgilerinizi bu grupla paylaşabilirsiniz.

ccc-training Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 26   
Cambridge Canoe Club marathon and sprint paddlers training.

FarmingtonRiverClub Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 26   
Loosely affiliated individuals socializing and recreating together centered on the Farmington River. Predominately but not limited to Whitewater boating.

CarbonWhitewater Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 26   
Carbon Whitewater is meant to connect the whitewater river running community of Carbon County, Utah.The photo is Bill and Brian Mixsell and myself in Ladle Rapid, Selway River, June ...

AuSableRiverRabbleRousers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 26   
Online communication for the Annual Father Son Canoe trip. This group has been canoing the AuSable River since 1976. Based out of a cabin in Roscommon, Mi; this annual trip now includes a day of golf, 2 days of canoing, and some good quality times with family and friends.

Adventures_Outdoor_Savannah Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 26   
Adventures Outdoor Savannah is a network for younger Gay Men in and around the Savannah, GA area interested in outdoor activities such as.... CAMPING - HIKING - BACKPACKING - BIKING - PADDLING - ROCK CLIMBING - BOATING - AVIATION

redtidecanoepolo Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 25   
Redtide Canoepolo Team

kayakfishing Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 25   
Specializing in Freshwater and Saltwater Kayak Fishing

PDXkayakerdiscussions Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 25   
This forum is a means by which boaters in the Portland Oregon area can present, discuss, and debate issues more or less applicable to whitewater kayaking. This is the place for longer ...

MonklandsCanoeClub Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 25   
Monklands Canoe Club is based in and around Lanarkshire, Scotland. The Club has a very active river running nucleus and many others who participate in other disciplines of canoeing. The ...

HighCountryRiverRafters Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 25   
The purposes and objectives of the High Country River Rafters Club are to promote the sport of river rafting. To facilitate communication and understanding between its members. To ...

FSKN Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 25   
An informal Group for trip leaders and participants in FSPC trips to update information and post proposed trips. If you lead an Impromptu Trip READ the following and follow the ...

teamaiya Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 24   
NJ Dragon Boat Club's Junior Dragon Boat Team. Open practices for anyone 18 or under on Sundays at Lake Parsippany. We warmup at 9:30AM and push off by 10AM. Contact Coach Richard for ...

miamidragonboat Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 24   
This is a group of dragon boat paddlers in S. Florida. By Membership only

karpasdemar Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 24   
Este grupo de interesse visa falar de canoagem de turismo, das diversas vertentes desta modalidade, bem como falar dos problemas e actividades do grupo de canoagem "Karpas de Mar".

hdbcnz05 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 24   
Henley Dragons New Zealand tour

dragonsbreathintl Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 24   
Members & friends of the Dragon's Breath International paddling team, Portland, Oregon, US

ccgh Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 24   
The Canoe Club of Greater Harrisburg provides recreational, educational, and environmental opportunities for Central Pennsylvania. This OneList is the listserve for the CCGH. Announcements by the club or mail from any members goes to all. Responses to mail from the list also goes to all. Try it! It is easy to unsubscribe if you don't like it. If you cannot get email (business rules, etc.) you can have all mail held at their web site.Anyone may sign on but the communications are primarily of ...

boghikers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 24   
This group is used by a private group of friends to keep in touch and schedule outdoor activities such as hiking, backpacking and canoe trips.

TeamWho2004 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 24   
Ahoy landlubbers! Grab a paddle and get ready to hoist the jolly roger as we fight our way to dragon gold on the high seas! Grog swilling mandatory ... plank walkin' optional. Aug 7/8: Calgary Aug 21/22: Edmonton Sep 18/19: Kelowna Aug 14: Red Deer - to be discussed

MDRWATERMEN Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 24   
We are southern California group of watermen, who share a desire to excel in and on the water. Our primary function is to organize, and implemnet training schedules, and group workouts, ...

yams_and_cams Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 23   
Welcome to Y.A.M.s and C.A.M.s, short for Yak Attack Maniacs and Canoe Also Manics (aka Yaks & Waks). We are a flatwater ("quiet water") kayak and canoe paddling group based in the ...

ukoutrigger Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 23   
A discussion area for the UK Outrigger community.

seasports Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 23   
To facilitate communication between associate instructors of different sea sports club.

piedmontpaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 23   
Piedmont Paddlers is dedicated to paddling enthusiasts of all types; flat water, sea kayaking, and white water in North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, ...

macseakayaking Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 23   
This group is for paddlers at UCLA's Marina Aquatic Center to share information and find paddling partners. Look around, check the calendar and let people know you're here!

lbadults Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 23   
Adults Coaching Group at LBCC

kayaksurfing Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 23   
Looking for people to kayak surfing with? Post a message and let people know where you want to go and how good the surf is. The surf is up? Send out an e-mail to let people know. This ...

kayakorea Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 23   
Helping people find whiewater and kayaking lessons in Korea.

jepang99 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 23   
HEH...jangan pada sombong2 ye...kirim2 kabar..kirim2 lowongna..kirim2 apaan kek. Kalo make Grups jadi kalo lu ngirim kesini..sama aja kayak ngirim ke semua anak Jepang 99.

gc2004 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 23   
Grand Canyon geological rafting trip with Ivo Lucchitta: 3/26/04 - 4/08/04. Messages will be posted to give updates, recommended gear, preparation, and what to expect. Messages from ...

empaddling Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 23   
On line trip information relay for east midland based paddlers

bonebreak Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 23   
A strong breeze in your face and and the pacemaker in your throat the adrenaline pooring out like a nonstopp flow of sweat, is what makes you feel alive, then you have come to the right location. Please keep in mind any sport can be a dangerous activity, aprox. 500 people die in the bathtub a year, and we do NOT encourage you to go beyond your capabilities! MOUNTAIN BIKING / BMX / BUNGEE JUMPING / 4 + 6 WHEEL / CREEK SKATING / FLOW BOARDING / HANG GLIDING / HELISKIING / INLINE SKATING / JET ...

acecanoekayak Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 23   
Atlanta Center for Excellence - Whitewater Slalom Kayaking

SL_CC Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 23   
Outrigger Canoe club in Port Alberni on Vancouver Island.

SFOCC_men Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 23   
San Francisco Outrigger Canoe Club_Mens Program

PaddleHeads Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 23   
A group of whitewater kayak fanatics from eastern Canada. Picture : Paul Muegge at Hat Trick on Beauty Creek, AB. Photo taken by Glenn Wallace. SYOTR

OldColonySkiClub Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 23   
Check out the Old Colony Ski Club! An adult-only club, we have a 19-room ski house in North Woodstock, New Hampshire (right between Loon and Cannon, with Bretton Woods and Waterville Valley close by). A membership will cost you just $250 a year and one work weekend so you’ll find yourself doing a lot more skiing, riding, hiking, biking, golfing, paddling, climbing, and shopping!

MVROSEMARY Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 23   
M.V. Rosemary is the email address for the Patchogue Poorman's Yacht Co. PPMYC is the builders of fine, inexpensive sailing and powered motor yachts. They are designed for the man or ...

DBCBCoaches Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 23   
Dragon Boat Club of Boston, Inc. (DBCB) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that serves as a resource for all dragonboaters in the Boston, Massachusetts area. This unmoderated forum ...

CCK_Friends Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 23   
Welcome to the unofficial site for the friends and staff of California Canoe and Kayak. Do you want to meet others to go paddling with? Need a roll practice partner? Looking to sell ...

xtremeny Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 22   
Xtreme NY .... Racers' discussion group. For team website goto: www.XtremeNY.com

texasrowingcenter Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 22   
The Texas Rowing Center email group is for members of the Texas Rowing Center on the Hike and Bike Trail of Town Lake in Austin, Texas. The purpose of the email group is for receiving ...

klcsa Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 22   
to be describe later

erzincan2001 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 22   
Ulusal Gençlik Kampları ile ba&#351;layan ve halen devam etmekte olan bir dostluk hikayesidir erzican2001

VTE Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 22   
A Vadvízi Túrázók Országos Egyesületének levelezõ listája. A lista a belsõ híráramlás felgyorsítását, vélemény egyeztetést, ...

wildernesscanoe Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 21   
A forum to discus wilderness canoe camping and expedition canoeing, mainly in North America, but participants in other countries also invited to share information on their area. Trip ...

rockymountainkayak Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 21   
This group is for those who what to keep in touch with the happenings of the Rocky Mountain Kayak store, headquartered in New Stanton, PA. If you want to be notified when there is a ...

rjcanoeists98-99 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 21   
a more convienient thingy as compared to ecircles?

ritconcretecanoeteam Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 21   

recingcrew Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 21   
A place for recreational paddlers in the Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas area to get together and plan outings, swap tall tales, talk shop, post pics and other neat fun stuff that pertains ...

phildragonboat Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 21   
The association is composed of active dragon boat racers that united to promote the sport in the Philippines and set standards, organize events and competitions, conduct trainings and ...

oldschoolboaters Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 21   
OldSchoolBoaters is a forum where river boaters taught in the “old school” way of river boating can meet other “old school” river boaters to talk about: the old days, ...

miamidragon Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 21   
This is the email list for the dragon boat team attending the HK Dragon Boat Festival. We will use this to keep the team members up to date with training information and other issues.

hwazhong_canoeing Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 21   
This group is set up specially for members of HwaChong(TCHS) Canoeing Speed Team. All members are encouraged to join, especially the B'divison. Information will be exchanged for your ...

WoodlandsPaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 21   
Tag Line: If you are a paddler living within 20-30 minutes drive from The Woodlands Mall (Texas), and want to get together with other paddlers for expeditions, fun, training, etc. then ...

VaBeachAdventureRacers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 21   
This group is intended for the distribution of adventure race, duathlon, and triathlon information as well as serving as a planning tool for races. The members of this group reside in but are not limited to the Hampton Roads (South East) area of Virginia. We will make full use of the calendar to organize races and events along the East Coast. That would typically include Virginia, West Viginia, Maryland, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Eventually we will start looking at some longer road ...

Salmon2001 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 21   
People who shared the fabulous Salmon River whitewater rafting experience in July, 2001 with Warren River Expeditions.

Plywoodboats Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 21   
This group is dedicated to the discussion of building small boats using plywood materials for their construction. These boat may be be stick built, or stitch and glue.

PeninsulaPathfinders Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 21   
Want to enjoy God's great creation and meet new friends? We are the Peninsula Pathfinders, a fun loving and adventerous Christian group of 20's and 30's wanting to enjoy the great outdoors, and learn more about God and eachother. We seek to hike in places local to the Peninsula and San Francisco Bay area and beyond; as well as other outdoor activities such as camping, backpacking and whitewater rafting.

HelsinkiCanoeSafaris Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 21   
Helsinki Canoe Safaris This group was created for the organisation of one specific trip for summer 2001, but continues as long as there is any interest in more trips.

EldoraWatch Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 21   
A kayak canoe fishing group that roams various inshore areas in Florida. And, a group that keeps an eye on the health and use of the ecosystems. The group name, Eldora Watch, is taken from a small remnant of a village within Canaveral National Seashore Park. Eldora was a way stop for travelers using the waterways before the railroads arrived. Such places are worthy of preservation. Hence: A watch on Eldora .. and other sites that are fast giving way to bulldozers and condos.

DCOutdoors Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 21   
A group for people in the DC area who enjoy the outdoors and all kinds of activites such as mountain biking, rock climbing, paddling, snowboarding, and looking to meet others to do these things with.

CharlotteCanoeandKayak Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 21   
An informal club where people can post and respond to canoe and kayak trips in North Carolina and South Carolina. Goals: 1) Promote canoeing and kayaking 2) Practice conservation 3) ...

whiteH20yakers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 20   
Here is a slowly growing list for avid fans of any type of whitewater boating. Feel free to send the list any information, jokes, tips, river info., etc. about ww. kayaking. Thanks!

smp1langsa Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 20   
Surprise !!!Caution.... !!!!! Ini dia tempat kita belajar (doloe), tempat kita bermain (doloe juga), di sinilah kenangan itu tercipta. Namun tetap, memories is eternal. Nah, milis ndulang kita sama2 numplek lagi kayak doloe. Milis ini utk kepentingan kita bersama. Tidak ada istilah 'mantan guru' ataupun 'mantan murid'. Pak Gade, Pak Husaini, Bu Cut, Bu Muridah, Pak Simbolon, Pak Ginting dan Bapak2 serta Ibu2 Guru kita yg lain adalah tetap guru kita. Jangan Pernah ada istilah 'mantan guru'. ...

padletur Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 20   
Brevring for turplanlegging. Oppretta for at ikkje alle dei som er på BHK si hovud-e-postgruppe skal bli plaga av uinteressante detaljar om enkeltturar dei sjølv ikkje har tenkt ...

melonta Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 20   
Keskustelua rata-ja maratonmelonnasta. Ryhmän tarkoituksena on vaihtaa ajatuksia melontaharjoittelusta ja melonnan edistämisestä niin paikallisesti kuin valtakunnallisestikin. ...

foto2undercover Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 20   
sekarang sih blom ada isi apa2. tapi nanti, isinya cuman foto2 panas doank. kalo mau lebih tau soal cowok KAKA (kayak kita), coba deh klik ke: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/undercover_id/

deepwoodscampforboys Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 20   
Deep Woods Camp for Boys is an active wilderness adventure program in North Carolina that includes backpacking, whitewater canoeing, rock climbing and mountain biking.

austindragonboat Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 20   
An email discussion group for people interested in Dragon Boat Racing in and around Austin, Texas.

USU21canoepolo Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 20   
This group is for players interested in training with and for the US U21 squads for canoe polo. This is the home of the Continental Cup 2001 Bronze Medal U21 team, 2003 Bronze Medal U17 ...

MVC-Canoeing Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 20   
For exchanging information about canoeing opportunities in the Mississippi Valley Council of Girl Scouts. We provide training, programming, and information. This site is not officially ...

Hububat_Fiyatlari Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 20   
Trenler yolda cik cik ilerlerken arkalarindan kosan yagmur taneleri birer fil canazor karisimi sufle oldular. Ondan sonra gelenler de tey tey diyerek halay cektiler ki püreden yapilan heykeller yollarini kolay bulsun kayak pistlerinde. Zaten tüm bunlarin iiçinden çikan toz parcaciklari vak vak diyerek bayram coskusu içindeydikeler = at yavrusu ise gel gel. diyerek sürdürdüm baltayi baltazar a yuttururkene.

DWPoker Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 20   
Dragon Warriors take a break from paddling. For those interested in an occasional night of poker, join the group to receive invites or to host a poker night. Host sets rules for game.

threeputt Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 19   
11th Annual Ronald Ramirez Golf Memorial Kayak Point GC June 21-22, 2002 Two day-Two man team Shamble Scramble Format/6 Drives Tee times: Fri. 6/21 @ 10am Sat. 6/22 @ 9am Entry fee is $325/team, which includes golf fees, carts, range balls, and tee prizes. Food beverage will be provided before and/or during the round. Please send reply and payment by Fri. May 31st to: Alex Biscocho 11760 SW Welch Terrace Beaverton, OR 97008 Phone no. 503 579 1776h Email address: biscocho@mailcity.com

riverninja Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 19   
This list is for the adventurous, who have paddled, or desire to paddle the Missouri River. In 2000, myself, Aaron Garney, and a friend paddled the river on Sea Kayaks from the Canyon Ferry Dam, near Helena, Montana, to the North Dakota/South Dakota Border. Come and share your experiences with us and all the list members. We'll discuss the specifics, ranging from methods of travel, point-to-point river mileage, river flow, characteristics, re-supply sites, cities and towns along the river, etc. ...

potomac_sea-rec_kayaking Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 19   
This group is aimed towards students of Potomac Paddlesports sea touring kayaking classes and/or anyone interested in sea touring or flatwater kayaking in the mid-Atlantic region, ...

otkc Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 19   
A kayak club for people in the Washington DC metro area. We have monthly meetings, organize trips and provide a way for people to find paddle partners.

njdb-lowell Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 19   
NJ Dragon Boat Club's information distribution list to those interested in participating in the Lowel Mass dragon boat races.

PDBF Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 19   
Dragon boat paddling and racing an extreme sport wherein 20 Manila teams are registered and practicing daily at the Manila Bay along Roxas Blvd.

Locopescadores Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 19   
Loco Pescadores paddle again! A crazy kayak fishing group that like to get together, do some paddling, some fishing, plan trips and get togethers, and have fun. As simple as that.

ClubdeRemodeLosRios Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 19   
Fanaticos (birriosos) de la carrera de cayucos de Oceano a Oceano. En el 2005: QUIERO MEDALLAS Y TROFEO!!! Copa Club de Yates de Balboa - 15 de febrero, 2004 *6/13 (15 pts) - 1:02:35 ...

uwwcollegedems Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 18   
This is a yahoo group for the UW Whitewater College Democrates, a group that does not discriminate, and thus includes anyone wanting to talk politics with us.

spinningintobutter Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 18   
This is group designed for the production staff and cast of UW-Whitewater's Spinning Into Butter to keep in contact over the summer.

oregoncup Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 18   
Hello! Welcome to the Oregon Cup Organizer's group! This was created to help organize the event each year. A single email address will get to everyone on the list. There is also a ...

nwwhitewaterwomen Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 18   
Northwest women whitewater paddlers

njcanoeing Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 18   
hey guys... this is alan speaking.... this is the team egrp horz... anything u wan 2 say 2 the team via email or wan 2 send anything pls feel free 2 email this grp... yep.... *a service ...

mtbgbg Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 18   
Grupp för oss som gillar att träna Mountainbike, Löpning, Paddling m.m. i Göteborgsområdet

kelas2f Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 18   
SUGENG RAWUH Dateng Milisipun bocah2 ex 2F smara catur !! sebelumnya sorry ya kalo nama milisnya (kelas2f) wagu,garing,ra gaul, tapi who cares !! sing penting gampang dieling-eling udah tau kan apa itu milis (mailing list)? yg udah tahu n udah punya yahoo ID lgsung aja login,yg ga punya yahoo ID daftar dulu ya ( Join This Group ) YANG BELUM TAHU APA ITU MILIS (contoh:Jacky,Jeboh,sabar,darmadi) Milis kuwi panggonan kanggo bertukar pesan,info,gambar,chatting antar sesama anggota jd kalo kamu kirim ...

kayakdivers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 18   
Welcome to the Pacific Northwest Kayak Divers Group! Our Group is for Washington, Oregon, Idaho, British Columbia Scuba Divers that wish to reach those less accessible dive sites via Kayak here in the Pacific Northwest. This Forum is to: Find Dive Buddies, Plan Trips, and to Discuss Dive Sites, Gear, Safety other Kayak Diving related issues. New Members posts will be monitored for a short time to help foil potential sources of spam.

gabonesekillergirls Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 18   
Gabonese Killer Girls Divarchy. Heroines and Villainesses of The Gabon. Iboga. Bwiti. Gabon Icons: Mary Henrietta Kingsley. Justine Mintsa. "She was one of the first European explorers to travel to some remote parts of Gabon in West Africa. From December 1894 to November 1895 Mary Kingsley traveled alone to the port of Calabar (now Nigeria), to Gabon, and to Cameroon. She collected fish and reptiles for the British Museum (Natural History) of London. In Gabon she took a steamer up the Ogooué ...

funkeh Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 18   
Tempat ngocol and banyol, biar otak gak jadi dodol kayak ongol-ongol.

dmrole Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 18   
This is a NEW list for fans of Diagnosis Murder starring Charlie Schlatter Scott Baio Shane Van Dyke Barry Van Dyke Victoria Rowell Dick Van Dyke and others Have you ever wanted to spank paddle whip etc one of the cast members well heres your chance in this all new role playing game list

canoe_masca Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 18   
Malaysia Canoe Association (MASCA) was formed in 1992 to provide national leadership to all state canoe associations that had until then existed on their own. All 14 state canoeing ...

WATERclub Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 18   
The Western Association To Enjoy Rivers (WATER club) is a social organization of rafters, kayakers and canoeists in Grand Junction, Colorado. River runners of all types and ability ...

SCORAcoaches2004 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 18   
This is a email list that is intended to facilitate online communication amongst SCORA member club coaches.

PascoPartyConnection Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 18   
Hello friends and family of Carla, Kentin and Chad. Welcome to our group. We'll use this area to help plan our two annual events (and others) Whitewater Rafting and Raider Weekend. Feel free to use this area to post other events that folks might be interested in.

PDXOCRA Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 18   
All information concerning canoe racing and paddling opportunities in the Portland area and Pacific Northwest are welcome. Main focus will be on the encouragement and skillbuilding of ...

NOK Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 18   
We all know there is not great whitewater in New Orleans. But we aren't afraid to travel to get some. Drop your pics here and take what you like. Chris When you absolutely, positively ...

Lively-Dragon Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 18   
Lively Dragon Boat Race & RBC Aquafest take place Saturday July 10th, 2004 at beautiful Bay Front Park, Hamilton, Ontario Teams and dragon boat enthusiasts are invited to join. See you ...

CDBACollege Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 18   
This group is for team captains, organizers and supporters who wish to create, partcipate, and grow the college division for Dragon Boating both in the San Francisco area and beyond. ...

4N6camp2003 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 18   
This group is for paticipants of the Forensics Workshop 2003 in Whitewater, WI. It is to help each other post photos and send messages to each other.

2002candidates Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 18   
NSPN 2002 Trip Leader Candidates

whitewaterpeace Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 17   
We are a unilateral, non-partisan peace coalition based in Whitewater, Wisconsin. Most of us are students on the University of Wisconsin campus here. We hold meetings every Wednesday night at 9 PM at the (Anti)Warhawk in the University Center, and demonstrations every Friday afternoon at 3 PM. Our current focus is the proposed war on Iraq.

sabado_paddle Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 17   
Aca no jodemos a nadie con los mails. Los que se quieran anotar en el grupo, listo.

roguepaddler Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 17   
We're bringing a revolutionary new idea to the world of sea-kayaking and canoeing. Want to know what it is? It's the belief that our fellow aquaphiles shouldn't be forced to wade ...

pbares Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 17   
This is the on-line message board for the Paddling Bares Canoe Club. Participation is restricted to active members of the Paddling Bares Canoe Club. Contact the Paddling Bares ...

mightyducks_2k2 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 17   
Tempat ngumpulnya anak anak TLUP 2002!! ngerti kan kenapa kita namain kayak gini????? banyak kenangan indahnya hehehe ini idenya si dinamoot sebenernya. jadi kalo ngerasa ank 70 dan TLUP dan angkatan 2002 wajib daftar!! luv u!!!

kccinfoswap Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 17   
The Keystone Canoe Club (KCC) of Berks County is a non-profit organization that was organized in 1973 in an effort to promote the sports of canoeing and kayaking, as well as to promote ...

huilaemakani_outrigger Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 17   
Outrigger Canoe Club paddling in the Indian River Lagoon in Melbourne Florida

bahamasadventures Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 17   
Hi! and welcome to Bahamas Out-Island Adventures group! We conduct guided adventure tours and camping safaris on the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas (that's a satellite image of Eleuthera on the left). We kayak along two beautiful coastlines or on inland lagoons, snorkel over dazzling marine life and coral formations, surf or boogieboard world-class waves, and explore mysterious caves, blue holes and spectacular deserted beaches. At night we camp on the beach in comfortable tents and make ...

arkansaswaterdogs Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 17   
Online connections and information exchange for paddling in Arkansas: buy & sell equipment - discuss favorite floats & water levels - find paddling buddies. Feel free to add links, ...

adirondack_adventure Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 17   
hi all, i wanted to start a club for people in the adirondack region to get together to go hiking , camping,kayaking,canoeing,whitewater rafting, rock climbing, fishing or whatever you like to do in the great outdoors of upstate ny. looking forward to meeting lots of people from our area and getting into some adventures! see ya soon.

Singles_of_North_Alabama Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 17   
Singles of North Alabama (SONA) is a nondenominational Christian Singles group that meets once each month at a different area church for a covered dish supper followed by Praise and Fellowship. Children are welcome, casual dress. SONA hosts other activities including Canoe trips, cookouts, movies/eating out and more…… SONA needs YOU… even more than participation in fellowships and monthly meetings, we need people who will help in different ways. Committee sign up sheets are available at SONA ...

SJPaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 17   
This group is for members of the San Joaquin Paddlers; a club for people who canoe, kayak, raft or otherwise explore rivers, lakes, ocean and other waterways. The list is especially ...

OttawaPaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 17   
White water kayaking and canoeing based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Closed membership by approval only.

LeboldFamilyPlanner Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 17   
A place to share information about upcoming events, in the KJ Lebold family. CALENDAR... The real reason I set up this group in the first place - to create a group calendar where we can keep track of upcoming events. I thought it might help in planning future get togethers, but add anything you think the rest of us might want to know about - performances, travel plans, graduations weddings, etc. MESSAGES... This bulletin board is connected to email. Post a message here, and it automatically gets ...

KSScat Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 17   
Pour s'informer et discuter des catamarans et du système KSS conçus par Derek Kelsall.

GCU_RPP Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 17   
Gauteng Canoe Union River Profiency Panel

BIAC Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 17   
Bair Island Aquatic Center is a non-profit organization offering programs in sweep rowing, sculling, and paddling in the San Francisco Bay Area. These programs are open to both novice and experienced participants, with classes for novices offered periodically, and juniors clinics in the summer. Whether you are interested in learning a new sport, improving your skills, or racing competitively at local, national, and international events, BIAC is the place for rowing and paddling!

zeroboundarywaters Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 16   
Zero Boundary Waters is a kayaking, canoeing and environmental education program committed to transcending the artificial boundaries that exist between communities. Our commitment is to create and provide a multi-week kayaking instruction programs for kids in the Chicago area. 5-8 week curriculums that are taught in three hour blocks once a week. With the support of the Boys and Girls Club staff we ensure that each session is kid friendly and while providing plenty of instruction, is lots of fun ...

unamcanoe Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 16   
This is the a concrete canoe website that represents UNAM´s University

sunrise_side_paddling_club Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 16   
Welcome! This group was formed to help promote the sport of paddling in the AuSable River Valley with an eye toward preserving our natural resources. We would like to see an increase in ...

sdbsocial Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 16   
Official SDB mailing list of the social dragon boat team for the communication of formal club notices and events.

polynesianculturalcenter Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 16   
Polynesian Cultural Center. Experience all of Polynesia: Samoa, Tonga, Tahiti, the Marquesas, Fiji, the new Easter Island exhibit, Aotearoa (Maori New Zealand), and of course old Hawaii — at the Polynesian Cultural Center... located in Laie, Hawaii, on the beautiful north shore of Oahu. In addition to enjoying the aloha spirit of the people, the Polynesian Cultural Center features the Alii Luau — Hawaii’s most authentic traditional feast, the Rainbows of Paradise canoe show, special features at ...

paddlephilippines Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 16   
Paddle Philippines is an umbrella group for paddling clubs, groups & individuals from all over the Philippines dedicated to the development and promotion of paddling in the country

michiganwhitewaterrafting Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 16   
This is a group for gay men from michigan who like to go whitewater rafing and like to be outside.we go to west virginia every july for a whitewater trip and this group is for guys that have never on a whitewater trip but are thinking about going.

kayakevanston Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 16   
We are kayakers in the Evanston, IL area who enjoy paddling on Lake Michigan. We needed a way to find out when others will be going out on the lake, so that we can share this awesome ...

hcanoegurl Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 16   
hwachong canoeing gurls 2004 j1s

free_boat_plans_iii Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 16   
This is storage site for FREE plans - not copyrighted - but FREE Boat Plans - any size, any design, and most importantly, FREE. This is a companion to the Free Boat Plans group. This is ...

frcpaddler Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 16   
This is the e-mail distribution server for the Farmington River Club of Connecticut. We paddle rivers from Maine to Virgina and beyond. This list is for members and friends to keep in ...

centralcarolinaseakayakers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 16   
Sea Kayakers from this area who paddle local lakes, bays, estuaires, the ocean and beyond.Thru training and experience we can all learn to be better paddlers.

carolinapaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 16   
This group is for all recreational paddlers both canoe and kayak.Primary emphasis will be on "flat water" We hope to be able to share information on rivers and lakes in NC suitable for ...

aquarockets Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 16   
Message board for members of Franklin High School's Dragon Boat Racing Team, the AquaRockets. Here you can: • Ask questions and post answers • Get information on and contact ...

UWPSSA-D Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 16   
UWPSSA-Discourse is a companion group to the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater Political Science Student Association Yahoo Group. For active members interested in participating in the daily discourse of our group. The other group (UWPSSA) is reserved for formal messages and announcements about our activities.

SPGmen Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 16   
This page is intended to ease the communication between the men's team, the head coach and the federation.

MiddleFork2005 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 16   
This group is for developing plans for a 2005 Middle Fork trip launching 5/7 or 5/8 of 2005. Invitation only. Photo: Dagger falls from the bottom. There's a reason we portage this one. ...

MSUcanoe Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 16   
This Yahoo Group will be initiated in 2004-2005 to serve as a communication center of the MSU Concrete Canoe team. I look forward to being the Canoe Captain for the coming year. Thank you to Nichole and the leadership of this year's team for leading the way to a stellar performance.

GunpowderWhiteWater Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 16   
The Gunpowder White Water Paddlers are interested in paddling up to class IV but mostly enjoy the class II and III white water found in the Baltimore / Washington Area. We are all ...

GCPositiveBoaters Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 16   
This list is for Grand Canyon boaters with a sunny attitude and absolutely no interest in politics. The motto of this group is "What, me worry?" While a love for the Grand Canyon is ...

Calontir_Norse_Ship_Project Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 16   
A group of people involved in the Society for Creative Anachronism in Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas who are interested in building and sailing an authentic Norse river ...

usrefereecanoepolo Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 15   
This group is for people who are interested in refereeing canoe polo and in training referees. The first focus is to develop a resource that we can all use in training referees.

tullingekanot Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 15   
Tullinge Kanotförening maillista!

surfskisa Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 15   
South African Surf Ski Legends

st_paul_com Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 15   

sardjanfamily Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 15   
Mailing list khusus keturunan keluarga Sardjan...hehehehehee...boleh sharing apa aja, tapi jangan fwd yang kilobite-nya gede, gambar serem-serem hhiiii... Bergosip boleh banget asal postif..kayak nyebarin info cowok cakep yang bisa diprospek juga boleh...terus ngomongin band dan musik, karena banyak di antara kita yang punya minat besar kesitu...ok, Hav fun and please feel free to write anything!

rovaniemenmelojat Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 15   
Rovaniemen Melojat on vapaa-ajan melontaan erikoistunut 20 vuotta vanha seura, joka virittelee toimintaansa nyt uudelleen. Jos melonta ja jäsenyys kiinnostavat, niin ilmoita ...

po-townpaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 15   
This Group is for people who Kayak, Canoe, Rafting, or paddle. We will discuss Paddling, Buying boats, and give advice on boating. We will also try to plan group boating Events! If you ...

nykpmembers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 15   
For members of New York Kayak Polo only

nlf_forspaddlare Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 15   
Vi är en förening i SUndsvall som paddlar forskajak. Vi paddlar främst fripaddling och flera i klubben tävlar i freestyle.

mouseboats2 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 15   
Further discussion of Mouseboats

komputer_rabu_pagi_6 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 15   
koputer rabu pagi emang paling top dah, dan ga' ada duanya..... hidup teknik komputer!!!!!! kayak jaman perang aja heheheehe...

hockinghillsadventures Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 15   
Hi all you outdoor nuts!! Spring is getting closer and closer. I decided to start this club for anyone that loves the outdoors. The meeting place for all activities will in Logan, Ohio. Activities will include and not restricted to the following: Hiking, backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, camping, horseback riding, star gazing, bird watching, fishing, etc. any outdoor activity mainly. A little bit about me the founder: 34 yrs old, male, avid outdoorsman and naturalist soon to be wildlife ...

grrlsbodyboardnyc Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 15   
Tired of hitting the beach alone? Sick of being the only girl out on the waves? If so, The 'network is for you! find out about good spots, the best boards and when/where to meet up. For the (super) newbie: PLACES TO GO-- Jones Beach: a couple of LIRR trains and you're there! Good for shell-finding as well as wave-catching. Sometimes crowded. There is a fee, but I can't remember how much. Long Beach: ditto! Good surf spot too. There's a surf-specific beach (dunno about bodyborading) and ...

eggscc Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 15   
A family oriented Canoe Club located in the Hockley-Waller-Hempstead Texas area. Dedicated to supporting paddling activities for local Boy Scout units.

cdbc-alumni Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 15   
CDBC alumni, now spread all around the globe!

Thompsonboats Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 15   
This is why I would like to unload my Cruiser. I need a bigger boat! And welcome to our new members although nothing goes on here. You are welcome to share pictures of your projects.

SIpaddlesportssociety Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 15   
Southern Illinois Paddlesports Society was established to provide paddlers of all ages and skill levels a way to meet people with similar interests and discover new areas to paddle. The ...

NetSAP_WWR Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 15   
This egroup is for discussing our upcoming whitewater rafting trip on the Lower Yough River.

NGeorgiaBushJumpers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 15   
Women of the woods, wild women of all size, race, color, belief and religions. Welcome one and all to the North Georgia group of Bush Jumpers! We are gathered here always to join together two of the strongest forces today, to pay tribute to us, the women of the outdoors. We’re nature at it’s best, coming together to celebrate our sisters, the Amazons! Whether you are a weekend warrior, day hikers, car campers or full blown deep in the thick of it, backpacking the Appalachian Trail type, you are ...

KaiEluaBoard2003 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 15   
Email list for Kai Elua Outrigger Canoe Club's Board of Directors for 2002-03.

Chinaraces-2004 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 15   
This represents the information distribution tool for US and Canadian entries into the China Dragon Boat Association's International Protective Service Worker's Dragon Boat Races ...

ChickenHawks Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 15   
This group is for people involved in one of the games at UW-Whitewater (currently AD?, D? 3.0, and Vampire) Why ChickenHawks? Because one of the members is a fan of old cartoons, and the name of the UWW team is Warhawks. Don't like it? Think of something better.

BoltonAthleticClub Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 15   
The Bolton Athletic Club is a local athletic activity and sporting club for both adults and youth. Concentrating strongly on outdoor sports, members may socialize and compete locally and even on the national level. One of the sports we support is Olympic and Marathon Kayaking. This Photo is from a "Super Marathon Race" in South Africa. SA is the home of our sister club in Durban, Kwa Zulu Natal, the Umzinyathi Canoe Club. KIDS! They can do anything they are trained properly to do! So can adults!

BestNativeAmericanRecipes Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 15   
In this gloriously photographed book, renowned photographer and Native American–food expert Lois Ellen Frank, herself part Kiowa, presents more than 80 recipes that are rich in natural flavors and perfectly in tune with today’s healthy eating habits. Frank spent four years visiting reservations in the Southwest, documenting time-honored techniques and recipes. With the help of culinary advisor and Navajo Nation tribesman Walter Whitewater, a chef in Santa Fe, Frank has adapted the traditional ...

BajaCoastalPaddlers303 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 15   
Baja Expeditions led paddle from Loreto to La Paz

AkauHana Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 15   
Based in Santa Cruz, California, Akau Hana Outrigger Canoe Club, a 501(c) non-profit club and a member of the Northern California Outrigger Canoe Association, uses traditional and ...

wnc Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 14   
A group of young "professionals," single or recently married, some in the camping industry, who enjoy mountain biking, climbing, disc golf, ultimate frisbee, paddling, road biking, fishing, hiking, backpacking, etc. Members are from Asheville, Hendersonville, Brevard, and the surrounding areas.

wayupnorth Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 14   
Updated pix as of 7/13/04!!! This is a group for all my friends or others who are interested in keeping up with my summer adventures in Alaska. I am a Kayak Ranger with the U.S. Forest Service in Prince William Sound and will be making many off work pleasure trips as well. Please feel free to contact me but be patient for replies since I may not be close to a computer all that often. I love you and miss you all very much! Oh also, you can click on the pictures to make them full screen (it makes ...

thetaalphaphidelta Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 14   
Online resource for UW-Whitewater's professional theatre fraternity, Theta Alpha Phi, Wisconsin Delta Chapter

takia Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 14   
Takia Outrigger Canoe Club Royal Suva Yacht Club Suva Fiji Islands

kerap Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 14   
Kelab ini terbuka keahliannya kepada penduduk dan pekerja di daerah Petaling Selangor. Sila hubungi Setiausaha kelab untuk pertanyaan lanjut. *********** PERHATIAN *********** SERTAI AKTIVITI KAMI +++++++ PENUH CABARAN KE KEMUNCAK.... GUNUNG Didaki... LURAH di turuni... LAUTAN di selami.... samada program berjadual atau ekspedisi khusus pasti mencabar Program Berjadual - Tracking .... Endau Rompin - Kelas Diving/menyelam ..... Pulau Redang - Kelas Kayak ..... Seri kembangan Keterangan lanjut ...

iwamailist Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 14   
Indonesia Whitewater Rafting Association on the web

evokeyourboat Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 14   
Eastern Virginia Organization Of Kayaking Enthusiasts- We are a Sea Kayaking club that is based in the Eastern Shore/ Tidewater region.

bootbouwer2004 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 14   
De Nederlandse Boot Bouwers, voor ieder die actief is in het bouwen van een boot of erin geinteresseerd is. Alle typen boten zijn OK. Alle materialen ook, als je het maar zelf doet. Van ...

WhiteBirchGrove Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 14   
BETWS CANNAID: WHITE BIRCH PROTOGROVE, ADF A DRUID FELLOWSHIP We are a grove of contemporary Druids who live near the Connecticut River in SW New Hampshire and SE Vermont, where birch bark contributed to native homes and journeys. Together, we travel the festivals of the Wheel of the Year. We journey into the wisdom of the elements as well as the myths and teachings of our ancient Druid ancestors. Ancient Celts, long before Columbus, also navigated up the Connecticut River and left their ...

TSCA-Council Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 14   
Conference for official discussion of National Council issues of the Traditional Small Craft Association. Membership on approval of the TSCA Council only. Note: Photo is of Harry Broady in his 13' canoe yawl "Nord Vinden" on Lake Washington

SaipanOCC Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 14   
Saipan Outrigger Canoe Club

SBPaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 14   
This is an informal group of individuals, families, and youth from the South Bend area with an interest in paddling activities. We will gather for weekly group paddles, mainly on the ...

ElRioLoco Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 14   
El Rio Loco Paddling Club and friends. We're a group of whitewater paddlers, mostly from Southeast KY

DM_liste Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 14   
Boston, Istanbul, Ankara, Washington D.C., San Diego ve Ithaca'da yasayan arkadaslarimin bir kismiyla olusturdugum bir grup. Bir araya geldikce degisik bir ulke mutfagini tanimak amaciyla, o ulke yemeklerini yapan bir restauranta gidiyoruz. Baska faaliyetlerimiz de olmuyor degil. Tiyatro, kayak, haftasonu organizasyonlari ve bol miktarda geyik. En son duragimiz JAPONYA idi. Bakalim siradaki ne olacak?

Coyotes_Misticos Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 14   
Like to play outdoors -- MTB, paddle, hike/trail run, snowshoe, etc.? Wanna do these things with others in a friendly, supportive, active, non-competitive atmosphere? === come join us... We're based in New Mexico... CoyotedeNM has participated in Adventure Races at Lake Powell and Lake Mead. Those races were through Four Winds Adventure Co. on the Lost Coyotes team. We just finished riding in the MS-150 Bike tour/fundraiser. Our team for this is 'Coyotes Misticos' Look in the Links to find our ...

CentralOregon Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 14   
Welcome to beautiful Central Oregon! This group is for those who wish to share all that is...one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Built by volcanic activity, the area is surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges. It is this topography, like cinder cones, that sets the stage for this beautiful landscape. From The Cascades on the west, to the beautiful High Desert on the east, every view is incredible around every turn. Share with members all the outdoors stuff there is to do: Skiing (water ...

stephensbros Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 13   
This group is here for the sharing of information about these great old boats manufactured in Stockton, CA. I own hull #M44. Let's keep her and her sisters in the best shape ...

seayackers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 13   

sea-kayak Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 13   
Sea kayak mailing list. Texas Gulf Coast Sea Kayakers may post messages about trips, paddlers or events. A mailing list to support sea kayak networking in the Texas Gulf Coast area.

rollingfools Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 13   
For Oklahoma folks who like to run/bike/canoe/kayak/navigate around in the dark/mud/cold/hot etc..(and talk about other pertinent items)

prssc_funseekers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 13   
the cozy corner for the fun and adventure seekers of pasir ris sea sports club. may this group be a link to all of us.

pine_river_aardvarks Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 13   
Should we be limited by a name? Maybe we should just be nameless. We are what we are. We are who we are. We are, therefore we be. We can so we do. We go. We build it; they come.

paddleordie Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 13   
CHATTOOGA ARMADA OF RIVER PIRATES Welcome to the CARP web page. We are a group of beer drinkers who have a kayaking problem. If you feel like this is the place for you, welcome aboard. ...

mpoc Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 13   
This site is for the members of the Mankato Paddling and Outing Club

kyak Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 13   
Kepada teman-teman yang berminat di olahraga arus deras (White Water Rafting) khususnya Kayak & Kano.

hostelwwoof Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 13   
We are a Host Farm for WorldWide Opportunies on Organic Farms-a bartering organization. Now, in the old Hostel spirit, we barter (or ask $10.00 a night) for tenting space and and we are working on 8 beds in a primitive sleeping loft for folks who want to hike and canoe the Upper Buffalo National River. Here is the link for current river Levels (also listed under links) http://www.buffaloriverandrain.com/cgi-bin/levelreport Here is the link showing how to read these levels-best level to float at: ...

fullmoonkayak Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 13   
Full Moon Kayak is dedicated to kayaking trips in South Florida for paddlers of all skill levels who own their kayak or for those who do not.

ftc_vita_admiral Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 13   
FTC Vita Admiral je grupa otvorena za sve ljubljitelje plovidbe uglavnom malim camcima (falbotima, kajacima, kanuima, katamaranima, dingijima...) i prirode (reke, jezera, mora). Osnivac ...

cvoc Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 13   
Catawba Valley Outing Club, Catawba County, North Carolina. Bicycling, camping, hiking, paddling and other outdoor activities.

club_wildfire Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 13   

Va_Outdoor_Adventures Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 13   
Let's get together and share photos, stories and information about outdoor adventures in Virginia. I would like to encourage canoe/kayakers, hikers, campers, and bouldering/climbing enthusaists to join and share information with others interested in your sport.

TVFWP Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 13   
This list provides recreational paddlers in North Alabama/Tennessee River Valley area a resource for planning group paddles and outings and general paddling information. Any questions ...

StLouiskayaking Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 13   
This Group is for people who enjoy kayaking and are from the St. Louis area. A place to share info and make friends

SNUKK Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 13   
A mailing list for all Singaporean kayaking enthusiasts living in the UK. Members can share information, organise trips, and get to know people of similar interests. The group is for ...

SGEastKayak Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 13   
This group is for ppl interested in kayaking in the Eastern part of Singapore (where else?!) To share knowledge of kayaking skills/experience. To build friendships with people of ...

Kayak_kakis Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 13   
Kakis who Kayak

KFNC Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 13   
A place to exchange information, advice and upcoming trips with other kayak fisherman in North Carolina and surrounding states.

EDBABoard Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 13   
The Eastern Dragon Boat Association is a member of the United States Dragon Boat Federation (USDBF) and whose purpose is to promote the sport of dragon boat and represent at the ...

Canoeing_In_Louisiana Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 13   
This group is for everyone who enjoys canoeing in Louisiana. The site contains detailed descriptions of excursions, approximate float times, detailed maps, photos, a message board, and ...

Bovec04 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 13   
To chat and swap photos from our holiday to Bovec in Sep 04

500Miles Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 13   
Outdoor junkies high on swigs of whitewater, nature-inflicted nicks and batty experiences, all to the tune of 500 Miles

uucgoutdooradventures Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 12   
We are a casual group of Unitarian Universalists and friends who enjoys gentle outdoor activities such as kayaking and canoeing, bicycling and hiking. Check the site for weekend day ...

stlKayak Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 12   
To get together and organize kayak trips in and around the STL, Missouri area.

srjc_kayaking Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 12   
Hello people.... Welcome to SRjc kayaking team...

sckc2 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 12   
Hello, you have reached the SCKC, (Spokane Canoe and Kayak Club) it is very small yet, and the webpage is not quite ready to be viewed, but hopefully it will be soon. If you would like ...

poiku_feui Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 12   
Disini adalah tempat kita anak - anak POSA FEUI semua angkatan untuk bercurhat / sharing, kasih kritik n saran ke POSA FEUI, tanya apa aja juga boleh ( asal masih dalam batas - batas kewajaran ) n paling penting komunikasi ama temen - temen seiman. Feel free to join us !!! Don't be shy malu malu kayak scooby dooby doo ( hahaha ) God Bless Us Alwayz. Ditunggu !!!!!

obedriverfest Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 12   
The Emory River Watershed Association (ERWA) is hoping to build on the success of previous PaddleFests amd continue a celebration of the beautiful Obed-Emory River system in downtown ...

nussprintkayakingbabes Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 12   
"The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person's determination." ---Tommy Lasorda "Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working ...

nbdragons Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 12   
This group is for members, visitors and friends of the Northern Beaches Dragon Boat team, based in Sydney, NSW, Australia. The NBDBC train on the Pittwater on Sunday Mornings and Wednesday evenings and are the only Dragon Boat Club in the Northern Beaches area. The Club caters for all ages and we pride ourselves on being very sociable as well as competitive. By "sociable" we mean regular B B Q's and no early moring training sessions. The club is currrently made up of Ozzies, Kiwi's, Poms, ...

lainst Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 12   
An e-group where the lansing area kayak instructors can post messages.

cso_newsletter Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 12   
Canada South Outdoors was founded in 1992 by Gordon Haggert, Dick Taylor, Dave Goldman, and Peter Imeson. We are a group of paddling friends who want to pass on Canadian canoe paddling ...

South-FL-Dragon-Boat-Festival Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 12   
The South Florida Dragon Boat Festival is to bring together the community for an ancient Chinese cultural team water sport experience that promotes harmony and understanding among people of all ages, diverse ethnicities and backgrounds. The 2nd Annual Marathon Dragon Boat Challenge will be held on Saturday, August 13, 2005. The 32-kilometer Marathon is to paddle dragon boats down the Intracoastal Waterways from Fort Lauderdale to Dania, Hallandale, Hollywood, Sunny Isles and finish at Haulover ...

SDYAKERS Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 12   

National_Canoeing_Team Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 12   
Winners never quit, Quitters never win.

NOVAPaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 12   
We are a special interest group, connected with The Sociables for everyone interested in paddling the Northern VA waters. However, we are not a whitewater group. If you are interested in paddling outside Northern VA, there are plenty of other groups that may fit better. This discussion group serves solely to provide a way for it's members to find others to paddle with.

KAKAC Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 12   
For those who live in or near Knoxville, TN we are blessed with many excellent paddling opportunities, all within short driving distances. Since most people enjoy the company of others, ...

CircularSaw Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 12   
Best Canoe Ever

ChandlersTrips3 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 12   
A continuation of outdoor recreation trips (mainly canoeing/kayaking) for the Sierra Club; led by Chandler.

waterbugs Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 11   
Baltimore's Inner Harbor and beyond kayakers. A group of water bugs who wish to share their kayaking adventures and experience with others.

towboats Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 11   
i already have some pics here you may add your own, must be of river boats not ocean boats. tow boats, barges, lock and dams, paddle boats, paddle wheelers, steam boats, mississippi river, coal, grain, corn, bouys,

southeastsquirtnation Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 11   

seakayakingaustralia Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 11   
A general discussion board for enthusiests and anyone who enjoy's a good paddle, use this list as a tool for gathering information for your next adventure or find yourself a paddling ...

ourpod Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 11   
The POD Paddlers.

njdb-practice Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 11   
NJ Dragon Boat Club's practice info list for non-members who participate in Club activities. More info on the club: http://www.njdragonboat.org

kayaking101 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 11   
Kayaking 101 is free mentoring program for beginner to seasoned paddlers it being supported Heavner Canoe Rentals and Eastern Mountain Sports, EMS. We meet every 3rd Wednesday of the month to discuss kayaking skills and to provide a forum for discussing kayaking questions. Meetings start 7:30 we meet at EMS, at 30837 Orchard Lake Rd. Farmington Hills. Our aim is to help introduce new paddlers to the sport of kayaking by providing you with information on what equipment you need, were to go for ...

kanot Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 11   
Ledarlista för kanotinstruktörer i Luleå lokalavdelning Friluftsfrämjandet

ihtisas9 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 11   
kayak, dagcilik, parasut, yuzme derken cok cabuk gecti.simdi sira, muhabbeti sanal aleme tasimakta.fikirlerimizi,ilanlarimizi,guzel yazilari paylasalim, irtibati koparmayalim!!!

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This is a discussion group for people who do or would like to paddle canoes or kayaks on the Lower Colorado River between Hoover Dam and Yuma. The group is sponsered by Desert River ...

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This club is founded by a Virginia kayak angler who would like to share the experience, knowledge and adventure that comes from kayak angling. Please post fishing reports, messages to help plan trips, and questions regarding locations, gears, techniques, etc. E-mail pics to Va-Yakfisherman@yahoo.com t post on club board.

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Since 1976, starting in Boston, a hearty group of men sheparded by our Founder, John-boy Gleason, wander off to the woods to challenge the whitewater of our nations rivers, to enjoy the ...

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This is a public list created (in part) for the members of the Conewago Canoe Club. It is specifically designed to help in setting up unscheduled trips and outings. Other relevant ...

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A group for fellow Rhode Islanders who are interested in kayaking local rivers and the Rhode Island coast. The club's aim is to bring kayakers together who are interested in ...

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A forum for the exchange of information on canoeing and the organization of group trips in the States of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and North and South ...

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This group is devoted to the study of all Micro cruising boats; their design, development and use. A Micro cruising craft is the smallest of cruising boats and is defined as follows: ...

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A place to come together in the quiet contemplation of canoeing, while consuming all together too much Jim Beam. Past members include: James Beam, Porter Noe, Jack Daniels, Dr. ...

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Biking, Hiking, Paddling, Climbing, Diving, Falling, Gliding...If you live in the Netherlands (or if you don't, but you have access from a nearby state) and want to explore the outdoor features of the Netherlands and destinations in Western Europe, then join us for discussion. Let's share ideas, make plans, and take our group to the trails. Any level of experience and lots of enthusiasm welcome.

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Email list of families with teens or near teens interested in day hikes, backpacks, canoe and similar outdoor activities.

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This group is a list-serve for Whitewater paddlers in and around Middlebury, Vermont. Use this list-serve to find people to paddle, take paddling trips, or to just run the falls in town ...

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Tennessee Scenic Rivers Association – The Nashville, TN Non-Profit Conservation, Canoeing, and Kayaking Organization: Dedicated to the preservation of free-flowing rivers, promotion ...

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"If you paddle and live near the Texarkana area come here to hook up with other area paddlers"

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This group is for the goings-on of the Quacks and their friends. It concentrates on our annual canoe trips and our annual Christmas Glitz party.

playhole Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 10   
Stay in touch with local white water paddlers.

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Further discussion about mouseboats

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An announcement list for teamlard. Members only.

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The Helena Outdoor Club is for everyone, regardless of age. We are outdoor enthusiasts who like to hike, kayak canoe, XC telemark ski, backpack, spend weekends in rented National Forest Cabins, and smell the flowers along the way. Volunteers organize and guide our trips. We offer a monthly newsletter and fantastic slide shows about adventures and travel destinations in Montana and around the world. Yearly memberships are $10/family. Mail to PO Box 135, Helena, MT 59624.

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V-Factor Adventure Racing Team in dedicated to the sport of Adventure Racing. Adventure Racing is a very exciting new form of outdoor sport that include Mountain Biking, Trekking, Orienteering, Kayak and white water rafting, ascending and rappelling using ropes. Each race is different and it relies on the expertise of each team member! V-Factor is always looking for individuals who live in the greater Philadelphia area who are interested in Adventure Racing to share experiences and the ...

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Train hard, Fight hard, have pride... Team Singapore

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The purpose of this list is to facilitate kayak paddles in SE Clark County, Washington, "on short notice"

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Welcome to PDX Paddlers, a gay and lesbian sea kayaking group (We don't discriminate, canoes welcome too). Feel free to suggest and post paddling events. So don't get behind and join ...

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Venturing Crew 360 is a whitewater rafting and snow sports specialty club for teens in the Snohomish, WA area.

CRTW Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 10   
People who like to hike, camp, canoe and portage through sun, rain, hail, snow and fire.

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A forum for safety and training, site and equipment, and site scheduling to communicate and to maintain current files such as site procedures and directions.

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A Rafting Page dedicated to rafting on the New and Gauley rivers

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"This group is dedicated to outdoor and adventure enthusiast. Each member will be on a large virtual "distribution list", where an email sent to the group gets sent to all other members. If you're planning something like a hike, bike, camp, canoe, etc. outing, be it for a day or a weekend, drop an email to the group to see if anyone else is available. Or, share the experience, drop the group an email and pass along your comments and suggestions or even pictures of great places to visit. It's a ...

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mia³a byæ: Grupa dyskusyjna poswiecona bie¿¹cym i przysz³ym sprawom zwi¹zanym ze STASZICowym œwie¿utkim klubem kajakowym... a jest: niewiadomo co...

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The Shoreline Quilter's Guild is based out of the Canoe Brook Senior Center in beautiful Branford Connecticut. We have monthly meetings that are usually held on the first Monday of the month. Any exceptions to this is posted in our Schedule. All Cancelations can be found by watching News Channel 8, WTNH.

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Renegade Paddlers Portland, OR

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The Pumaiterangi Group is made up of crew members, family and supporters of the first Te Toki Voyaging Trust 27'double-hulled sailing canoe, Pumaiterangi. Te Toki is committed to,honouring, protecting and restoring the traditional knowledge and voyaging culture of our ancestors through educational programs for all ages and cultures utilizing waka as a medium for education. Discussions on trainings, upcoming voyages, educational programs, holiday programs and updates on the waka whanau of the ...

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Project GO is a volunteer-based organization offering experiential education programs for disadvantaged youth throughout Northern California and Nevada. The goal of Project Great Outdoors is to provide high-quality outdoor activities at very low cost, including whitewater rafting and challenge ropes courses. All of our programs focus on the development of personal and team skills, the awareness of nature and conservation, and outdoor safety skills. Find out more at www.projectgo.org

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Kdo bi si mislilMartin se je spet odlocil in gre plavat med piranhe. Da bo mera polna me je na Mattov predlog povabil v spremljevalno ekipo kot kajakasa. Izkazalo se je, da bova samo ...

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A loose affiliation of folks who enjoy canoe/kayaking on Ohio rivers and streams.

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Leeds Canoe club based at kirkstall in leeds.

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This is a meeting place for all interested in whitewater or sea kayaking in Greece. ¸íáò ÷şñïò ãéá üóïõò åíäéáöİñïíôáé ãéá ôï êáãéÜê ğïôáìïı Ş èÜëáóóáò ...

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Kanocular, kürekçiler, su sporlarına gönül verenler, bu grupta buluşalım....... Hafta sonları için 1 veya 2 günlük kano gezileri gerçekleştirelim. ...

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This is a family oriented canoeing/kayaking Group Site aimed at sharing ideas, experiences, favorite places to canoe/kayak in Iowa, promote the rivers and lakes of Iowa as a place to ...

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Forum diskusi terbuka dengan fokus 'e-Government Indonesia' : Model Pemerintahan Elektronik berskala nasional, propinsi maupun pemerintah daerah tingkat II. Dari,oleh dan untuk seluruh bangsa Indonesia. Tempat ngobrol/diskusi dari yang ringan(seperti harapan masyarakat) hingga soal prinsip(pengaruh budaya KKN pada implementasi misalnya). Kirimkan ide,saran,kritik sehat,strategi,maunya kayak apa,caranya bagaimana, teori-teori birokrasi, bahaya kemungkinan 'pemantauan dan pengendalian' oleh pihak ...

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This group is for men interested in training with and playing for the East Coast Regional Kayak Polo team.

capewhitewater Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 9    
The Cape White Water Club - News, Views and related issues for Cape Town Based Kayakers

boatingincanada Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 9    
The guys and gals who're going boating to Canada this summer!!!

airmanna Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 9    
White Water Challenge 2004, Air (river) Manna, Lahat, Sumatera Selatan

USGBC_Flatwater Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 9    
USGBC Chapter. Western Nebraska/ Eastern Iowa

TxWWSlalom Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 9    
River fun for everyone, all year long. Get together to improve your skills through the most dependable paddling progression known to whitewater paddlers, kayak slalom. Kids practice on ...

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The Serangoon Kayaking (TSK) will be the new name for Serangoon Gardens Kayaking (SGK) as Serangoon Gardens Community Club will be name as The Serangoon. Serangoon Gardens Kayaking ...

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Tell us about your run today.. How did the dogs do? Come on, pull up a seat... How amazing was your lead dog?.. Your strength of your wheel?... Share information,pictures, facts, fun and just light hearted talk to meet some other dog drivers.... So come on in and tell about your amazing dog.. breed, no matter..... Anyone new to the sport or thinking about the giving it a try... We would gladly welcome you..... We also want to welcome anyone who runs dogs with: scootering,skijoring,canicross, ...

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A place for communicating P_nis Club trip plans, trip reports, and post trip photos.

Paopao_Board Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 9    
Board members of Paopao Outrigger Club.

PaddleTennisPlayers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 9    
Regularly play PADDLE TENNIS Enjoy conversation and lunch, after. Age Group: 50+

O4C Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 9    
If you love Christ and and love to be outdoors in anyway join our group. We include all outdoor activities(camping, hiking, paddling any water, town jumping, climbing, photography/videography etc.). If you look at your church schedules you will find that on average a believer in Christ spends about 5 hours a week inside the walls of his or her local church. Where do you spend the rest of the time? OUTDOORS! or as we like to think; "outside the church walls". You attend your local church to be ...

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Ok so here it goes. For all you serious Christian film lovers out there. Or for just anyone who would like to see good quality MORAL films made, PLEASE listen up. My name is Ben, and I'm an aspiring filmmaker. I have a dream that I know God has given me to make good quality films to serve His purpose. But I'm sure like myself, you've noticed much of the Christian films being made are very cheesy and hard to accept because they just aren't realistic or have any sense of depth. I respect what they ...

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The Global Sea Kayaking Network is for both sea kayakers willing to host other traveling paddlers from around the world or across the counrty and those of you looking for a host at a ...

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This is a Group about kayaking in Delaware, Discover what the 1st state has to offer in kayaking!!!!

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This group is to follow Chandler on his trips (most for the Sierra Club,) which show that outdoor recreation can be both enjoyable and educational. This group or club is an outgrowth ...

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This is a list for folks who take their dogs on hiking, backpacking and paddling trips. Topics include conditioning, dog packs, dog PFD's (life jackets), hiking or paddling trip journals and hiking or paddling areas open to dogs. Other threads include sledding, skijouring, traildog health and selection of equipment.

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Means to contact Team Dragons - Dragon Boat Racing Team Captains

seakayakinturkey Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 8    
Türkiye'de sea kayak

rockhoppers_com Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 8    
rockhoppers committee

rivertime Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 8    
Time to raft the Grand with some good friends.

mwdragonboatnews Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 8    
Mary Ward Dragon Boat Crew Forum Team of 2005

lccCommitteeNews Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 8    
Llangollen Canoe Club - Committee email list only

kayakgirls Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 8    
Grupo de Kayak Polo Feminino (Alhandra Sporting Clube)

jelloshots Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 8    
TWT, let's get organized!

hask_nonmember Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 8    
The purpose of this group is to provide an internet based email to list for those interested in attending some of the activities sponsored by the Houston Association of Sea Kayakers, ...

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3 kafadarin yillardan beri hayalini susleyen gezi! Ayrintili bilgi icin moderatore email lutfen!

eastcoastpaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 8    
East Coast Paddlers is an active group interested in kayaking and all kinds of paddle sports. We are located in the mid-Michigan area near Bay City, Midland and Saginaw.

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...MonsterHuan...Ea-ting...lynetto...Maria...takuya...ah-na...brains & muscles...hotlegs...square:]smile...BFG...paddlewoman...vietnamese refugee...jasztaku

acjccanoe Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 8    
Group page for all acjc canoeists of 2002-2003: Information, schedules, messages and other Kayaking stuff to look out for.

Spring_Training_Dragonboat Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 8    
Hope Afloat Breast Cancer Survivor Dragon Boat Team members going to Great White North's Florida Spring Training Camp.

SCORAraceCOMMITTEE2004 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 8    
email list for the members of the 2004 Southern California Outrigger Racing Association's race committee.

MidwestCanoePaddlers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 8    
A place for canoers from Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, and anywhere else to meet, chat, and plan canoe trips or other events. You can consider this a chat online where we can pretend we ...

MCKC Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 8    
Welcome to the e-mail list of the Metropolitan Canoe and Kayak Club (MCKC), based at Lake Sebago in the Harriman State Park in Rockland County, New York. Our members are mostly from the ...

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ini sama aja kayak comzer yang udah ada dan YahooGroup ini bakal menggantikan Comzer yg bakal "tutup kedai"

HJC2001Canoeists Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 8    
Hwa Chong Junior College 2001 Canoeists

ChickenNugget Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 8    
Chickennugget is a Bolger based Motor boat inspired by the non-traditional drawings of Phil Bolger. Based on the Otter II sailing Sharpie, Chicken Nugget is being build now during the ...

CNS_KAYAK Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 8    

BlackRiverPaddlerPhotos Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 8    
This message board is to provide photos of river trips and is a back up to the Black River Paddler Yahoo Message Board

BackyardBoatbuilding4 Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 8    
Backyard Boatbuilding 4 Backyard Boatbuilding 4 is for documenting your building or repairing a boat by the use of pictures and narrative. This is a restricted service group, but once ...

ACEoutside Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 8    
Alternative Christian Entertainment is a group founded upon principles of our bodies and minds being the "Temple" of God. In so being, we hold our bodies in highest regard as living testaments of God's goodness and mercy. We believe that we should strive for the highest levels of health and fitness - in doing so, we believe that there is no better place to achieve this than in the "Great Outdoors". It is in being in the great outdoors that our mind, spirit and body long to be one with nature. ...

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Tekne tasarımı ile ilgilenen, tekne grubun alt grubudur. web sayfamız http://www.endtas.com

teamforadventure Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 7    
Feel the roaring challenge of the intimidating waters.... Are you the brave heart ?? Join an adventure.. with our core expedition team..of whitewater rafting and kyaking...

so_cal_hiking_kayaking_club Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 7    
A "backup" forum for the Southern California Hiking and Kayaking Club

sdprospects Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 7    
A list for prospective dragonboaters in the Philadelphia area. These are people who are considering joining the Schuylkill Dragons Dragonboating team.

pcolaoutdoors Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 7    
This club is for people of all ages interested in participating in outdoor activities like...Bodyboarding, Bodysurfing, Surfing, Kayaking, Para-Sailing, ScubaDiving, SkyDiving, Whitewater, Canoeing, Canyoneering, Ultralight Aircrafts, Rotorcrafts, Hovercrafts, KiteBoarding, KiteBuggying, Ballooning, Hanggliding, Base Jumping, Bungee Jumping, StreetLuging, Sailing, Spelunking, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Bobsledding, Dogsledding, Camping...etc. Sport Hunting Trapping Fishing is not allowed in this ...

obcc Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 7    
Oxford Brookes University Canoe Club. we have a variety of different levels of experience in the club. This club tries to be as active and varied as possible. But we concerntrate on ...

nwkpa Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 7    
Meeting place for Kayak Polo Club members from around the NW.

norcalseakayakers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 7    
A group for sea kayaking enthusiasts who live or paddle in Northern California. Share a paddling experience, ask advice, seek a paddling partner, etc.

newcastle_canoe_polo Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 7    
This is the mailing group for The Newcastle Canoe Polo club

menssunrisepaddleclubofme Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 7    
Men's Sunrise Paddle Group -Join us for a wonderful sunrise paddle each Thursday morning. The group meets at the Dunkin Donuts in South Portland at 5:15-5:30AM.

mdpaddler Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 7    
Intended basically for Maryland paddlers but everyone is welcome. Anyone interested in kayaking or canoeing can join. make paddling friends, organize outings ask questions, give advice. ...

kelas_mythology Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 7    
Selamat Datang Seilakan duduk. Saya Professor Drake sekarang kita akan belajar Mythology tentang dewa-dewa dan sedikit kayak Care Of Magical Creatures. -_- Keluarkan penamu dan catat pelajarannya. SELAMAT BEKERJA! Professor Drake

kayaklakesuperior Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 7    
Love Paddling Lake Superior? Think you may like to? Share your stories, pictures or plans here!

kayakiceland Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 7    
Welcome to Kayak Iceland! This club is a resource and community for people who are interested in kayaking in Iceland. Feel free to post messages in English or Icelandic as well as links ...

karsapani Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 7    

kainanicanoeclub Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 7    
Aloha All, This is an attemt to keep all of us informed on the goings on of our canoe club. Feel free to post any information as things come up.

hagganocc Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 7    
Haggan Outrigger Canoe Club - Guam

geepster Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 7    
Design and Building of the Geepster 18. All of the Geep and Geepster boat designs will be discussed on this group.

SouthernOhioPaddlersClub Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 7    
This is a group for all those in the Southern Ohio area who like to paddle and would like to meet and exchange information with other paddlers in the area. We're just a few friends now, ...

ShenKayak Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 7    
I am starting this group with the hope that there are other kayakers and canoeists out there that are interested in finding each other for trips in the Shenandoah Valley and beyond. All ...

RegattaExpress Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 7    
REGATTA EXPRESS is a group of working professionals who try to find some fun between their busy work days. We started as a dragon boat race team for the Long Beach Dragon Boat ...

PaddleAZ Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 7    
Local paddling trips and events in Arizona

OpenCanoeistsUK Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 7    
Informal Group of Open Canoe Enthusiasts in UK. Talk about your exploits - adventures and challenges - as well as your canoeing discoveries and needs. Announce events, sales and any ...

Lady_Seakayakers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 7    
Lady Seakayakers is a group of local Oregon or southern Washington women who kayak using touring or recreational kayaks. We started as a branch of the Scappoose Bay Paddling ...

JOFTAA Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 7    
Northern California private rafting club. We raft the American River, Kings River and other N.California Rivers. We are based in the SF Bay Area. We are always looking for new members ...

Go-Native-Canoeing Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 7    
Go-Native-Canoeing Group is intended to help accommodate and communicate Native Canoe Society News, Contact info, and Stories from the Canoe Journeys of the Pacific Northwest. ...

FastCompositeBoat Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 7    

EastMetroWhiteWater Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 7    
A paddling forum dedicated to Eastern Atlanta.

DW_Info Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 7    
Devizes to Westminster International Canoe Race Information Group, a place to share ideas and information to help with the organisation of the event

CanyonCruisersCanoeClub Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 7    
Small Canoe club in Southern Idaho whose goal is to have fun and paddle hardy. No dues but you have to be accepted into the faternal organization and voted on by the charter members! Its quite an honor to belong!

wood_kayak_kit_builders Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 6    
Welcome to the world of Wood Kayak Kit building. I have strong interests in building a wood kit kayak. So my hopes are that those of you that have built or are building will join in and ...

take-a-hike Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 6    
This is for any and all outdoor enthusiasts in the Southern Indiana area. Where do you like to camp, kayak, canoe, cave, hike, etc.?

sunkencanoe Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 6    
The exploits of the amazing Sunken Canoe Club

rapidavengers Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 6    
Welcome to the club

mera_gujarkhan Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 6    
Gujarkhan is a land of rich heritage, unparalleled beauty and warm hospitality. Enter Gujarkhan Wild and Wonderful Online and see everything the Mountain City has to offer. Here you can plan your vacation, weekend retreat, ski trip, whitewater adventure, or simply a day's outing to Gujarkhan.

kuramura Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 6    
The group of Polish kayaking club PKK KURAMURA. Mostly (but not only)flatwater paddlers who love the nature and fresh air. www.kuramura.hg.pl --------------------------------------- ...

kamikazecanoe Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 6    
This Group is for people who join us every year in the clarion river for the Kamikaze canoe trip. This is a place to post your pictures or to keep in touch and to get the latest info on the happenings of the people you get canoe a$$ with every year! Post away and keep looking here, I will try to keep it as up to date as I can! thanks, Jason

gvillerockcity Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 6    
A group devoted to Less Than Jake's hometown and it's ska and punk scene. Remember hanging out at the Hardback and the Covered Dish when Less Than Jake played for a crowd of 10 and the CMC was where your favorite high school garage band ripped Gainesville a new one? How about when you could count on shooting the sh!t with Roger at Knucklehead's? The Common Grounds was the Insomniac and a certain record store, Hyde and Zeke was located next to campus. How about weekend long camping at Kate's Fish ...

gsyf Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 6    
Scottish Canoe Association Grandtully Station Yard Facility Working Group

getrooted Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 6    
This group will serve as a forum and discussion board for www.getrooted.org. We wanted to create a centralized website and group for everything about outdoor recreation and adventure travel. We also plan to offer outdoor trips to some of the coolest places in North America. Our main interests are backcountry traveling, bacpacking, whitewater kayaking, sea kayaking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, telemark skiing, mountain biking, road cycling, bicycle touring, and anything else that allows us ...

foldingkayak Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 6    
Folding Kayak

clintonscandal Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 6    
President William Jefferson Clinton is a disgrace to the White House. With scandals like Filegate, Fostergate, Travelgate, and Whitewater there's no doubt that his administration is one of the most unethical in history. If you want to see President Clinton impeached please post a message and let your voice be heard.

arctickayak Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 6    
This group is a way for me to share pictures and messages with anyone interested while I am in the arctic.

appleriverassn Avg.Msg/Month: 0      Members: 6    
This is the email discussion group for enthusiasts of the Apple River in Polk County Wisconsin. The Apple River Association (ARA) was established in 2001 by a group of concerned Polk ...

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Find Romance, Adventure and a Bunk in Alaska. Singles can stay at the BackPacker's CoHousing Adventure Inn for $85 week, $20 night and $250 month and use it as a base-camp to search for Fun and Adventure. Beaver Sports is across the street for supplies. We are Open year-round with Ice Skate, Bicycle, Kayak and Canoe rentals available. Call (907)374-4848 Today or email: alaskamiles@yahoo.com or Stop-by on College Rd Fairbanks, Alaska 99709 anytime and Let the Adventure begin!

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Active, maintaned and moderated. All about Wooden boats, building, techniques, supplies, and resources. Also Antique and Classic restoration. For the Professional, Amatuer, Novice, and ...

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Whitewater High School This Is A Yahoo Group For Everyone Who Are In School At Whitewater High School And Who Works At Whitewater High School In Whitewater,Wisconsin!!!!! Please Have Your Real Names On Your Profiles And You Must Be Apart Of Whitewater High School To Join This Group!!!! Whitewater_ High_School

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A group to help organize our ratfing trips.

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All subjects relating to building a small craft using "Stitch and Glue" construction.(Only)

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All licensed Real Estate Professionals (Salespersons and Brokers) all around the U.S. are encouraged to participate in this "hands-on" group. The purpose is to organize into an "affinity group" (a group of people with common interests and experiences) to earn discounted and sometimes free travel and activities. Other professions and industries already have their own organization (Bank Travel Management, for instance) and are recognized by hotels, cruise lines, GLAMER, and other entities as ...

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The aim of this group is to provide a forum for paddlers in Australia. Everybody is welcome. We encourage trip reports and sharing of touring information for canoeing and kayaking. Tips ...

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Bu e-posta listesi,özellikle Türk kayakseverlere;ulusal ve uluslararası kayak yarışmalarından haberler,sonuçlar vb...iletmek,bilgilendirmek ve onların arasındaki iletişimi sağlamak amacıyla oluşturulmuştur. This group especially created for Turkish skiing fans for giving them some news and informations on national and international ski competitions,race results,etc...and for communication between themselves.

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This is the place to search for friends for kayak expeditions.

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Want to zip-line through the rain forest canopy? How about whitewater rafting some of the best rivers in the world? Surfing? Want it on video? At the end of it all, you walk away with a digital video CD of the whole thing - no film developing! How can you top that? How about having the video stream to your friends and co-workers via the internet WHILE IT HAPPENS! That's an In Your Face Vacation!

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Okay water fans! This is a brand new group created in the winter of '03 just for all those canoeists and kayakers who love to hit the flat water rivers and easy whitewater areas of our grand state of Idaho (or maybe other places close by!)The goal here is to become acquainted via computer and in person, ultimately leading to some great canoe and/or kayak trips, trips that don't require the use of a helment to enjoy! So if this sounds interesting to you... join up now and by the time warm weather ...

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Welcome to the Eastern Region Dragon Boat Federation, a member of the United States Dragon Boat Federation (USDBF). The purpose of the ERDBF is to represent all dragon boating interests ...

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Chicago River Rowing and Paddling Center -- rowing, kayaking and canoeing on the Chicago River; club started in 1979 and once located in the old Chicago River Coast Guard station at the Lake Michigan locks; interim boathouse and dock now at the south-west tower of the Lake Shore Drive bridge on the Chicago River; see www.chicagorowing.org

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ABC about "Her" is a multilingual Hub Her is a new boatdesign we are working on: a double-hulled canoe ; to become a tunnelhull when building and testing the proto is succesfull. The links to Aéronautical designs emphasize the latest in planing hull thinking. Membership constitutes an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals or groups. Please keep all discussions between members and in the respective Groups. Contact : Direct to concerned parties or to the Moderator: ...

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kayak club

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The Western Waters Canoe Club in San Jose, California, is a group of outdoors enthusiasts with an affinity to paddling canoes. The group meets for planning discussions on Third Wednesday of each month, and at various waterways and bodies to engange in what we love doing: canoenig! This list's moderators are: Silvana Wasitova, Brian West

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The purpose of this group is for women kayakers to meet others who are interested in women-only kayaking trips.

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As an inventor/founder/owner of WildTop, I invite you to be a member of WildTop Ontario if you are living in Ontario, Canada and love to fish and paddle. WildTop boats are ready to free use for members as a shcedule.

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This is the home of our wilderness souls. A journey here is an adventure of the soul. Grab a paddle and come on in, Bruce and the "Boundary Babe" would like to share our experiences with you. Check out our photos and journal from our trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

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Always behave like a duck. Keep calm and unruffled on the surface, but paddle like the devil underneath!

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forum for whitewater kayakers to get together and go out paddling.

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This yahoo group is disigned to allow fellow Whitefish Montana kayakers to plan trips, and talk about new levels and new runs. This will also allow kayakers to meet other kayakers. This ...

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NUWP was founded in the summer of 2004 by a small group of people dedicated to revitalizing Washington Park. Among our immediate goals is renovating the park's band shell (the 1938, Deco, Blatz Temple of Music) to bring back music and theater and big audiences to the park. Other NUWP goals are: keep the park safe and secure, reestablish as much as feasible of Frederic Law Olmstead's original design elements, provide more navigable park paths, provide more education programs, especially for ...

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The is the forum used by WOW - Watch our Waves. Watch our Waves is a non-profit organization that was established in 2003 in order to build an indoor kayak park for the Oregon ...

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You may not like what you see here. This is a yearly gathering of a few hearty soles who drink and canoe for a long weekend. You can look but you have been warned.....